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Damage, range, swipe speed, etc.

Damage, range, swipe speed, etc.

With all of the other melee weapons in the game, including the Modern Warfare 2 ones. I thought I would just throw them all together here so we have a really nice overview of every melee weapon in the game, and we're going to start this off with damage per hit. This one is quite interesting. In private matches, the Gladiator only deals 135, so it should be a two-hit kill.

However, in public matches, it's clearly killing in one hit even against enemies that are obviously at full health, so it's a little bit strange, but this is a one-hit kill in core game mode, so it deals at least 150 damage. Then we'll talk a little bit about our product, DeLay. So this is the amount of time it takes from the moment you press the melee button to the moment you actually get a hit on the enemy player since there is that little animation that takes place first, and with most melee weapons, this is 250 milliseconds.

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However, with the Gladiator, it's actually a little bit slower at 28.4 milliseconds. And while this isn't really a huge difference compared to 250 milliseconds, it is the type of thing where, in some situations, it will actually make the difference between getting killed or yourself getting killed.

After that, let's look at our swipe speed. So this is the ability to get two swipes really quickly, so if you have two enemies standing side by side, for instance, how quickly can you kill both of them with the Gladiator? This is actually a bit of a standout in this area at 400 milliseconds. This is noticeably better than almost every other melee weapon in the game, with the one exception being the tonfa.

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The Tona is by far the fastest in this area, but the Tona only does 135. Damage so you require two hits to kill whereas with the Gladiator, like I said it's just a one hit kill so that's actually a pretty nice upside with the Gladiator but then again in core game modes it's not often you're going to be getting two enemies literally touching each other and therefore you need that really quick second swipe but after that let's have a look at our lunge range, and with the Gladiator it's actually the same as the soul render at 2.2 M and this is noticeably better than the gutter knife and the corit as well in fact out of the one hit kill melee weapons the Gladiator and soul render have the best range potential overall, and then finally for this particular section I wanted to also take a look at our maximum hit angle so how far off Target when you're at that maximum range can you be, and still have it register as a hit still have it lunge toward the enemy player.

And it turns out that in this case it is 30°, which is pretty standard; some of them are 35°; they're a little more forgiving. This one is on the less forgiving side, but I mean, it's still pretty easy to get yourself a hit, and with that, that wraps it up for the first section of melee weapons, where we're looking sort of at the raw power of the melee weapon itself, and overall.

I would say the Gladiator doesn't look too bad in this area. I mean, that range is nice. The swipe speed is nice if there are multiple enemies, but you definitely have to be aware of the fact that it will take you slightly longer to register that kill from the moment you press the melee button.

Mobility comparison

Mobility comparison

As for the next thing I want to look at that's really important with melee weapons, this is your movement speed.

How quickly can you navigate the map, and how quickly can you close that distance on somebody in order to get within melee range? And now, when it comes to our base movement, speed The Gladiator is around average for a Modern Warfare 3 melee weapon at 5.18, M/s. This is very similar to something like the gutter knife or the camit, for instance.

When it comes to our sprint speed, this is 6.72 m/s, which is a great movement speed. It's not quite as good as the gutter knife or camit but it's at least up there it's almost as good as those two and then finally and quite interestingly, our attack Sprint speed is the fastest out of all of the melee weapons in the game at 8.27.

M per second so this is actually faster than the gutter knife and camit which were previously the best in this area so that means this gutter knife is really nice when combined with either the Infantry vest or the running sneakers, and you'll most likely want to combine those running sneakers with the ninja vest because you really need those silent footsteps if you are going to be knifing only and if you do use one of those two options you're going to have a really solid tack Sprint duration and Recovery speed and you'll be able to navigate the maps very quickly when an attack Sprint.

Also, even if you aren't looking to play with the knife-only style and you want to use a gun, you want to get good opening routes, for instance, in Search and Destroy. This actually makes a gladiator a really solid choice here as well since it will allow you to get to certain positions faster than anything else in the game as long as you're taking advantage of the tack sprint as much as possible.

Not in the free battle pass tiers?

Not in the free battle pass tiers?

And there we go, wrapping it up for all of the important stats.

However, there is one last topic I wanted to talk about here before I share my overall final thoughts on the Gladiator. And this is the fact that the Gladiator is not included in the free tiers of the battle pass, which, if I'm remembering correctly, isn't normally the case. Normally, any brand new base weapon, whether that's a melee weapon or a ranged weapon, is going to be available within the free tiers of the battle pass, so you don't need to pay for the battle pass; you just have to grind through the tiers, and as long as you hit that tier, you will end up unlocking that base gun or base melee weapon.

But for some reason, that's not the case with the Gladiator this time around. Now, as an alternative, before you open your wallet just to get this Gladiator,. I just wanted to point out that you can still unlock this if somebody drops it for you in model Warfare Zombies. You just need to find somebody who already has a gladiator; they can drop it on the ground, you pick it up and extract with it, and then it's yours permanently across all modes, or another alternative is to just wait for the battle pass to end.

I'm sure there will likely be a challenge to unlocking the gutter knife in season 4. Once this battle pass is completed, obviously that route kind of stinks since you won't be able to play with it at all throughout season 3, but I just wanted to point out that there are options to get the Gladiator without having to spend any money or Cod points on the battle pass. If you're the type that just doesn't buy battle passes now, obviously for all of you that do buy the battle pass, then you will just be getting it as you unlock through your tiers.

Season 3 of Modern Warfare III cam with a brand new melee weapon in the Battle Pass and this is the Gladiator which also has one of the most expensive in-game blueprints ever, the B. Glove. Today, I wanted to break this down and compare it to all of the other Melee weapons in the game to see how it stacks up.
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