News - This Is The Best New Suppressor For Smgs Warzone 2. Ecs Requieter Breakdown

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If you're going to be using an SMG, this one is called the ECS Request suppressor, and it's one of the new attachments that came with the FJX Horus SMG. So you'll unlock this once you get that SMG up to level 11, and once you do that, you'll be able to use it on any one of the Modern Warfare 3 SMGs.

Unfortunately, now it doesn't work with the Modern Warfare 2 SMGs. And it doesn't work outside of the SMG class, so you can't put this on assault rifles, sniper rifles, battle rifles, or anything like that, only Modern Warfare 3 SMGs. But if I am using one of those, this is absolutely my new goto.

Firing aim stability comparisons

Firing aim stability comparisons

So let's get into exactly what this suppressor does and why I like it so much. When looking at the pros of this, obviously the first thing is that it's a suppressor, so we're staying off the radar when we fire. The second thing they mention here is it improves our firing aim stability, and this is an excellent stat to be improving with many of the guns in the game especially the ones that have a lot of random bounciness, within their recoil plot and unfortunately this isn't Quantified anywhere in the advanced stats so we're just going to have to look at some side-by-side comparisons here while I debut my new recoil wall since they screwed up the old terminal one for me and we'll start this off with the fjx Horus itself, and as you can see here on the right hand side there's a little less Randomness to that recoil plot this isn't a massive Difference by any means since we're not actually adjusting like vertical horizontal recoil or gun kick this is just firing aim stability.

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But if you look closely, the right-hand side does look a little bit better here than with the ram, and we're seeing a similar story here. I would definitely lean more in the direction of the recoil plot on the right side compared to the left due to this improved firing aim stability. With the AR9, I didn't really notice much of a difference here at all, and this just goes to show that some guns benefit from firing aim stability more than others.

Then we've got the Rival 9, and I would say the right side is just very slightly better than the left on average, but again, not a massive difference. And then finally. I did want to do a test with the SMG that has the worst recoil this is the wsp Swarm and in this case it actually seemed to help a fair amount keeping that recoil pattern a little bit more straight upwards, with less overall deviation and bounciness to the recoil, so overall this suppressor is obviously not going to make an inaccurate gun suddenly super accurate, but it's got a very slight improvement here, kind of similar to what we saw with the Jack glassless optic, and so at the very least, this firing aim stability improvement doesn't hurt anything.

Aim down sight speed improvement

Aim down sight speed improvement

However, there's actually one more pro attached to this, and this is It's slightly improving our aim down sight speed, and it turns out this is a 4% improvement, so depending on the SMG, this will be about a 7 to 8 millisecond improvement to our aim down sight speed, which is an excellent benefit considering most of these suppressors in this game are going to be hurting your aim down sight time rather than helping it, so far, it's looking pretty nice for this suppressor considering the fact that most of the other suppressors are either doing nothing to help you aside from keeping you off the radar or they've got some pretty hefty downsides attached to them, whereas this one keeps you off the radar and has some benefits.

"laser visible in ads"?

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However, the thing that initially turned me off looking at the suppressor in the menus is that in the con section, it states that the laser is visible in ads. And typically, when you're in the laser attachment section, if a laser mentions this as a con, this means the laser beam itself is going to be visible, and this is something I tend to avoid, simply because it can give away your position before the enemy can actually see you, and it does prevent you from pre-aiming really effectively around a corner if you suspect somebody's about to come around the corner.

If you have a visible laser now that enemy knows that you're pre-aiming that, they'll kind of know what to expect, or they just won't come around that corner at all. So initially, when I saw this, I sort of wrote this laser off, thinking this was just not a great option. Most of the time, I'll just stick to the shadow strike.

However. I went in and did the testing here to see how visible this laser beam is, and it turns out the con section is not consistent with what we normally see with lasers because the beam itself is not visible to enemy players. All they're going to see is if they're looking at you directly while you're aiming down site, they will see the little blue dot, but I mean, at that point, they already see your full character model, so that's not really going to give them any real advantage over you, and then the other thing that they can technically see is the dot that you're projecting onto the surface that you're aiming at, and this is something where In the heat of the moment, it's very rare that you're going to see that dot, and even if you do, trying to figure out where that dot is coming from is going to be extremely difficult because there's no beam attached to that dot, essentially pointing you in the direction of its origin. So this actually behaves just like the 1 M Peck laser or the Schogger Pbox 4 laser or their equivalent; these are the ones that don't have any stated cons attached to them, and they either help with aim-down sight speed or aiming stability, and it's worth noting that laser that does help with aim-down sight speed, like the Schogger Pack boox 4, for instance.

Why this is now the clear suppressor choice!

Why this is now the clear suppressor choice!

This suppressor gives us the same aim-down sight speed benefit that you would get with this laser, so effectively speaking, you're getting two attachments in one. Here, this suppressor is just as good as both the shadow strike suppressor and this Pbox 4 laser. And you only have to use one attachment slot, plus you're getting that little bit of firing aim stability, so this goes to show how this laser is the clear choice if you're going to be using a Modern Warfare 3 SMG.

Minor restriction attached

However, there's one last thing I wanted to state here, and this is a con that isn't actually stated in the pros and cons section, but it is worth mentioning: if you use this suppressor, it will end up blocking the laser attachment slots, which generally isn't going to be a problem at all for me, but if you wanted to go for something like a hipfire build, for instance, and therefore you wanted one of the lasers that helps a lot with your hip fire, well, in that case obviously I won't be using this suppressor.

The FJX Horus SMG in Modern Warfare III came with a brand new suppressor option that's available on most SMGs and this is the ECS Requieter Suppressor. Today, I wanted to break down the pros and cons with this attachment to show how it stacks up against the other suppressors in the game.
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