News - The Fjx Horus Is A High Recoil Monster Warzone 2. Stats & Best Attachments

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This is the series where I go into great detail with all the stats as well as some excellent attachment combinations for every gun in Modern Warfare 3. In today's episode, we're going to be covering the brand new SMG that came with season 3. This is the fjx, Horus.

Damage & multipliers

Damage & multipliers

And starting it off as always, let's have a look at our damage profile and with this gun we actually have five different damage ranges and it's generally going to be a 5 to seven shot kill to the body it's also worth noting right up close and personal we have to hit at least three of our shots to the bonus Zone which includes the upper torso and the arms, in order to maintain a five shot kill otherwise it will take you six shots to kill and when it comes to head shot in that second damage range if you mix a head shot in with your upper torso shots you can still maintain a five shot kill rather than six.

Rate of fire & time to kill

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Next, let's have a look at our rate of fire, which is quite fast at 984 rounds per minute. What this means for our time-to-kill potential is that with a five-shot kill, we're actually killing extremely fast at 244 milliseconds. This is the second fastest-killing SMG up close; it's only beat out by the WSP Swarm, and honestly, even with a six-shot kill, we've got a pretty solid time to kill potential here at 305 milliseconds.

Ranges & velocity

And at worst if we get a seven shot kill this is 366, milliseconds which is still great for an SMG at longer ranges and speaking of ranges our maximum damage range is just 10.2 M which isn't great it is better than the wsp Swarm though for instance so that is one nice thing to know however it's more important to note that our six shot kill potential actually extends out to just over 40 m which is very impressive for an SMG and surprisingly this gun holds its own quite well in mid-ranges, if you can handle the recoil which we'll look at in a little bit also it is worth noting our bullet velocity is 480 m/s, which isn't great but it should generally be fine at least within the effective ranges of this gun also I just want to have a quick look at hardcore game modes and as we can see here we actually have a roughly 20 M onot kill potential to the body, although in that second damage range you have to hit the upper torso or arms for a onot kill, and then it's also worth noting our onot headshot potential is pretty solid at about 34 .



Then let's have a look at hipfire, and we've got an amazing hipfire spread with this gun. Our minimum hitfire spread is standard for SMGs, but our maximum is excellent at 5.2, and that means even while moving, this is going to be quite solid for hipfire.


So far, it's been looking really good for this gun.

However, let's now get into recoil, which is by far the biggest downside to the FJX Horus. As we can see here, your recoil is all over the place; it doesn't climb super high, like we don't have a crazy high magnitude of recoil, but it's bouncing around like crazy within that recoil plot, and as a result.

I would highly recommend focusing heavily on the horizontal recoil control gun kit control as well as firing aim stability with this gun if you want to try to get that under control, but even when doing that, there's only so much you can do with this gun, and this is always something that's just going to limit this gun as you start to stretch out the ranges.

Handling & reload add time

Now let's move on to our handling statistics. Our aim-down sight speed is excellent at 170 milliseconds, and our sprint-out time is also great at just 93 milliseconds for our standard sprint-out time. This is now the fastest in the SMG category after the recent Nerfs. And another thing that's fastest in the SMG category is our reload ad time with the default magazine; this is just 1.2 seconds, which is extremely fast , and this just leaves us with our mobility stats, so let's dive into that.



As we can see here, our base movement speed is above average SMGs at 5.1 m/s, and the same thing with our Sprint movement speed is a little bit above average SMGs.

And then finally, our aim walking speed is roughly average for SMGs; you could say it's slightly above average, but overall, the mobility is very solid with this gun, and with that, that is going to wrap it up for the base stats of the FJX Horus, and honestly, there aren't any unique attachments here that are interesting enough to be worth doing a full breakdown of.

One thing to note, though, is certain underbarrel attachments and muzzles.

Fjx horus - accuracy build

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And with this one as we can see here well there is still quite a bit of recoil and I definitely wouldn't consider this to be like a highly accurate gun, when you put it side by side with the default recoil plot you can see it cuts everything down nicely it really reduces the magnitude of both vertical and horizontal recoil and all that bounce, and it definitely makes it at least a little bit easier to stretch those ranges out to about 40 m or so anything beyond 40 m though I probably won't be challenging that gunfight and in order to get this level of accuracy we did have to sacrifice our aim down sight speed to a degree it's 234 milliseconds which is still a great aim down sight speed is just quite a bit slower than the default for this gun Our sprint-out time was essentially unchanged, and our range value was also harmed by about 10%, but in my eyes, it was definitely worth it to help out as much as possible with this recoil without using a Jack BFB muzzle, so we're not showing as an arrow for the enemy players.

So there we go. That's the first setup I've got for you guys, and it's a nice, versatile setup using this gun. Another quick note I wanted to point out here is that I don't mind the iron sight on this gun, and especially with how much it bounces around. I actually find it hard to see what's going on with an optic, so I'm actually going to be using an iron sight for all of my setups.

Fjx horus - stealth build

Fjx horus - stealth build

But with that out of the way let's move into the second setup we got for you guys and this is my stealth build so with this one we're using the shadow strike suppressor, we're once again using that Martis heavy barrel and the Lopper LX stock combined with the lull 9 grip as well as the ftac sp10 angled grip, so pretty similar to the previous build we just swapped out a couple different attachments here but with this one we can see we've got a fairly accurate build on our hands that's not that bad to control as far as something that has such a high fire rate our aim down sight speed while we did hurt it a bit it's still really good at 2011 milliseconds, our Sprint out time is unchanged here which is great we managed to improve our aiming speed a little bit so we can straf and gunfights a bit faster and then of course we are staying off the radar and I personally really like this particular build with the JX Horus.

Welcome to Modern Warfare III Gun Guides! This is the series where I dive deep into the stats of a gun and share the best attachment setups based on tons of testing and data collection! In today's episode, we're breaking down the FJX Horus.
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