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The black ops gulf war timeline & warzone integration explained

The black ops gulf war timeline & warzone integration explained

As we know, coming up later this year this fall, we're going to see the next installment in the Call of Duty franchise, and surprise surprise, it's a new year. There's going to be a new Call of Duty now. As we've previously discussed several times, this year's Cod is reportedly known as Black Ops Gulf War, the next iteration in the Black Ops franchise.

Loosely following on the events of the Black Ops Cult War, obviously just set in the 99s and based around the US and the CIA's involvement.

New leaks reveal big upcoming gulf war events

First things first, when it comes to the golf war timeline, we've already talked about a handful of leaks and rumors stemming from various different sources.

Windows Central Charlie Intel Tom Henderson and inside gaming, so on and so forth, about sort of a staggered release this year. When it comes to what content will be available at what time now, the big thing is a supposed October launch in and of itself for the premium Black Ops Go 4 title, which would include campaigning and multiplayer.

And zombies war Z Zone is obviously to come at a later date; we'll touch on that here in just a moment, but per the various rumors and leaks that we've heard up until this point, keep in mind that at the end of the day, these are just rumors and leaks, so things absolutely could change. You know, shift in terms of timelines in terms of what's dropping, so take everything here with a grain of salt, but reportedly, we're going to have a multi-week.

Black ops gulf war ␜staggered␝ launch

Black ops gulf war ␜staggered␝ launch

Early Access Period: If you're pre-ordering zombies gameplay, they're really going all in on zombies this year. It's the return to that classic Treyarch round-based zombies gameplay that we haven't seen since Cold War, and fans 4 zombies have really been wanting to see their return, so supposedly if you could get, let's say, 2 weeks early access to just strictly zombie gameplay.

Now, the campaign Early Access that we've seen in the past couple of years has been wildly successful, even if the campaigns. MW3 I'm looking at you as not wildly successful. The pre-orders were up and plenty of players were on the game during that early access period, regardless of its length or its storytelling ability, and we're supposedly going to see a campaign early access period again, likely that 1 we early access period just like the past couple of years, and then we'd see that full multiplayer launch, and if you don't pre-order, then you'd gain access to everything at the same time. multiplayer, zombies campaign, it's all there, like a standard Call of Duty launch, but recently crashed.

The upcoming reveal events & gulf war

The upcoming reveal events & gulf war

T over on Twitter is not an easy name to say; previously, zesty Cod leaks, I believe, ended up teasing some more ambiguous, more broad dates. They said March, June, October, and January, and to this, a person by the name of Viscero responded and said March war zone mobile.

June: golf war reveal; October: golf war release. January was the first big event for the GF war, and again, credible leaks and rumors stemming from these accounts often. What can we sort of piece together here with those specific dates? Well, for War Zone, the biggest thing happening this month, and for Call of Duty, the biggest thing happening this month is War Zone Mobile's launch, which would certainly make sense.


On June 21st, we saw that drop, so we've already got that sort of checked off and working in this sort of theory that we've got going on. June, the GOL War reveal, Now, this would be a whole lot earlier than what we've seen in recent years. Obviously, we've had Call of Duty next happening in the early fall or late summer the past couple of years, and it's its own thing; it's not tied to any other mainstream gaming event or live stream or anything like that; it's its own Call of Duty sort of directed thing where it's just straight up Call of Duty only for several hours on that day, revealing the new game showing off gameplay, campaign gets its time, and multiplayer gets its time.

War Zone gets its time; it's been a pretty successful thing. I would say, from a Call of Duty standpoint, at least; however, we may actually see this return to that more standard reveal timeline for COD. If things line up very conveniently, which it already seems they are because it just so happens in June, we're going to see Summer Games Fest.

Jeff Keeley, the host of this, just revealed recently that Summer Games Fest is happening on June 7th, and previously, you know, way back in the day for COD before we had Cod next, and everything the reveals would happen in summer, usually alongside E3, but that's no longer a thing, and summer game Fest is sort of the replacement in the you know next up for that kind of event, so it would certainly make sense if we're going back to this more standard Cod development cycle, obviously going back to MW4 being the most developed Cod to date, having that 4-year Dev time as opposed to anywhere between 16 months like with MW3, and 3 years with MW2.

This certainly would make a lot of sense that we go back to more of a standard reveal time frame for everything, and then, of course, as we just discussed, go four releases in October. All the leaks and rumors that we've heard up until this point would indicate that Go Four is going to have that staggered release in October.

The warzone x gulf war integration update

The warzone x gulf war integration update

The first big event, though, is my sort of big question mark here happening in January, so with this dating back to the Cold War and the very first war zone integration, these have always happened in December. Just before the holiday break, and for the most part, the launches have been problematic, to say the least, like sure, the games might launch okay, but then in the coming days and weeks we find insane glitches that then persist throughout the holiday break or super broken metas, or there's just problems that arise because of this because it's a major integration update, right, and.

I guess, what they consider the integration with War Zone and whatever the premium title is in this case. Gulf War to be a very big event now. I guess what they consider to be the first big event, quote, unquote, happening in January is subjective. Are we talking about an actual in-game event, some kind of crossover, or a live in-game event?

2024 gulf war

Are we talking about the launch of a season? Are we talking about the launch of the Go Four integration? That we just don't know, so we sort of have to Pres Zoom there, and you know that is what it is. That's just the information that we have as of right now, but I would consider the war zone integration to be the first big event of any new cod's year right CU that usually launches alongside season 1, like we've seen as mentioned since Cold Wars integration?

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