News - Warzone Cheating Just Got Even Worse

Cheating in warzone & mw3 just got worse␦

Cheating in warzone & mw3 just got worse␦

ladies and gentlemen. We've got some not-so-great news today when it comes to Call of Duty and the cheating situation, as a recent update surprise has backfired a little bit when it comes to Cod gameplay, and it seems like it's going to be introduced or really has already been introduced. Another significant cheating problem that's going to affect you whether you play War Zone or multiplayer is if you run into cheaters now.

The increased chance of them doing some absolutely ridiculous cheese in game has surfaced, I guess, and is the way to go.

New arcade mode in mw3 gives new ␜power ups␝

modern warfare 3

in a new update that we got earlier this past week, a new mode was introduced into Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer: arcade. And quite frankly as a mode itself it's actually pretty fun it introduces a few very quirky updates for one the mode does technically have floating loot when you go and you jump into a match of arcade you're going to see various powerups that are floating across the map they're highlighted in green there's various weapon power ups you can pick up as well and this loot is very visible and easy to interact with as it is in fact floating loot so as a weird caveat here yes multiplayer, in Modern Warfare 3, has indeed gotten floating loot before war zone has gotten it since its removal with war zone 2 so that's kind of an L as it is because floating loot would be a game changer in war zone and way better for the overall game Flow, at least in my opinion, but outside of the fact that this mode has floating loot, it also introduces some very fun upgrades for standard gameplay.

There is an unlimited ammo power-up where if you run over that piece of floating loot, you can just spray and prey, and you never have to reload until the timer ends up running out. There's also an unlimited frag grenade upgrade where you can just spam frag grenades over and over and over again. Also very funny while that lasts there are specific weapon upgrades, as well in this mode specifically, there is a moris blueprint that you can pick up that actually has explosive ammo so you shoot a mois and even if you don't hit the player with it if it hits a wall behind them or it hits the ground in front of them it causes an explosion, and even more busted and hilarious than that is the rocket launcher Riveter blueprint that you can find Yes, a Riveter shotgun that also has explosive ammo and you run over, like, let's say, an infinite ammo upgrade while you have that Riveter with the explosive rounds in your hands, and yes, you basic Al have an unlimited ammo rocket launcher that you can spam now in multiplayer as a mode.

Like I said, this is very fun. It's very unique and quirky; it's a cool one-off LTM, unfortunately. Though this mode is having similar impacts as the zombie powerups did back on fortunes when those were first introduced, the examples here are concerning to.

Cheaters can now abuse more upgrades & ruin gameplay in warzone/mw3

Cheaters can now abuse more upgrades & ruin gameplay in warzone/mw3

Say the least about a new article that went up on Charlie Intel recently. War Zone hackers unlock rocket bullets, and it's going and it's just as gamebreaking and it's going just as well as that sounds, and you scroll down through their article, and there are clips of players now abusing these in War Zone; for instance, this is a clip on Rebirth Island obviously.

Where there is a constant explosion going on, no one really knows what's happening until you run into this player who takes them out with a rival. You can see they're spamming it with unlimited ammo, and it is exploding. They also have some unreleased camos here as well. Yeah, safe to say it's a very big problem, and you may recall that within war zone when Fortune's Keep first dropped, there were all those powerups you could get the super speed you could get all sorts of stuff like that and hackers were actually modding the game files with their cheats or whatever to give themselves super speed and to give themselves all those zombie powerups, and now the same thing is happening here as well with these arcade mode powerups with an explosive Moor and unlimited ammo and an explosive Riveter, and unfortunately, it's not just going to happen in war zone either. Lunchtime ended up posting, saying hackers are also dropping RPG shotguns in ranked play.

New update seems to combat part of this exploit, but not all of it

New update seems to combat part of this exploit, but not all of it

So if this actually functions as intended, it at least stops this issue from happening to a certain extent now. They also tried to combat this in a similar way with patch notes when the PowerUp hacks were going on, and it didn't really solve those until several updates down the road and they started actually banning those accounts more strictly.

It seemed like so, and while it's great that they might have already been able to combat some of this, it still leads into the greater issue that I'm going to get into now, and it's it highlights a greater issue, at least in my opinion, as we're going through all this today.

The growing concern with cheaters & new updates in warzone/mwiii

I get you covered with everything you need to know about Call of Duty.

modern warfare 3 cheating

Maybe one day Ricochet will get some upgrades and we can finally combat things like this. We've now seen this exact same problem, with the powerups from zombies on fortunes keeping when those first dropped. We've now seen this exact same issue with the upgrades to the arcade mode. Basically, anytime Call of Duty goes, do something like this where they add in special powerups or alternative gameplay mechanics meant for an LTM.

Cheaters and hackers are going to be able to take those game files that correlate to these upgrades, use them as cheats, and abuse them in places they're not meant to be used in normal gameplay or in the completely different mode within War Zone in Resurgence and Battle Royale, and that's probably not going to change as long as Call of Duty HQ exists and multiplayer and War Zone have these shared files, and that's not going to be going anywhere.

Call of Duty made it very clear that the Call of Duty HQ is the way going forward; this is the way all the future Cod games are going to connect to this, so the likelihood of the separation there between the two modes isn't very good, so what plagues multiplayer with cheats and hacks is going to directly do the same thing for War Zone as well.

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It also highlights the flaws of Ricochet, that this is such a common thing now that the same issue that happened months ago is reoccurring now throughout the same methods, at least to my understanding, and it highlights again how Ricochet is much more of a reactionary anti-che than it is a preventative anti-che if it were preventative.

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