News - Warzone: The Surprise Black Ops 6 Reveal Event

The black ops 6 reveal event details for warzone

The black ops 6 reveal event details for warzone

We ended up getting a pretty big surprise leak via the season 3 Reloaded update in regards to Call of Duty 2024, one that really no one expected considering Just a few days prior to season 3 Reloaded going live. Xbox officially announced that on June 9th they're going to be doing an Xbox Showcase Event, and then immediately following that, we're going to have our very first ever direct event for Call of Duty.

Now it's all redacted. You know, crossed out, we don't have any of the official names or reveals for it other than it being a quote-unquote beloved franchise.

The reveal event for the bo6 reveal?!

Having made an announcement, we all know it's Call of Duty; it's got the Cerberus logo on there, and Cerberus is the code name for Call of Duty 2024.

But with this new leak that surfaced with season 3 Reloaded, it seems like a surprise reveal event is inbound for Call of Duty 24, somehow. We had the full-on reveal during that Call of Duty direct event from Xbox, so yes, this could be a reveal. For a reveal, we've talked a little bit about these leaks in a previous article, breaking down all the major leaks that surfaced from season 3 Reloaded.

However, there are a few other additional details. Additional leaks and rumors have surfaced in the time since, and I wanted to expand a little bit more on sort of what to expect here with this surprise reveal event for what could appear to be known as not Black Ops Golf War but instead Black Ops 6.

So you might think. Hey, we're going to have.

All black ops 6 warzone event leaks explained

All black ops 6 warzone event leaks explained


A Black Ops 6 reveal event and figure okay well we know this Direct Call of Duty event's happening on June 9th so it'll probably be like a mid summer reveal event within war zone right it'll be similar to the years past where we had the Cold War reveal event we all had to drop in and run to the stadium before that trailer was revealed or it'll be like us fighting the train for vanguards revealer going through you know the bunkers and extracting everything for MW3, is reveal most recently well not the case because according to all the data mind files, from the season 3 Reloaded update the Cerberus reveal files are all tagged season 3 which means that this in-game event is actually going to be happening before the end of the month because as of right now pending any delays or other things happening with the seasonal timeline, season 4 is set to drop on May 29th so we're a couple of weeks away from the end of season 3 and in that time frame we should be seeing this reveal, so outright that's a big curveball no one really expected to have anything of any significance happening with Cod 2024, before the official direct showcase on June 9th, but according to these files, as mentioned.

Cerberus Revenge is tagged for season 3. There's also been some additional details about this event that leaked out, though we covered them recently. Completing this event is going to give us a blue blueprint reward. It's going to be a new pistol. It kind of looks like the Mustang and Sally pistol from the original Black Ops key art and whatnot, and on it there's six scratches or six tallies.

The running The theory right now is that it's six tallies for Black Ops 6; it's just making that direct correlation and that direct connection there. However, the description of the event actually has one specific challenge that's leaked out, and it says to get operator kills with quote-unquote. an old friend, and now we're not sure if that means a character.

Maybe it's a weapon that's supposed to resemble something from Black Ops or something like that, but that's going to be part of the event in and of itself, so it'll have a direct sort of quest or mission within the war zone, you know, dating back even to the Cold War reveal where we had to go through before we all ran to the stadium, we had to find Woods. I think around the hospital area and doing stuff like that, it could be similar to that just on a smaller scale, as this appears to be a reveal for a reveal, and I say.

Why have a reveal before the full reveal?

Why have a reveal before the full reveal?

That is because, with this simply having a leaked blueprint reward board teasing Black Ops 6 and it happening before the actual direct showcase, we can assume that this event is happening simply to officially promote the showcase.

As mentioned with the Xbox announcement, everything for the Direct Call of Duty event was redacted; technically, it's not even officially confirmed that it is Call of Duty at the time that I'm recording this right, so this is likely going to be some sort of mini event in the game that then teases. Hey, June 9th, tune in to the Xbox showcase to get your first look at Call of Duty Direct or Black Ops 6 Direct.

Maybe they drop the name reveal; maybe they don't only want time to tell there, but this would be teasing that full-on reveal showcase.

Black ops 6 direct showcase expectations & details

2024 reveal

And then we get to that full-on reveal showcase on June 9th as we get into some of the details and some of the expectations. With this quick reminder, if you are new to the channel, every single day I'm your one-stop shop for all things going on in Call of Duty.

But with the Showcase Event. I imagine this is going to be a direct replacement for what we'd see from a Call of Duty keynote at something like Summer Games Fest or even E3 or potentially Call of Duty Next. In a sense, it's quite possible we still see a Call of Duty Next event later this year closer to launch, but this would essentially replace that need for a full-on initial reveal.

It'll showcase, obviously, the name of the game, the full-on reveal of the era, the period, and sort of a lore background to it. It's likely going to be largely story-based with this initial reveal here. Multiplayer details Zombie details, even war zone details, will likely come later on into the summer or early fall unless they're just changing things up entirely.

We're simply going off of history here and how it's all played out before, but that June 9th showcase should be that initial first look trailer, quote unquote. Black Ops 6 is right, and that is also the time frame in which we'll probably then gain access to pre-orders personally. These days. I don't see the need for pre-ordering games, especially Call of Duty, which you never know the state that it's going to launch in, so I'm not a huge fan of that, but regardless, pre-orders should become available after the game is fully initially revealed.

We also have other leaks and rumors with the game files being data mined that Woods is going to be an upcoming operator, and it's almost guaranteed at this point that Woods is going to be a pre-order bonus operator. You can just use Woods now in War Zone in MW3. If you were to pre-order Black Ops 6 after it's revealed, that's sort of an extension of the Showcase too.

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