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New updates & changes revealed for warzone & modern warfare 3

New updates & changes revealed for warzone & modern warfare 3

It's a new week, and that, of course, means that we've got some new updates on the way for War Zone and Modern Warfare 3. Hopefully some more game-fixing updates are needed because there's still several elements of gameplay that are very broken and not working as intended because of season 3 Reloaded.

In addition to that, though we also have a handful of new content coming our way, we've got some free rewards available in the next few days as well, so lots to pre here First up, though, we are starting with a handful of things that changed over the weekend.

New mini update patch notes & changes in warzone/mw3

A few mini updates went out, associated with some patch notes via Cod updates and the trell boards, so initially here this one seems.

modern warfare 3

Fixed but not fixed, which kind of explains the rest of the game as well, if I'm being honest, but they say for war zone they are investigating an issue preventing the Call of Duty endowment challenge to track 20 operators using a snapshot grenade from tracking, properly players may progress this challenge by spotting players with a Recon drone in the meantime.

While we were working on a fix, later on in the weekend, they did say that a new fix had been deployed for this issue. However, it still seems like the tracking is not accurate, whatsoever, so if you're still trying to go through and complete this one, you're probably going to run into instances where you are snapshotting players and it's not giving you credit for it.

I'm not sure when the full fix for this one is going to come out, but there will be one. This is an extended event, so it's not like, Hey, if you don't get this done tomorrow, you're going to miss out. That's a good thing there at least, but yeah, this one seems, like I said, fixed but not fully fixed, kind of awkward and a little bit frustrating there.

modern warfare 3 free rewards

Now we did have an update back on the 9th that included very minimal patch notes across the board outside of a warden's update for multiplayer, in war zone, but according to the Trello board, we also saw several other updates fully resolved with this update; they just weren't actually included in the patch notes for whatever reason, but a lot of issues here have been moved on over into the resolved issues tab, including a texture streaming issue where you would get low resolution textures.

However, there's still lighting issues that cause the same resolution textures, so there's two different bugs going on right now. You will still notice low resolution issues, but it's primarily when it's like rebirthed during the sunset lighting and stuff like that. But as far as ö stand goes, you shouldn't be getting those Playdoh matches anymore where trees and bushes just cease to exist at random.

modern warfare 3 new update

Also, with the match stats, there were issues where the in-game match stats were not actually tracking correctly in real time, so if you were actively looking at those, it just wasn't telling you the truth whatsoever. They have updated that to be obviously more accurate. They do say the autox Sprint reload issue is resolved, and from my playing experience over the past couple of days, yes, you can reload as normal.

Here's the thing, though: They also fixed this issue. Quote unquote fixed this issue They have it as a fixed release, and it's in the resolved issues tab for the interact and reload behavior with prioritize and interact. not properly reloading, and while this does seem fixed, I would say pretty much consistently.

I feel like there's maybe been one or two random instances where it feels like my reloading is not doing it when I needed to, but that could just be the game being a little bit wonky as is. That's not a stranger to that, as we know, but the issue with picking things up and interacting with the world is still absolutely ongoing, and they did actually start a full-on card for this back on the 9th.

They've been investigating this, but they made it official here they say prioritize interact We are investigating an issue that is preventing players from interacting with objects while reloading if they have enabled the controller prioritize interact options. You can reload fine now, but if you're trying to open a chest while reloading, That won't work if you're trying to pick up plates, a gas mask, or anything like that.

That's not going to work if you're trying to reload and close a door or open a door. That's not going to work. Really annoying this is really impacting the flow of the game; this should be fixed this week. I would certainly hope it's going to be fixed in the coming days because it's been a minute since season 3 Reloaded dropped, and this is definitely a big impact, like I said just across the board.

Also, they do have a fix scheduled for sniper rifle values, where in Gunsmith the UI says different velocity values for multiplayer and war zone, so it's not one-to-one there, and that's supposed to be more lined up. There are a handful of updates inbound, but some smaller things or some other things were changed behind the scenes as well, it seems.

New free rewards in warzone 3 & modern warfare 3

New free rewards in warzone 3 & modern warfare 3

Also coming up this week, we've got some new content updates. Every single day, I got you covered with news patch notes and meta breakdowns. Everything going on in COD is right here, so feel free to hit that sub button and turn on those post notifications.

Now coming up a bit later on into this week, we are going to see our next Call of Duty League major event. Major 3, kicking off on the 16th, and with this, just for watching the stream or really just for having the stream open in the background like on your side monitor or on your laptop or tablet or something, you can actually end up getting some free rewards.

Just for having your Activision account linked with your YouTube account, there are various tutorials out there if you need to figure out how to do that on both sites, and I'm sure there's also articles explaining it too if you haven't linked already, but if you've got the two linked, you can then earn some free rewards.

modern warfare 3 update

Every single day is going to have unique rewards, so on Thursday, the 16th, for watching for an hour, you get some double XP; for an hour and a half, you get the AIM for the Noggin sticker, which looks kind of cool; and for 2 hours, you get some double weapon XP, which is obviously always very valuable.

Then, for two and a half hours, you get the steamrolled calling card on Friday, the 17th. If you watch for an hour, you get some more double XP. After an hour and a half, you get to meet me on Landan's calling card. 2 hours of some double weapon XP, and then 2 and 1/2 hours of the spicy emblem. For Saturday, the 18th, for an hour, you get some more double XP.

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