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Ladies and gentlemen. I could not have guessed in a million years that I would be making this article right now; in fact, I was just mid-workout. I got a notification on my phone, and well, here we are. There's been some breaking news regarding the war zone, and it has to do with veracity. Returning obviously, this is something that's happened every single year since Verdansk was removed heading into Caldera, and now we have probably the most concrete information and the most.

I guess, verified leaks to date in regards to Verd Dan's return, so we obviously got some pretty spicy details to break down today as we get into it. Every single day, I've got you covered with all things going on in COD, whether it's news updates or meta breakdowns. They're all right here, so feel free to hit that sub button and turn on those post notifications.

So this is the first initial tweet from Charles Intelligence. Charlie Intel's Breaking Verdance will reportedly be the big map for the Call of Duty War Zone, along with Treyarch's Call of Duty 2024. Insider Gaming reported this information, citing their sources, and we've also heard similar information.

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Verdansk will return, so we'll talk about the Insider Gaming article in just a moment that's run by Tom Henderson. I'm sure you guys, if you are active viewers here on the channel, know his name. He's been a credible insider for some time, but Charlie Intel's reporting on anything to begin with usually means there's a good amount of credibility to it.

Charlie Intel has proven they've got very credible inside sources, and the fact that they've heard similar stories has now been corroborated by Insider Gaming. This is like the two giants of gaming information, gaming Intel and Tom Henderson, and then Charlie Intel specifically for Call of Duty, both saying.

Hey, we're hearing the same things that usually point towards very good information. Now what's interesting here is that this is meant for Treyarch's Call of Duty title next fall, so fall 2024. There's been a lot of rumors and speculation that maybe Verdan is going to be back on March 10, 2023, since obviously we've got it back for MW3.

is verdansk coming back

But this information obviously would say otherwise, so here is the article from Insider Gaming exclusive, original Call of Duty War zone map Verdansk is set to return in 2024. Insider gaming has learned that War Zone's original m-Verdansk is set to return by the end of 2024. While details are still unclear on the exact release date of the map, it's understood that the current plan is to follow the traditional war zone main map release schedule and have a verdance return as a part of Black Ops Gulf War season 1, so this would imply that it's going to be happening, probably in December 2024.

That's usually when season one launches for every new cod now, just like it literally just did this past week, of course, so that would line up with the big map time frame and release schedule that we've seen pretty much every single year so far. If Call of Duty continues its annual trend of a late October or early November release, it suggests that Verdansk is set to return in December 2024.

is verdansk coming back in mw3

So as I just said. Call of Duty fans will be familiar that Verdansk has seen several changes to its map since its original release, generally major changes during its seasons of content due to ongoing development. It's unclear which season the map will be based on; one source implied that it'll be a fan favorite season, but the exact details are murky, so that's a little interesting because fan favorite is definitely subjective.

Are we talking fan favorites from MW 2019? Because Peak War Zone was probably like the Haunting event in the Halloween era, there was maybe the largest boom of players that War Zone ever saw, you know. Peak Cold War could be subjective to multiple different time frames. I feel like when we had Nakatomi Tower and everything going on there with the 80s Action Heroes events, that was probably the peak of War Zone Verdansk.

So there's definitely different timelines when War Zone saw pretty high, you know, peaks in terms of the general main game. It's also possible that we could see the updated version of our Dan in the timeline that we're in now. Obviously. Modern Warfare 3 went through and rebuilt the whole game from the ground up as we know for the campaign, and there's all the assets of the world being fully built out in the game as it is, and that's why all those leaks and rumors were speculating, saying.

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Hey, maybe it's coming back for the anniversary this year since MW3 and Sledgehammer just built it up again for the game this year, so we have three different versions in three different eras of Verdansk. Already, fan favorites are definitely going to be an interesting decision when it comes down to it.

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In November 2023, Windows Central also reported that this year's Call of Duty will be based on the We've known this for some time with Insider Gaming. Corroborating the report and understanding the working title, Black Ops: Gulf War, is definitely a long one. The report also outlined that Activision could be taking a slightly different approach to this year's title, with the company considering more incentivized pre-order bonuses.

One such pre-order bonus would be explored through the idea of weeks of early access to zombies instead of one week for the campaign. We could get zombies like 2 to 3 weeks early, which, as we've already discussed in previous articles, would be pretty crazy all things considered. I mean, he is going to build some pretty big expectations.

Since the franchise's inception over two decades ago, Call of Duty titles have been developed between 16 months and 3 years, and that's been the standard. So Cold War has got the hype, and I mean, it's as plain as day now in War Zone 2024. War Zone Gulf War, whatever we're going to end up calling it, definitely now would have the hype as well, with potentially Verdansk returning now.


Obviously i feel like this is partially coinciding with the fact that one, just everyone wants Dan back; it's always asked about year-over-year, but two, obviously one of War Zone's biggest competitors in Fortnite, just brought back the OG map for whatever season or whatever chapter was last, and that reached the new largest player count ever in Fortnite history, so I'm sure Activision and Call of Duty are over here looking, saying.

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