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Warzone 2024 content & gameplay updates revealed

Warzone 2024 content & gameplay updates revealed

ladies and gentlemen. Obviously, the war zone is here now. The MW3 integration has taken place, and it is a very significant integration update in and of itself. It is a completely game-changing update, but really, that's just the beginning of 2024. That's where we're going to see the vast majority of the major updates for MW3 War Zone, or War Zone 3, whatever you want to refer to it as.

With that, today I wanted to break down some of the key confirmed updates that we've got for 2024 War Zone, and some of them are very exciting ones that are going to bring a lot of people back to the game.

Warzone resurgence sees the return of rebirth & fortune␙s keep

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It's all right here, so feel free to hit that sub button and turn on those post notifications. But initially, one of the larger elements of War Zone 2024 is the new map updates that we're going to see, or rather the returning map updates, you could say, because we are going to see some very significant content updates throughout 2024.

This was sort of a major surprise that was revealed at Call of Duty next, but they said. Yes, you read this right. Fortune's Keep is going to return early next year, and Rebirth Island will follow later in 2024, making it our most diverse map rotation in Call of Duty war zone history. Now there's been a lot of confusion about this saying: Wait, is this for COD mobile?

and we'll talk a little bit about that in just a moment, because yes. Call of Duty Mobile or War Zone Mobile is going to have Rebirth Island as a map as well, but no, this is officially the standard war zone across console and PC. We're going to see two different major updates. The first one that's happening is for Fortune Keep, and they say early next year, so I imagine this is probably going to be with maybe Season 2.

Season 2, reloaded, or Season 3 in late winter or early spring, and then after that, we'll see the Rebirth Island update and the return of that at a later date in time, maybe season 3. Reloaded season 4 sometime in late spring or early summer, as to you know, spread them out a little bit and give each of them a little bit of breathing room because we know obviously Fortune's Keep will have a bit of a resurgence, pun intended, and players coming back to try out that map, and you know with the increased movement this year, the better mantling and stuff like that, that map could play really, really well, and then obviously rebirth is going to have a major resurgence again, pun intended, in players as well since it'll be the first time we've been able to play that in quite some time, so right out of the gate we've got two major map updates happening in 2024.

Verdansk possibly returning in warzone mw3

Verdansk possibly returning in warzone mw3

But alongside that, there've been some other rumors as well. Metaphor has had a very credible track record in terms of insider information over the past couple of years, leaking various things for War Zone 2 and now even the MW3 War Zone that have all turned out to be right so far. He did say back during Call of Duty next and everything that Verdansk is also coming back, and I'm just saying it would line up very well, if you know.

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March 10th, 2024, rolls around, and it's suddenly the 4th anniversary of the war zone, and we see The Return of Verdansk. And well, post-edit Zack here. I kid you, not like an hour and a half after I finished this article and got it ready for when you guys are seeing it now news came out some new rumors and insider information came out that Verdansk is in fact coming back but not at the anniversary instead with Treyarch's Call of Duty 2024 game as the big map integration, update So this would happen in like December of 2024, and verdance will be back as a fan favorite version apparently, and what that is sort of up to interpretation is it MW 29's, verdansk cold war is verdansk, we're going to have to wait and see, but this would certainly make sense given the fact that one verdansk is just constantly asked for and requested to return to war zone since it's considered the goat map, and then also we have the other original war zone 1 maps returning, it would stack up well if we had all the OG maps and you know war zone was fully back so dank as of right now currently slated to return in 2024.

Keep in mind that there are still leaks and rumors, which is certainly something to keep an eye on, and of course, as we get any new updates regarding that, maybe any official announcements or leaks, you guys know I'm going to have you covered, so stay tuned for that. Whether you're trying to treat yourself this holiday season or pick up something for some friends or some family, Gfuels has got you covered with a little bit of something for everyone.

Whether you're trying to restock on your favorite flavors, maybe try something new. They got the tubs, the starter kits, and even just some straight-up Shaker cups. Also, sort of coinciding with Verdansk, Talk War Zone Mobile, we know, is now going to be launching in the spring of 2024. And it's going to feature Verdansk and Rebirth Island at launch, and War Zone Mobile is going to have sort of cross progression, with the current updates within MW3 and War Zone in terms of like the battle pass and whatnot, so having Verdance Live and Mobile, a game that is going to be connected to Standard War Zone, would help out a lot too if you had Verdansk to play in Standard War Zone and make that sort of crossover between the two a bit more seamless, so again, like I said, just things sort of lining up in a very convenient way, Now we also have a few other confirmed updates for 2024.

The standard in-year updates for warzone

The standard in-year updates for warzone

As well, obviously, we know that throughout the year we're going to see the standard seasonal updates for War Zone and MW3, so seasons 2, 3, 4, 5, and potentially six as well. If we're going all the way there, leading up to Cod 2024, and within those, we're going to see new weapons, new battle passes, you know, updates, operators, gameplay updates, and maybe POI updates for War Zone as well.

Warzone ranked returning in 2024

But we're going to see the return of ranked play on War Zone's Yik stand map in early 2020, so basically, right now, obviously, there's no ranked play on Al Mazra since that's when it was, you know, available; previously, ukhan was replaced on Mazra. We've just got the standard Battle Royale Resurgence plunder gameplay available across the board, but then it won't be until early 2024 that we see ranked return, and this will be the first time obviously ranked is played on any map in War Zone outside of Al Mazra.

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