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Warzone best ranked loadouts to use

Warzone best ranked loadouts to use

Ladies and gentlemen. Ranked, obviously it's still war zone ranked playl look what we've seen before but it does take place in Resurgence and with that today I wanted to break down the new top five best loadouts, you want to be running specifically for ranked resurgents, there are a few extra restrictions in place some things you want to look out for and obviously you want to be using the best of the best weapons when it comes down to it as well, So let's dive right in.

Warzone resurgence ranked best perks & equipment

modern warfare 3

Initially, let's start with the perks and equipment. For me, not much is actually changing here conveniently enough with pubs and ranks, just because I run a lot of the things that are already allowed here. Smokes are so clutch, especially in a ranked mode where your life matters. You don't want to get that death fee to lose Sr or anything like that, so having this instantaneous cover when you need to rotate or you need to Res or whatever the case is, you need to heal dropping the smoke, so clutch is by far the best tactical in my opinion for lethals.

You got options here. Knives are obviously great if you're going for those insta finishes you want to get. Sr easy, quick clean-up with this; they can also take one shot to the upper body in general, so they're super strong if you're deadly accurate with them. Frags just got buffed, and I love these as well, so between throwing knives and frags, I don't really think you can go wrong.

It's really just a preference thing and how much you value those insta finishes, with the throwing knives, and then for perks, like I said. I don't actually have any restrictions here between pubs and ranked because none of this stuff is outlawed, but you know if you're an active bird's eye user, that's not an option here that is banned for ranked, but Flex is obviously warning you about the equipment and getting that better footstep audio, is clutch because it's reducing your combat noise temper, is so good quick played UPS you can get back to full health, that's obviously clutch for reching.

Double time for better tack sprints and mountaineers, so you don't have to worry about fall damage if you're like me and you're prone to fall damage. This is the best thing in the world; it's my favorite perk ever. It's so nice to be able to jump off a rooftop and not have any concern whatsoever, so that's great.

Let's talk weapons now for the remainder of the article because the perks and equipment are the same on every single loadout.

Warzone best bruen mk9 & hrm9 ranked loadout

Warzone best bruen mk9 & hrm9 ranked loadout

Initially , here I got the Brewin, I got the HRM, nine beasts, and you got every distance covered here with some of the best ttk options in the game. The Brewin is low-recoil and has one of the best long-range TTKs. HRM 9 is snappy; it's aggressive, easy to use, and has a great close range. So for the Bruin setup here, not really all that much is changing with my pub setup.

The Spirit Fire suppressor is obviously keeping me off the radar. That's pretty clutch in a ranked mode range velocity and control benefits on there. I got the Horizon Barrel here for better velocity and better control. You could also use the Vity one if you're super comfortable with this gun. It doesn't offer control, but it gives you better range, and that's always nice too, so pick your poison with that heavy support under Barrel.


pretty straightforward, here helps out with stability horizontal control, which is the most difficult to actually predict, so it makes your weapon a lot more predictable in the long run 60 round mag, so it's a lot more aggressive and agile for an lmg than the 2.5 times Eagle ey optic you'll see on pretty much all my mid- to long-range weapons here.

For the HMR 9, this is something that I use specifically in ranking; that's where this setup is sort of based, although I do use the Zen mn35. Compensator, here downgrading from the Jack B in terms of control, but I'm actually getting a shortened radar ping, so when I'm shooting unsupress, it won't stay up for as long, and I'm getting some decent control back out of this; it only hurts the velocity of a tabit, which is not a huge deal for an SMG, so nice to have there.

They did Nerf the damage range on the HRM 9 with season 2, so I like using the Princeps long barrel; it does extend that first damage range back out to 16 MERS, which is super clutch for having that optimal ttk. I also go for the 50-round drum, your basic accent mag; the assault rear grip is better control here and only hurts the idol sway a tad bit, but if you're just cheesing constant ads, you don't have to worry about that too much, and then obviously there's no stock for the max. Mobility here, so I'm still snappy and aggressive, and I can push things from point A to point B very quickly, really enjoying this setup here for ranking, but even some pubs as well now.

Warzone best sva 545 & striker 9 ranked loadout

Warzone best sva 545 & striker 9 ranked loadout

This next load out here is just reliable, as can be expected; it features two extremely easy-to-use weapons but also two very lethal weapons.

The SBAA is arguably the new number one rifle in the game since the Ram got nerdy, and the Striker 9 is just a great close-range SMG. It's easy to use and has a good damage range as well. I love the feel of both of these. My SBA setup here is just so simple and straightforward, and it gets the job done.

You don't need to go above and beyond to mix things up here. If it's working right, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, so Spirit Fire suppressor, the Precision Barrel on here, better range, better velocity, better control, Pizza, as always, you know the Vibes. We got the brewing and heavy support under Barrel here yet again.

60-round accent mag and the 2.5-time Eagle ey optic are not a unique setup whatsoever, but it fries, and I love the feel of it. For striker 9, here I am actually using the Jack BFB, although if you wanted to, this is just total preference-based because obviously they're both helping out with control of the Jack BFB more so, but if you care about being on the radar, obviously you probably don't want to be on the radar for longer with that advanced UAV ping of the Jack BFB.

You could quickly just go through and change over to the Zen M35, which has that shortened radar ping. You won't get as much control out of this, but it's still a really easy weapon to use, so you could go either way. The Striker's long barrel helps out with velocity, and its range extends that first damage range a little bit, and its mid-range is actually really effective as well.

50-round extended mag here. I don't love the irons, and I feel like I'm super accurate using the Nar model 2023. So I throw that on here, and then again, I go for no stock for that Max Mobility crazy Sprint of fire ads, speed strafe speed, general movement speed. I love the feel of that, so this is a really reliable SMG, easy to use, and it'll fry up.

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