News - Warzone: The Major Season 3 Reloaded Update

All season 3 reloaded details for warzone & modern warfare 3

All season 3 reloaded details for warzone & modern warfare 3

ladies and gentlemen. Actually, we are going to see our next major update within Modern Warfare 3: War Zone and Zombie, and this, of course, is the season 3 Reloaded update, aka, the midseason update. This is going to include content updates across the board for all modes.

Season 3 reloaded update release date in warzone 3 & mw3

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So initially, when it comes to season 3 Reloaded, when exactly should we expect this update? Well, according to all the in-game countdown timers and all the information we have as of right now, May 1st should be the launch date for this patch and the main updates. The title updates: midseason updates usually always drop on Wednesdays, so that lines up nicely for that, and really, right now we're at a schedule where every four weeks we're seeing a seasonal launch or a mid-season update; they've kind of been on that since launch, and that trend should continue here, so May 1st is that date that we're looking out for right now. Of course, that could be delayed; it could be altered, and if that's the case, I'll be sure to keep you guys updated with that info if such a situation arises, but let's.

Modern warfare 3 season 3 reloaded content & updates

Modern warfare 3 season 3 reloaded content & updates

focus from mode to mode here on the content and various updates we can expect, starting first with multiplayers, so really what we have here is a decent list of expected content updates that have been revealed over the past couple of weeks.

Season 3 Reloaded is going to include a couple of new 6v6 map updates for multiplayer, including checkpoints, which are basically reimagined. Version of Stronghold, from Rebirth Island; it's going to be a 6v6 map, though there are going to be some slightly adjusted lines of sight and some other barriers that have been put into place for this 6v6 map specifically, so it's not going to be one of the stronghold areas, but kind of cool that we're seeing Rebirth as a multiplayer map, and then also Grime, which is going to be another new 6v6 map.

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This one is small to medium-sized, pretty basic there, but with two new maps coming with season 3 Reloaded, we've also got a couple of new modes dropping for multiplayer, specifically the first one, called Minefield. I'm not going to lie; I don't envision myself spending much time in this mode because it sounds kind of obnoxious.

Now, this mine can only end up detonating against enemies; it won't do damage to you or your teammates, but if an enemy runs over the person you just knocked out, that mine's going to pop off and get a kill for them, but there's going to be a lot of explosions in this mode. EOD is going to be a must-have.

I just feel like it's going to play kind of weird, but I don't know. I'll try it out, and we'll see how it goes, but Minefield is certainly unique. I'll say that we also have escort, which is going to be kind of like a mini-war mode. You're just going to be escorting a robot from point A to point there, which is pretty self-explanatory, with the name, if I'm being honest, and then we also know that the vortex mode has those different maps, like spard.

Satan's Quarry You know all the things we've seen in the past couple of seasons that's going to be returning with a new event later on into season 3. Reloaded, and we also have some new pieces of equipment dropping the EMD. Mine is going to work similar to the EMD grenade, but it's just a proximity mind that is wind-triggered and then shoots out those tracking devices, and then this one I'm particularly interested in is the enhanced vision goggles.

These are basically going to change your point of view a little bit, give you a different color scheme, and also slightly highlight enemies in red. It would look like, based off the preview image, there's limited battery with this, so I'm really curious to see how effective this is actually going to be if it's only going to work on maps, which are, you know, a bit worse for lighting or in those situations where you're in a dark area, or if it's something that universally is going to be really convenient for spotting enemies over long distances or something like that, so like I said, really curious to see how exactly that one plays.

Modern warfare zombies season 3 reloaded content & updates

Modern warfare zombies season 3 reloaded content & updates

Now shifting focus over to zombies, as we know from the past couple of seasons that zombies have not really gotten all that much attention. But luckily, with the reloaded update, it's going to get all the attention that Zombies is getting for this season because it basically got none back at season 3's launch.

Pretty much every single major Zombies update's going to be happening with season 3 releases loaded. It's just unfortunate that these major updates are not all that significant by comparison, so we are going to see a new story mission, and this is also going to tie in with a new dark ether rift, and it seems like the rift this time is going to take place over in the hydroelectric area of Al Mazra.

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Based on the teaser image from the initial blog post, we're also going to see some updates for various different schematics. We're going to see updates for the dead wire detonators; this is going to be dead wire, but for equipment as well, so those will send out shock waves. There's going to be the golden gas mask, which actually replenishes.

Over time, that would be really cool, and that's a neat upgrade there, but it's also. I don't think, going to be that practical, considering how often you're using gas masks, unless you're just going all in on certain challenges or something that would be extremely beneficial over in a war zone. I won't lie, we're also going to have the sergeant Beret, which is essentially a disguise for mercs, and a new warlord in the form of Rain Maker, who is located down by the manor POI.

Rain Maker has a ton of explosives set up on the island, so you're going to have to take things out there and definitely beware of all the different nades and mines and everything going off when you're trying to infiltrate. On top of that, during my dev call just prior to season 3, we learned that there's going to be a stash expansion, so you're going to be able to hold up to 20 items in your stash with this update and schematic.

Cooldowns are in fact coming; these are things that actually glitched out on the xfill menu. Just as some text, they weren't actually working, but by filling with certain stuff, you're going to be able to cool down some of your schematics and get them quicker over time, so that's definitely cool.

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