News - Warzone: All Early Season 3 Reloaded Update Patch Notes. New Gameplay Changes, Huge Fixes, More

Early season 3 reloaded patch notes in warzone & mw3

Early season 3 reloaded patch notes in warzone & mw3

In just a couple of days, we are going to see our next major update within Modern Warfare 3 in War Zone, of course, known as season 3 Reloaded.

General season 3 reloaded update details in mwiii & warzone 3

Now this is going to be a major title update, meaning everyone on every platform PC console is going to have to go through and download it before you're able to play on Wednesday morning, May 1st.

But with that, even though the update is a few days away, we actually already have a lot of confirmations for some of the upcoming patch notes we'll see. Debut, on Wednesday morning, alongside the update courtesy of some of the Call of Duty socials on the Trello board and some other reveals that we've seen over the past couple of weeks, and so today we're breaking down all of the essentially early patch notes that we've got for our mid-season update.

Early global patch notes for warzone & modern warfare 3

modern warfare 3

Now, first up here, when it comes to our early patch notes, we actually ended up getting a change that was supposed to happen with the launch of season 3 Reloaded, and it's just a bummer that it happened a few days early, but CAU updates posted over the weekend saying. Hey, new updates out for War Zone.

We've removed the High Trip Resurgence mode from the War Zone playlist due to an issue that we identified following yesterday's update. Thanks for understanding, so it was actually a community vote to extend High Trip Resurgence one more week until the launch of season 3 Reloaded, and then we get a whole new playlist update, of course, but unfortunately.

They had something in there that they didn't like, and something was being exploited, abused, or something like that, so they had to cut it off early, so unfortunately that was supposed to be removed in a couple of days time with the reloaded update, but it is gone now, which is a bummer because that was a super fun mode, mainly because you could get the green gummies and have like infinite tax sprints, and that was phenomenal, so hey, maybe they saw that and something they'd consider bringing to the game.

We then shift our focus over to the Trello board for the vast majority of the early patch notes. They do have a guaranteed fix scheduled now for the Beast Glove melee blueprints. There's been a lot of issues going on with this thing in general, where at first it wasn't unlocking for people who spent the $80 to get it, which is absurd, but then you couldn't equip camos on it.

There were all sorts of bugs with this; it's working for some players but not everyone. This should be fully fixed with Season 3 Reloaded. Also, the Jack Cutthroat stocks one of our new aftermarket parts that gives you crazy strafe speed. It's supposed to be available on the MCW platform, but currently it's not working, so that's going to be updated here soon, and then when that happens.

I mean, if the MCW conversion kit doesn't get a NERF with season 3 Reloaded, that thing is going to be nuts with that strafe speed.

Modern warfare 3 multiplayer mid-season patch notes preview

Modern warfare 3 multiplayer mid-season patch notes preview

Looking at a couple of multiplayer issues, they are investigating an unintended object being near the tank garage on Quarry, so we should see some spawn updates. Some map updates and multiplayer patch notes usually have several listed changes to map spawns, various out-of- the map exploits, and objects being in certain places that are likely to be one of them.

They also have a fix scheduled for season 3 perks and equipment that is unintentional. Available within ranked play. This has been an ongoing thing since day one. There will at some point be an update that completely restricts them, and it's obvious that they're restricted. Whereas now you can put them on at certain times and you'll just load in and they won't be there, so you're wasting an attachment and messing up your class setup because it's supposed to be restricted and not even be able to be put on there in the first place.

Modern warfare zombies early patch notes revealed

The zombies There's really not a whole lot going on here, and unfortunately, it's most of what we've seen for the past couple of seasons now that's still gone unupdated, or unchanged. I guess, so they are still monitoring reports that players are losing their stashes when they xfill or when they enter the zombies menu.

This is a huge deal; players just straight up lose all their Sav stuff and their stashes. It stinks, and it's been happening for so long, so I'm kind of disappointed that this one is still on there alongside the player containment levels being randomly reset. I get so many comments of. Hey, why did I go from you know this containment level down another 10 randomly, and it's just because it's bugged it could randomly happen and you never know when, so that really sucks too, and then they do also have a fixed schedule where the end of match flow mentions unreleased xfill schematic cooldown mechanics, and we'll talk more on that because that's actually an upcoming feature here with season 3 Reloaded, so we'll get to that momentarily.

Early warzone mid season update patch notes

Early warzone mid season update patch notes

We then jump over to the War Zone TR board. There's actually a lot more going on here than over on the multiplayer side for once, so initially, with the global issues, we've got the RAM usage issue where there is a memory leak that's causing players on PC to get some crazy stutters. As we've talked about in some previous update articles.

Sledgehammer was individually responding, saying that some of these memory leak issues have been identified, so it'll be fixed for some players as of right now, but this full fix should be coming as like a global update. I would imagine with season 3 Reloaded, because it's a pretty significant issue.

modern warfare 3 patch notes

Oddly enough on the multiplayer Trello this was listed too but then they moved it over into the resolved issues, but they didn't on the war zone side of things and it's definitely still happening for certain players so season 3 Reloaded should have a full fix for that which is definitely going to be very nice to see we then have our specific Battle Royale Resurgence plunder and lockdown issues mentioned here so first and foremost fix scheduled for the PC texture streaming issues where especially on ekhan that's where it seems to happen the most the map just stops rendering bushes turn into Play-Doh, the trees turn into Play-Doh or disappear, sometimes the entire ground in certain areas just starts glitching out and is like a really lowres texture it doesn't actually render in where the ground is so you can stand under it and it's just like super obnoxious.

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