News - Warzone: New Content Update & Gameplay Changes. Weapon Bugs Finally Fixed, Free Rewards, More

New content update & gameplay changes in warzone & modern warfare 3

New content update & gameplay changes in warzone & modern warfare 3

ladies and gentlemen. Wednesdays are the usual update day this year for Call of Duty. We recently saw some shift towards Thursdays with a handful of different gameplay updates, particularly on the war zone side of things, and with that, today we do have a new slight update live in game, but also, over the course of the past 24 hours, we've seen several mini updates go out, all of which are pretty important.

All things can be considered, so handful of new content updates and gameplay updates to break down for this one, starting first with.

New mini updates & changes live in warzone & mw3

The Cod updates their account, and with this, they've got a couple of new updates and posts now live, so they say Initially, yesterday the new Jack backsaw kit ended up dropping in Modern Warfare 3 in War Zone.

modern warfare 3

This was a part of the week six challenges, and it's a brand new aftermarket part for the Hoger 556, which will break down here in just a few moments, but for this you went through, you unlocked it, and it wouldn't unlock because it seems like every other week when a new aftermarket part drops, it's not accessible.

You complete all the challenges, but you can't actually equip them. Luckily, though they were pretty quick on fixing this one, they said they deployed a fix for it. Players who completed the challenges may need to restart their game to see the Jack backck hit in the gunsmith, but now for anyone doing the week six challenges, which, like I said, we'll go into detail here in just a moment, you'll have no issues with this and you'll be able to gain access to the backsaw kit right away.

We also have a pretty big one here too. Back with season 2 reloaded, you may recall that one of the pieces of the patch notes There was actually a new update to the XRK stalker. That essentially just turns it into the ballista from Black Ops 2, one of the goated snipers in COD history, absolutely iconic; it's the iron sight optic for the stalker; this is something they actually introduced.

modern warfare 3 new update

With the season 2 reloaded update, however, only certain players got it. For some reason, it was not something that was globally available. Right away, they said, Hey, we've launched the new iron side optic on the stalker. Add it to your armor unlocks and gain access to it, and within about an hour, it was locked for anyone who didn't instantaneously.

Go after it when the update drops. However they have now pushed an update live for this as well they say new updates out in MW3 in war zone we've deployed a fix for the iron sight optic attachment, the factory iron sight for the xrk stalker is now available to earn via Armory unlocks so if you haven't had access to this as of this past week or so be sure to go into your actual optic attachments on your stalker, go through and manually, send this into your Armory unlocks Q, then go through either complete some of your daily challenges or win some games you'll be able to quickly unlock that and then use that like I said basically it's the same thing as the ballista iron sights from BO2, so very nostalgic, and also really fun to build this out with like a quick scoping setup It would work well within the war zone because it's in that one-hot sniper range where iron sights would actually be pretty good, and then, of course, in multiplayer.

Just as much as an aggressive sniper setup, there is definitely a fun one there.

New free content reward in mw3 & warzone 3

New free content reward in mw3 & warzone 3

Now another update that we've got live in the game is all things considered a pretty small one, but I always like to try and bring as much attention to it as I can because it's for a good cause. If you're unfamiliar, the Cod endowment helps veterans get placed in jobs. It's a really cool cause, and I always try to support it and bring attention to it where I can, and they actually just launched a brand new promotion with Little Caesars where you can earn a free piece of in-game content.

It's just a calling card, so it's nothing too crazy, but I would consider this situation a win-win. All right, three W's back to back to back—that's four v's. In case you're counting, you get a free calling card game, you get some pizza, and you're supporting a good cause. So for this, if you're trying to get this calling card, it is going to be a little bit more rare as time goes on.

You have to buy a Little Caesar's Pizza kit or a meal deal to support the endowment. They're going to actually e-mail you a code. Once you get the code, go to {633}, redeem, Log into your account that's connected to whatever platform you're playing on, redeem said code, and you get the squad-up calling card in game.

Like I said, nothing too crazy, but it's for a good cause, and there's technically some free bonus content in the game to go along with your pizza.

New update teaser from sledgehammer games

New update teaser from sledgehammer games

Now we also have a bit of a new content preview or a teaser that's dropped here recently courtesy of Sledgehammer. Themselves. English over on Reddit posted a thread saying if you guys could bring back anything from the past Call of Duty to Modern Warfare 3, what would it be, and English themselves said I'd love to see Capture the Flag return; it's an awesome mode, and this Sledgehammer dropped a comment simply saying the ey Emoji, which usually is their indication of saying.

Hey, we're looking at this, we're seeing this, you know you're on to something here. This is basically a teaser, hinting at the fact that Capture the Flag is going to be returning here, as I would imagine with the timing. Here, season 3 is on the horizon at the start of April, so it's quite possible that CTF is going to be returning as a mode with the launch of season 3 or potentially season 3 Reloaded, so we've now got that to look forward to.

As well.

New warzone/mw3 event update now live (maybe with some coming surprises)

modern warfare 3 patch notes

Moving on, of course, yesterday we did see those surprise patch notes drop, and we covered them in a article featuring a handful of weapon changes and a few gameplay updates for multiplayer and War Zone alike, but a little bit after the patch notes went out, we also saw some of the more standard updates for the MW3 and War Zone releases as well.

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