News - Warzone: Surprise Rebirth Island Leaks, Classic Weapon Updates, More Revealed

New content & gameplay update leaks for warzone & mw3

New content & gameplay update leaks for warzone & mw3

ladies and gentlemen. One that usually is associated with a title update that everyone has to download, we obviously get plenty of updates on that given day whether it's a new content update or a midseason update a seasonal launch whatever the case may be but alongside those major title updates we also see plenty of game files updated in the back end of the game updated to include various new game codes and strings for different things across the board it could be weapons it could be operators, modes all sorts of stuff like that and that stuff ends up getting data mined and leaked out that's exactly what we saw with the major season 2 reloaded update and these new leaks that we have for some gameplay updates and for upcoming content are pretty significant and some are pretty surprising So we've got a lot to break down today as we get into it all.

New warzone & modern warfare 3 leaks can always change

Really, everything going on in COD is right here, so feel free to hit that sub button and turn on those post notifications. Now, of course, because we are talking about leaks and data mind details today. I just want to preface everything by saying leaks are not guaranteed or confirmations, while game file data mind leaks are usually pretty good indications of what could be. Often times we see the game files updated at a later date to remove things or change things so these could be updated scra changed in any way shape or form it's not official until Call of Duty or one of the studios, says something so just take everything that we have here today with the grain of salt per usual and all this information is stemming from Cod Warfare forum and Bob network over on Twitter to data miners in the community that are often times posting a lot of stuff like this when big updates go out but the first thing that was found in the game fil, postseason 2 reloaded is a pretty significant one we've heard various different leaks and rumors over the past couple of weeks and updates.

More rebirth island islands for warzone season 3

More rebirth island islands for warzone season 3

According to the game files. Rebirth should be coming in season 3, which is a lot earlier than most of us expected but obviously welcomed because everyone's excited to have Rebirth Island back as a Resurgence map, and with the season 2 reloaded update, there were even more strings added to the game files referencing Rebirth Island dropping in season 3, including the actual loading images for it or the loading screens for it.

Unfortunately, I can't show any images of any leaks on the screen here today; otherwise, the article would get taken down, and we don't want that, obviously, but the loading screen is out there. It's on Twitter. I think Charlie Intel's posted it; it's the same old rebirth we know and love, and that just confirms that once again we're only a couple of weeks away potentially from returning to one of the best war zone maps of all time, so very exciting stuff there alongside that we actually had a time frame leaked for the return turn of the specialist bonus that is supposedly going to be a midseason update for season 3, so about a month after season 3 launches.

Warzone specialist bonus update leaked

We should see that the drop-in specialist bonus will return; obviously, it was a fan favorite feature back in War Zone 1 landing at Nakatomi Tower, looting up, getting specialist, and then just frying the whole Lobby ton of fun, and it's going to be crazy in this game with all the perks that we have, like shrouded.

Flex having double time EOD. Everything that we have throughout our four perk tiers combined into one, you're going to just straight up be a super soldier. It's going to be a crazy bonus and upgrade to have there.

New gear leaked for modern warfare 3 & potentially warzone

New gear leaked for modern warfare 3 & potentially warzone

also have a handful of new gear that's leaked, and presumably this is going to be for Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, although it's quite possible we do see variants of it added to War Zone through potentially new upgrades in the game or maybe even new perks further down the line.

We don't get full details for some of these, but some of the names are self-explanatory. The first one we have here is Dauntless Boots; unfortunately, though we just have the name leaked for these, we don't get the exact details of what these would do, but it'd be another option in the boots category for gear that you could throw on and mess around with there.

modern warfare 3

This one's a bit more obvious: ninja gloves. Obviously, we've got other ninja options already available for various different perks, so this is just another option to suppress your character in general. In case you didn't want to run the other ones, you can mix and match things nicely there. Then there's also a full-compression plate carrier vest that's going to be coming as well.

And then this one: I'm particularly interested in the pistol vest, and I think this is one that could absolutely make its way into the war zone, as well as something that just guarantees you always have a pistol. It's almost like you would be able to get three weapons for your character now. Of course, if you go into the water, you'd be able to have the default pistol that everyone gets, then your primary and your secondary, but the second you get out of the water, you lose that pistol.

Maybe with the pistol vest, you get your guaranteed primary and secondary, but then you also have a pistol that you could swap to at any point as well. That could be really cool, especially if you're able to customize things there and basically have three custom guns at once. You could also opt for some interesting gameplay if that does end up coming to fruition, and it's self-explanatory.

As the name would make it out to be, of course I could be wrong with my interpretation of that, but I mean, it's called the pistol vest. I'd have to guess that it grants you access to an additional pistol.

New weapon leaked for mw3 & warzone

New weapon leaked for mw3 & warzone

We also have a new weapon update that's been leaked, and this is one that I've also got my eyes on: the ARX 160 assault rifle. It's been leaked for some time, and we've talked about this in previous articles, but apparently it is going to be renamed the SOA Constrictor, meaning it'd be a part of the SOA weapon platform.

Obviously, we just got the SOA subverter as well, so we'd see some shared attachments between these, and that means we could have some interesting setups because of that as well, and potentially some crossover with aftermarket parts if we see some of those added to these weapons where applicable.

April fools ltm leaked for warzone 3

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