News - Warzone: Kar98k Returns, Spas-12 Shotgun, More New Content Leaked. Warzone New Weapons

New mw3 & warzone weapon leaks, modes, & more!

New mw3 & warzone weapon leaks, modes, & more!

Ladies and gentlemen.

Warning about any new leaks for mwiii & warzone 3

Turn on those post notifications, because every single day I get you covered with absolutely everything going on in the world of Call of Duty. When it comes to leaks and data mind info, as always, I just want to preface everything by saying, At the end of the day, these are just leaks.

None of this is officially confirmed by Call of Duty or Sledgehammer. Infinity Ward Activision Raven anyone official, so all of this here today is subject to change unless we do get some kind of official announcement, so while all this is coming directly from the data mind game files, which is usually a very good indication of things happening, there have been instances in the past where things get scrapped, altered, or removed in some way shape or form, so just take everything here with a grain of salt.

New operator code names for warzone & modern warfare 3

New operator code names for warzone & modern warfare 3

But let's talk about some new leaks for MW3. Initially, new operators were found in the files for season 3, although all we have to go off of right now is the names, and there are pretty ambiguous ones. One of the operators is named void or code named void, and the other is code named Hammer. That's about it there; it's nothing too crazy, but we know that's probably going to be referencing the season 4 operators here in a couple of months time.

New modern warfare 3 ltms leaked!

I would imagine it''s a pretty chaotic mode and would definitely make for some pretty funny moments. There's also a new mode known as the exposed mode again for multiplayer players where the radar is going to always be on, so everyone's live Red Dot on the radar will be tracked 24/7.

New parkour mode/map coming to modern warfare 3

New parkour mode/map coming to modern warfare 3

Sure, another very interesting leak: there's actually been some footage that's come out of it. Unfortunately. I can't show anything in this article; otherwise, it gets taken down, but apparently in multiplayer, at some point in the near future, it might be later on this season with like season 3 Reloaded; it could be season 4 Reloaded.

It's also possible that it's something that's been planned that ends up getting scrapped, but regardless, there's a chance that we end up seeing a time trial parkour course drop as a map in multiplayer. Now I would imagine this would be its own specific mode, kind of like how Black Ops 3 had speedruns.

I'm pretty sure it was Bo3 where you could go through, and it's the time trials you try and get from points A to B. You have to do all sorts of climbing, ledge hanging, and stuff like that. Really, you know, different from the standard gameplay that we'd see in the standard mode or map updates that we would see within multiplayer, but it also could be really cool.

I don't think there's much replayability.

Major weapon leaks for warzone 3 & mw3

Major weapon leaks for warzone 3 & mw3

To it outside of going for like world records and trying to beat your personal best but a fun thing to sort of mess around with might be a good way to warm up your mood movement for the day or something like that so another interesting one that I've got my eyes on for the future, and then we get into the weapon leaks, and boy do we got some fun ones here so per usual with the seasonal updates a lot of new weapon references are added to the files and we've had a lot of leaked weapons for MW3 and even GF War for some time now but the newest updates indicate what are likely going to be the season 4 weapons in like I said a couple of months time initially here a melee it's going to be a shovel apparently, very basic just going to have a new look to the standard knife and that's kind of what all the melee weapons are sometimes they have different Mobility stats or swing speeds but it's a shovel at the end of the day nothing too crazy Another new option here would be the PC9.


Just as a standard battle pass or inseason weapon update there, so just another new one to add to the list, and then we get two iconic weapons that have been found in the files, the first of which is the Spaz 12 shotgun. Now you may recall that some time ago Sledgehammer did allude to the fact that several classic weapons would be returning in future seasons, and we've seen things like the mois return most recently and the batt 27's upcoming, but the spaz 12 is one of the most iconic shotguns in COD history, obviously from MW2.

And it would seem very fitting that the weapon would return. When the vast majority of maps we have in multiplayer are from MW2, 2009, and also because the shotgun category doesn't usually get a ton of love with postseason weapons, the fact that we'd be getting an iconic one like the Spaz 12 would be pretty cool, so that's what I'm definitely excited about, but the one that I'm even more excited about is the goat, the car.

modern warfare 3

98k people have been asking for the card to return to the war zone since war zone 2 dropped, and obviously everything from war zone 1 was removed. It is the most iconic sniper in war zone history, with the ability to make one shot but also be super aggressive with quick scoping. It kind of did it all, and it even was a go-to option in the caldera's Era of War Zone, where it could only take one shot within like 70 m.

The car is largely considered to be one of the best snipers of all time, and yes, it's in the files yet again, so it does appear that in season 4, maybe season five or six, we're obviously going to have to wait and see for that, but in the future, with a seasonal update,. I'm very excited to revisit that kind of game play for sure, but that being said, those are all of the main new leaks that we've got for some upcoming content updates here within MW3, and War Zone, that's going to wrap things up,

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