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Final mw3 & warzone season 2 update revealed

Final mw3 & warzone season 2 update revealed

It's a new week, which means we've got some new updates coming to Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone in the upcoming days, and actually, this is the final full week of season 2.

New season 3 previews inbound for modern warfare 3 & warzone

Obviously. April 3rd is the current target date for the launch of season 3, which means this week we should be seeing a full-on reveal, a road map, a blog, and potentially even some trailers in regards to the major season 3 content, and yes, that might mean that we are going to get a look at rebirth according to all the rumors, and well, what do you know?

post edit Zach here is appearing early because as I was getting ready to post this article, actually Call of Duty posted this. No, it's not our birthday, but on April 3rd, it's rebirth day, and everyone's invited to leave no friend behind in the war zone. rebirth Island trailer tomorrow, at 8: a. M pacific time, so on March 26th, at 8: a.

M pacific time, they're going to have the full-on rebirth trailer. We'll be breaking that down here on the channel because obviously it's going to be pretty significant, but we now have it confirmed. Rebirth is back on April 3rd, but that said, we also still have some standard in-game updates headed our way in terms of a new event. the final seasonal update for all of the Season 2 challenges, so a handful of things to look out for that we're breaking down here today, starting first with a couple of important things to you know, be in the know, for the first of which is actually some free in-game content.

New mw3 & warzone prime gaming bundle (free)

New mw3 & warzone prime gaming bundle (free)

We always love free stuff, and this is a brand new Prime gaming bundle.

They end up dropping these like it seems like roughly once a season; I would say maybe once or twice a season, and we've got the color-blocked bundle currently available if you do have an Amazon Prime subscription. If you go through and link your Prime Gaming account with your Activision account, you can go through and redeem this.

This comes with a couple of decent content pieces. I guess we've got the lethal expression Striker blueprints, the two graphic core 45. Pistol blueprints, a sticker, an emblem, and then also a calling card, so if you're looking to get a couple of extra blueprints for free, all you have to do, like I said, is link your accounts there, claim that, and that'll show.

Code warrior pack returns in warzone & modern warfare iii

modern warfare 3

Up in the game, another thing that we've got going on is the return of the code. Warrior Pack Whenever there is a new Call of Duty endowment update going on in the game, I always try to highlight it. It's kind of a win-win situation; you get a new bundle, so you get some in-game content that's usually pretty cool, and it's also for a good cause because it directly supports the Call of Duty endowments, which does help veterans find jobs, and like I said, a win-win scenario.

The Warrior Pack actually debuted back with the launch of Modern Warfare 3 in Warzone this year, but now that Warzone Mobile is here, of course, this is a cross-progression piece of content, so everything you get in this bundle you'll be able to use in Mobile but also in Standard Warzone and MW3. As well, so if you are interested, this is kind of like a limited-time thing; the pack kind of comes and goes randomly throughout the year, but it's not going to be like a permanent mainstay or anything like that.

The pack itself has pretty solid content. You get a new operator skin, a couple of different weapon blueprints, a vehicle skin, and a charm. There's a sticker, an emblem, and a calling card in there as well, and like I said, all the proceeds from this bundle do go to a good cause, so in my opinion, it's definitely worth it if you're looking to get a couple of extra in-game pieces of content.

New decays realm event & gameplay updates in mw3 & warzone 3

New decays realm event & gameplay updates in mw3 & warzone 3

Looking forward to this upcoming week, we actually have some pretty significant updates happening for it being the final full week of season 2.

I got you covered with all things going on in COD, and we are, of course, on the road to 1 million subscribers. But as far as the K's realm event goes, there's actually a lot more to this than some of the other events that we've had in recent weeks; there is content specifically tethered to the decay's realm event, and we have some specific challenges.

So in and of itself, the event is starting on the 27th, so this Wednesday, of course, and it's going to last until April 3rd, which obviously is the end of season 2, and with this, unlike the past couple of events, it's not just XP-based; you actually have to go out of your way to do some specific challenges.

modern warfare 3 new update

They say the vortex is back in and seeping with the K's blighted touch. Complete challenges across all games to unlock rotted rewards, including a new calling card, a new emblem, a new weapon charm, and a new weapon sticker. An hour of double weapon XP then also a brand new Universal Weapon camoo as well, so yes, we will have a full-on new event dropping with this, so that's always fun and keeps me coming back to the game personally to make sure I get those rewards, but also in addition to that, we've got some specific decay's realm content drop, so here's what they say.

The Elder Realms within the vortex expand with the addition of airborne and skids, Tetanus spard, and Satan's Quarry, so with this, we've got our specific map playlist. Obviously, Tetanus Spard and Satan's Quarry have been playing on for a little bit, and they've been in the game for some time. Airborne, though, is reimagined as Terminal, where basically there's just Spore and infection spread all across the map; it's much more gunky looking; I feel like that's an accurate description for it, and then Skid Grow is Skid Row; it's just all overgrown with leaves and shrubs and whatnot, so the maps they're still going to play the same but they're definitely going to look a decent bit different, and within this, the Death's Realm playlist features all those maps with TDM, domination kill confirmed, and hard points, and a lot of the specific challenges likely are going to have to do with this new mosh Pitter new LTM that's going to be debuting.

With the event itself, it's definitely a much more substantial event than what we've seen for the majority of this season. Some fun-specific, quote-unquote new 6v6 maps are debuting, which is interesting to see in the final week of a season, and we've got some new rewards coming with that too, so definitely worth jumping on and grinding those out if you care about.

Final season 2 mastery challenges unlocking in mwiii & warzone

Final season 2 mastery challenges unlocking in mwiii & warzone

That content On top of that, on Wednesday we're also going to see the final update to the season 2 challenges.

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