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New weapon, operator, & gameplay update leaks for warzone & mw3

New weapon, operator, & gameplay update leaks for warzone & mw3

As always, with any major update here in War Zone in MW3 or really just Call of Duty in general, there's always the standard content that comes with the update that we know about face value on day one. There's also several backend updates or behind the scenes updates that go live for the game files and the game code, and this oftentimes ends up including several future content references for all sorts of things, sometimes it's operators, sometimes its Maps modes weapons.

Basically, everything could be added to the game files, and that stuff ends up getting data mined and leaked out, and that's exactly what we've got here today: so many different leaks for various different content updates between MW3 and War Zone. Different weapon aftermarket parts gameplay features other content drops, as always.

Leaks for cod are always subject to change!

Though when it comes to leaks, things are always subject to change here because, at the end of the day, they are leaks, they are sort of rumors, and they're not 100% official. It won't be official until Activision, Call of Duty, or Infinity Ward Raven Sledgehammer Treyarch, whoever it is, ends up posting about it themselves.

That said, game file leaks are usually pretty indicative of what's to come because, well, the information's coming from behind the scenes of the game, so let's get into some of the weapons.

New warzone & mw3 weapon leaks

New warzone & mw3 weapon leaks

leaks First and foremost, here there's a lot of really interesting ones, starting first with one I already know is going to be controversial if it does end up coming to fruition, and that is a brand new leaked aftermarket part. Now. I should say all this leaked information is basically stemming from Cod Warfare over on Twitter, so the leaks that are data mined end up posting a lot of them, so that's where the details are stemming from this aftermarket parting question, though reportedly, an underbarrel that'll be largely universal; it'll be available on a lot of different weapons, and it's a ballistic shield.

So I would imagine this is something you could equip on your rifles, your SMGs, or your SMGs or your lmgs, and you could basically activate what is a shield in front of you so you can kind of just sponge bullets. That's going to be a crutch for a lot of players, right? That's going to be something you suddenly see in a lot of gunfights.


If it does in fact give you a distinct advantage in gameplay, if it can just straight up be a mobile, you know, shield like that, but also still allow you to fire your gun at the same time, it'd be able to, you know, block a lot of those core, body shots—those torso shots that could lead to you getting fried, right?

So unless they're hitting crazy head shots, you're going to get shot in the limbs; that's the only place they'd be able to hit, so it's either really low damage or really high damage. You're blocking a pretty big hit box there. Maybe they balance it out by saying okay, if activated, you can't shoot your gun, or something strange is going to go on there, like it has to be balanced.

But just based off the name, a ballistic shield under Barrel aftermarket, part that could be pretty crazy when it comes down to core gameplay, we also saw several different weapon update leaks as a part of the latest season 2 update data minutes, so a lot of these are likely going to be referenced for season 3.

modern warfare 3

some of which we've seen and already talked about in the past and various other leak articles but they got some new updates, others are completely new in general so initially here the there were some talks there were some rumors and some leaks regarding a bow dropping potentially in season 2 we obviously had The Walking Dead crossover leaks that have now turned into official confirmations, with Rick being a part of the battle pass and Michonne coming up as a new store bundle, and with that some players thought maybe they're going to do like a Daryl skin as well and we'll get a crossbow in there but actually what this has been updated to now is a compound bow that's reportedly going to drop in season 3.

With this, there will still be various different types of arrows available, whether they are poison, arrows that are toxic, toxic and they have gas-damaged explosive tip arrows. Tribolt arrows, or other standard stuff you can shoot as well, so it could be a really interesting sort of gimmicky weapon.

modern warfare 3 leaks

I doubt it'll be really effective in a true competitive meta, just like the crossbows of the past have always been very niche, but it is definitely a fun weapon to mess around with when the time presents itself. Obviously, scale-based matchmaking can make just having fun with off-metal weapons a little bit difficult, but it is what it is regardless.

A compound bow does seem to be headed towards MW3, in the war zone in season 3. Another new weapon leak that we have is in regards to the MP9. A fully automatic pistol is also looking like something that's going to be released in season 3. Initially, there were some rumors about it maybe being a season 2 weapon, but of course we now have the full road map for season 2.

modern warfare 3 new weapons

It's not a part of that, so this seems to have been pushed back a little bit. We will have a new full-auto pistol variant in the MP9, likely debuting again in season 3. This is a weapon that we've actually had before in Call of Duty, so it'll be familiar if you've been around the franchise for some time, and then you may recall that way back really towards the launch of MW3.

Actually, we had a lot of specific weapon leaks directly related to season 3. Although it may be an advanced warfare-themed season, there were several different weapons leaked, all from Advanced Warfare, that seemed to be dropping during season 3, while a few of those are still around in the game files, including the Moors sniper rifle.

One of the more iconic snipers in COD history, very satisfying to run around in sort of quick scope with that, it is a bolt-action sniper that still appears to be planned for season 3, as does the Bow 27 assault rifle. This is most well known for the obsidian seed blueprint back in Advan Warfare that had just crazy damage.

It was so good that you got that out of a supply drop. You were winning. Thank goodness those kinds of blueprints and variants don't exist in a supply drop system anymore, because man, that'd be rough with my Cod luck. If there's no way I'm getting the metag guns right away, then you'd just be losing because you didn't have the right blueprint.

So it does appear that we got a couple of advanced warfare guns returning as some1 SMG, which was at one point leaked as well, but there's currently no updated references to that in case you're wondering.

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