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New surprise update & leaks in warzone & modern warfare 3

New surprise update & leaks in warzone & modern warfare 3

Surprisingly, yesterday throughout the day we actually had multiple different updates go live within War Zone and Modern Warfare 3, and we actually got some slight patch notes for these. It's not a crazy extensive list of all sorts of gameplay changes; it's just a couple of tweaks to general gameplay across each mode, but what they do change for being a relatively small update is pretty significant.

All Things Considered is yet another update that shows Sledgehammer is really going hard with updates based on community feedback. We also have some new surprise leaks for some future content updates that tease some very interesting things, so there are lots to dive into here as we get into it.

New update patch notes in warzone & mw3

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Let's start first here on Raven's Twitter because yesterday, for whatever reason it's a different day from the usual updates on Wednesdays, we saw a playlist update go live in War Zone. I'm not sure why it was delayed a day, but it is what it is anyway. I digress with this playlist update. We actually got a couple of interesting changes that have a lot of people talking for both good and bad.

It also introduces something that we didn't really expect to drop. It's been a highly requested thing all season. It kind of just happened out of nowhere, so initially, as per what Ravens said at the start of the season, all throughout season 1 from now until February, the entire season Battle Royale on Ekhan is going to have every squad size, so we've got solos.

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Duos, trios, and quads are nothing out of the ordinary; in Resurgence, things get a little bit interesting, and it seems like, for the most part. Resurgence players are not super thrilled with what was surprisingly changed here; we actually have Ersan. POI rotation: Resurgence, for duos and quads, so if you have a four-man party and you're looking to play Resurgence, you have to play If you only have a duo and you're looking to play Resurgence, you have to play ö exan, and then for vonell and asika rotation, we've got solos and trios, so if you're a trio and you really wanted to play ö exan.

Resurgence, no, you can do it this week; they've split up those, and I know that's not something that the Resurgence Community is thrilled about. I'm right there with him. I feel like we should have every squad size for Ukhan, Resurgence, and then also Delan. Nika map rotation I get why they have the map rotation on there; they'd be just splitting up mode salad basically as they've referred to it in the past, with, you know, solos, duos, trios, and quads for Von Del and Ashika, so I get the map rotation there, but splitting between Resurgence, rotation on Ukhan, and then Von Del and Ashika just seems like it's going to end with a lot of unhappy players, and then the big surprise update with this is actually the debut of lockdown.

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Within war zone this year obviously we had this throughout war zone 2 and it was kind of in and out with plunder in the mix but it's now live for vonell, quads exclusively, and it does in fact replace plunder and that's something that also has a lot of players very upset this week there is no plunder available until the foreseeable future we don't know if it's going to rotate with lockdown every other week or if one point both will be live at the same time that's for the future to tell but as of right now it's just lock down live and obviously this is the closest thing we have to what is essentially.

Team Deathmatch within war zone: this is hard point, but war zone SL plunder sort of combined it's respawns enabled, and you just have the various different hardpoint spots or hill spots on vonell, and you can keep going back to those again and again until your squad wins. This means that it is great for, you know, trying to level up your weapons and get some quick weapon XP, test out certain builds, or maybe complete some camo challenges because it's a lot more action-oriented.

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I guess, than plunder, which has a bit more of an objective. But it's definitely very much so TDM like spawn shoot die spawn shoot die rinse and repeat there, but definitely a surprise playlist update there that I don't think many players saw coming, especially with the debut of lockdown, which seemed like it was going to be reserved for season 1 reloaded.

And well, we went through all that breakdown, and Raven has now updated the playlist yet again. Obviously, the complaints with Resurgence were there, and when they heard it, they said you wanted Vonell Resurgence Quad, so it's back for the weekend if you want it again. Next week, you'll have to participate in the community vote for next week's playlist on January 11th.

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Which of these dedicated Resurgence Quad locations would you like to drop into, and they give us the option between Papov Power or Law Military Base in the suburbs or Von Dels? We can actually go through and choose if we want quads on Ekan in a specific POI or on Vonell for next week, but it is nice to see that they acted quickly on the distaste for the playlist this week and have already updated them on the multiplayer side of things.

Sledgehammer has also gone through a brand new community-based update. That's actually pretty significant. Initially, they did add gun games to the quickplay filter in Modern Warfare 3, so that's always going to be live now. If you're a fan of that, that's obviously good news, but this is also the big one.

Weapon check animations will no longer play upon respawn in small map playlists, allowing you to get back into the fight uninterrupted. So what this means is that whenever you spawn after dying, you do your little weapon check inspect animation; it's like you know a second long or whatever where your weapon is getting ready essentially, and it happens every single time you respawn, and if you're spawning into a hectic situation, you're not able to use your gun right away, which is super annoying and can get you killed a lot.


It's been a big complaint to the community over the past few weeks, and Sledgehammer comes back from break and immediately updates it now. Keep in mind that this is just for the small map playlist, so the various 247 playlists or anything like that will have this active thing like a ground war or other standard modes won't as of now, but clearly, if it's positively received, it's likely something that'll be updated across all modes.

But this is really cool that again, it's been a huge complaint to the community recently, and they got right on it to go ahead and test it out in the small map playlist, so Sledgehammer credit work credit is due; they certainly meet expectations when it comes to community engagement and responsiveness.

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