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New warzone close range meta update explained

New warzone close range meta update explained

Ladies and gentlemen. The newly updated close-range meta here in War Zone is honestly extremely competitive. We got some really solid MW3 options and some really solid MW2 options as well, and especially now that the akimbo snake shots have been removed, things are looking a lot more comfortable and open here, and so today we are going through the best weapons and best loadouts you want to be using for the close range meta as we get into them.

Warzone best chimera sniper support loadout

close range meta

This was a great sniper support all throughout war zone 2 still a really good sniper support now as well it's got a fast ttk, pretty low recoil and generally easy to use and definitely feels more like an AR SMG style hybrid weapon than being just like a slow AR like a lot of the other choices so initially here for my optic I'm going for the MK3 reflector, that said if you like something like the nidar or you know a slate reflector maybe even a 2.5, times scope more go for whatever you think you're going to be the most accurate and what you're the most comfortable with here as always that's the same deal on like every single gun Optics are always preference there are some ones that are really good but really just comes down to your level of comfortability.

45 round extend mag obviously you're going to be wanting to run this for trios quads you're just not going to want to be reloading in the middle of a gunfight constantly so that's a no-brainer, there I've got the angled under Baron here this helps out with horizontal control it does hurt your vertical a little bit but for Sniper support engagements, losing a little bit of vertical control is not a huge deal especially when the Chimera is relatively easy to use and getting rid of that horizontal bounce makes it even easier obviously we got the vorpal barrel on here helps out with just general damage range and then also some movement again it hurts The Recoil a little bit we've already gained some of that back though so just makes this a tad bit more aggressive, then I like to go for the shadow strike suppressor.

This is just a suppressor. There are no pros or cons other than keeping you off the map. If you're okay with being a tad bit slower, you could upgrade to something like the Spirit Fire, but your ads is not going to be as Snappy or aggressive so for some potential really close range fights that could be a bit of a hindrance that more so depends on where you envision yourself fighting the most with this as sniper support though but to me shadow strike suppressor worked just fine and this is honestly a really fun sniper support it gets the job done just fine next up, we've got another MW2, gun, and this time it's the fr advancer, the sort of FF from Moss hybrid from MW2.

Warzone best fr avancer loadout

Warzone best fr avancer loadout

Just like it was in War Zone 2, it is here great sniper support as well as a fast fire rate and decent mobility, so you can really fry with this thing; it's one of the better options for the close to mid-range for the rifle category again. MK3, reflectors, and iron honestly aren't atrocious, so if you wanted to drop an optic, maybe go for a laser for a Snappy or ads, or you know, a stock for better mobility or a rear grip for better control, you could absolutely do so.

For me, though I'm the most accurate when I use something like an ELO sight, the fire rate here is pretty fast, so 60 is going to be slower than 45 for an extended mag. I feel like it's kind of necessary. Especially for trios and quads, if you're missing a couple of shots in there, you're going to want that extra ammo in there for sure.

I got the brewing and heavy support on here; this helps out primarily with horizontal control, a little bit of vertical, but nothing too crazy, but it doesn't kill your ad speed, which is nice to see, so you're getting some decent control out of that. I got the spirit fire suppressor; in this case, the ad penalty is not as bad here as it was on the Chimera.

It's interesting that it changes gun to gun, but obviously better control range and velocity there just makes it more efficient as a sniper support, and then the FR 435. Barrel helps out with velocity and control. It does hurt the range a tad bit, but we've just gained that back, so it kind of offsets a little bit.

It also hurts the movement a tad bit, but not a huge deal. At the end of the day, a really fun sniper support build is also relatively easy to use.

Warzone best ram-7 sniper support loadout

Warzone best ram-7 sniper support loadout

Definitely, my favorite sniper support option is the ram 7, not only because it's a ton of fun to throw it back to war zone 1 with how good the ram was, but it's also, statistically, the best rifle in the first 30 or 40 MERS, so prime sniper support territory.

This thing literally fries. This setup here really is built to be like a main setup for an assault rifle but the RAM is just nice and aggressive so this is actually really good for the sniper support areas in this case I got the 2.5, times Eagle Eye but if you wanted to drop down to an MK3 reflector or a slate feel fre free to do so that'll be totally fine here as well again, kind of a faster fire rate on the ram so 60 while it is a little bit slower is nice to have as that safety net you could get away with 40 though if you are a really accurate player for sure, again I've got the Bruin heavy support on here it's doing 13%, to the horizontal control this time which is very convenient especially on the ram which has a decent amount of horizontal bounce I've got the core Mark Barrel better range velocity and control extends that lethality in the mid-range there and then to me. Accuracy over everything here I'd love to stay off the radar with a suppressor but the recoil is still definitely noticeable on the RAM and to me the sky Fury compensator, helps out a ton with keeping this thing straight shooting and so you're going to be way more accurate with this on there despite the fact that you will show up as a red dot so just keep that in mind if you really want to drop down to a suppressor just know you're not going to have as good of control on there but regardless of which way you want to go there the ram is a beast for Sniper support then of course we shift focus into some of the SMGs and there's a lot of really competitive, ones here for the close range meta starting first with the base Striker this thing is low recoil.

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