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New close range meta update in warzone

New close range meta update in warzone

The close-range Meta SL the Sniper support meta here in War Zone after the season 3 Reloaded update has some new surprising options as well as a couple of familiar ones, but for the most part, it's very competitive, and today I wanted to break down the best weapons and loadouts to be using, specifically for the close range.

Warzone best mcw conversion meta loadout

We are starting with one that definitely has risen in rank a lot over the past season, or so the MCW conversion kit built more as like a sniper support I always try and feature a couple of these in the close range meta every single time we cover this, and this thing is about as good as it gets; it's ttk, is absurd, in its first two damage ranges or so.

Prime for Sniper support, very aggressive is like a rifle SMG kind of hybrid build here. Obviously, first and foremost, we have to be running the Jack Raven kit on here. I go for the basic reflector site, the ELO site, here. I'm very accurate with this if there's a different optic you prefer more, whether it's a nidar, a slate, or a glassless.

Always go for what you're most comfortable with. We've got the RICENT mag here; that's the maximum when you're using the conversion kit, so you can make it work there. Dr 6, hand stop. This is a relatively low-recoil weapon, so if I can speed it up and get some better strafe ads Sprint of fire that's going to be really ideal, then I also go for the spirit fire suppressor, which keeps me off the map and extends that velocity out to some 56's.

Not incredible so it's nice if we can increase that at any point and also have some better range and control there too, which is good to see. Overall, this thing for the close range, a little bit of mid-range, is just disgusting now that the WASP 9 is.

Warzone 3 best wsp 9 meta loadout

Warzone 3 best wsp 9 meta loadout

An SMG is in the running for maybe the best SMG close-range gun in the game, if I'm being honest. It's got a great damage range for an SMG, fantastic ttk, within that damage range it's pretty easy to use, and this particular build is pretty aggressive at the same time.

So first things first, I don't like these optics and these irons whatsoever, so I do go for an ELO site here as well, or a slate or a Nar, whatever you're comfortable with. The 50-round accent mag is very basic, and the high-grain rounds extend this lethal damage range out to 20 M, which really no other SMG is touching.

This thing's first damage range is so crazy good. I also go for the Dr6 hand stop here as well, speeding things up even more than the Z35 compensator. I run this on a ton of my close-range builds because it's only hurting your V and your ads by 5%, and you're getting a decent amount of control back from that; those are not severe cons whatsoever for some decent pros.

close range meta warzone

Some added firing stability in there too is really convenient as well, so that's a mainstay on a lot of these builds that you'll see here today, but yeah, wasp 9 is feeling, as my blueprint name implies, very nice, the striker.

Warzone best striker 9 meta loadout

9 is another option that is just ridiculously good up close. This thing is super aggressive, super fast, and agile.

It's relatively easy to use, has a great ttk, and a really good ttk over range as well for an SMG, especially when you get into that second and third damage range. This thing's holding its own very nicely, and of course, up close, it's great too. So here again, we got the Z35 compensator, and we've also got the Dr6 hand stap.

You'll see a lot of that deadly duo on pretty much every single SMG. I love High Grain here in this particular instance as well for the better range increases. That said, you could also drop this and swap it out with the Recon Long Barrel. This will be a little bit slower, but it does give you some decent upgrades for range and velocity as well, so pick your poison there; there's really no wrong answer. We got the 50-round extended mag on here, and I also really like the factory stock; it's slightly better movement speed only hurts your gun kick, which is not a huge deal in the close range, so decent Pros with not really any severe trade-offs there as well, so Striker 9 easily, one of the best SMG options in close-range meta options right now.

Warzone 3 best striker meta loadout

Warzone 3 best striker meta loadout

And going right alongside striker 9, we have the base striker, another great choice. Surprisingly good range here as well; decent close range; very aggressive. Across the board, I really love the feel of this thing; it's definitely on the rise right now, for sure, so we got the Z35. Compensator, yet again, Dr.

6 hands up on here too in this case. I'm also going for the Recon long barrel for better range and velocity. We got the 60r extended mag in this case; the fire rate's a little bit slower here as opposed to the striker 9, so you're going to have plenty of ammo for really any situation with this thing.

I also go for the light stock in this case; just some better mobility, a tad bit of an increase there. I've messed around with no stock a little bit on this build. I'm not super comfortable with the recoil outside of, like, you know, the first damage rang or so, and I found myself to be a lot more consistent.

close range meta warzone 3

With the light stock on here, if you want to mess around, feel free to go for it. This thing across the board is going to be a great choice as well.

Warzone best fr avancer meta loadout

By the way, we are going through all the close-range options. Another really solid sniper support option is the FR Advancer, and this thing was buffed a little bit with season 3 Reloaded.

It's been in this conversation for some time, and technically speaking, it is better than ever, which is really fun to see here. Initially, I'm actually using a new suppressor, the Scratch 20L, which hurts your ad speed by 1% but gives you some better firing aim stability and keeps you off the mini map.

This is a fun one to run for sure, and Spirit Fire would be viable here too. It'll be a little bit slower with your ads and whatnot, so this keeps it pretty aggressive and relatively easy to use with the 435. Barrel will help out with some control and some velocity; losing range is obviously better if it didn't happen, but getting that better control and that better velocity V here.

I think, is pretty clutch. Ruin heavy support on here just to keep things super simple when it comes to control. You're kind of limited with some of the underbarrels you can run on this thing in particular because, of course, it's an MW2. Gun, it's got to be complicated for no reason, but ruin heavy support will be sufficient there.

I do go for the 60-round mag, even on a sniper support; it's going to be a little bit slower, but with this thing's fire rate, having this extended mag with the sort of safety net here I find to be very valuable. Then lastly, elos sight yet again because it works and I'm accurate with this thing even though it is an MW2.

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