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It works before the game comes out, so guys, make sure to watch the full article. Okay, so since Words of Mobile has cross-progression with MW2 and MW3, that means the game is launching with over 120 weapons at launch, a bunch of skins, and a bunch of bundles as well, so what they've decided to do is create tags to show you where that content is from AG MW3.

MW2 only for PC and console or war zone mobile exclusive note most of this content is usable across war zone mobile war zone 2 and Modern Warfare 3 as well note war zone mobile exclusive skins do have different Rarities like cod mobile starting at common and ending at legendary, and I won't be surprised if eventually we have something like a mythic or something like that in war zone mobile now since the game is launching with over 120 weapons What they've decided to do is create an Arsenal store that allows you to unlock weapons using Arsenal tokens, which you can only earn for free in War Zone Mobile.

This is very cool now since War Zone Mobile has cross-progression, which means we have the exact same BP. MW3 and you guys can see that in the background, and that is going to be season 2 at the launch of War Zone Mobile on the 21st. Now in War Zone Mobile, we have four tiers of BP content, so for free-to-play players, there's going to be some content that is free but not a lot.


The normal BP costs 1,100 CP, and this offers 100+ unlockable rewards. 1,400 C points along with Call of Duty Wars or mobile original bonus rewards as well, and then we do have the battle pass bundle for 2,400. CP offers all the previous battle pass rewards as well as 20-tier skips. The final tier we do have is known as black cell, which is the most expensive and costs around $30.

This offers both sets of previous battle pass privileges, 18 unique rewards, an operator bundle with a Call of Duty: War Zone mobile original bonus blueprint, and 1,100 CP. Instantly, it is pricey, but you do get quite a lot, and these skins are actually usually pretty nice; it's like a black and gold sort of deal.

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Also to note, we can expect five extra wor of mobile bonus skins in the battle pass when the game does launch. This is what is going to be available in the season 2 battle pass, so we have the M16 Golden Dragon, which is part of the black cell instant rewards. Then we also have an emblem dragon fire awakening, which is rare; a large decal celestial rival, which is also rare; a cooling card lunar radiation, which is also rare; and a dragon storm skin as well.

Okay guys, that is everything you need to know regarding the battle pass, and now let's discuss events. Words of Mobile will feature weekly events that feature both skins as well as tokens, which you can use in the event store to unlock some pretty neat-looking skins, including both operators and blueprints.

As well, the game also does feature a login event, which I believe is launching with these rewards over here, including a skin on day seven. Now guys, on launch day, expect a huge Operation Day Zero event, which features some amazing rewards to celebrate the launch of Wars of Mobile on the 21st. This includes a gold and black version of all the pre-registered rewards, so we have a ghostly golden Phantom, the X12 Golden Flame, the M4 heavy thunder and emblem, a golden blaze, a vinyl golden devil king, and a player card scored.

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Beginnings as well; it is that Stacks events, and once I have more information on how exactly it is going to work, I'll let you guys know. Next, guys, let's discuss store content. So the main form of store content in Waram Mobile is bundles consisting of MW3 and MW2 content, but there's also going to be bundles designed specifically for War Mobile as well.

These cost Cod points, but you can also buy Pro packs, which do cost actual money, and here you are going to get 2,400 CP as well as blueprints and an oper rare skin as well. Besides bundles, I do have some bad news. Wars of Mobile is also going to contain lucky drawers known as the Keep Like Cod Mobile.


These contain 10 items that you can unlock on a lucky basis, and to get the main items, you are probably going to have to spend over $100. Or get super lucky, we know, which is most likely anyway, though for actual gameplay content after the last topic of this article, we can expect the following at launch: We have batt, with up to 120 real players available on Verdon, and then we have a fostered version of that known as mobile royale, which is Foster Combat, with better loot and more missions being contracts also available on Verdon.

Then guys, we do have a rebirth revival for COD mobile players; this is pretty much alcatra. For MP content, we do have the following: mosh pits, which feature team death match dominance, hard points, and kills confirmed on scrapyard.Al alilo.

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