News - Warzone Mobile Update Comparison (android Multiplayer Gameplays)


Hello gamers, and welcome to a war zone. Mobile update comparison: let's see if the new update is promised on its optimization for Android. As we test it out on a Zoll 5, graphics are set at Mid with an uncapped frame rate. There's a timer in the bottom left corner. This lets you know how far through the match I was.

In the top center of the screen is the device overlay. The FPS includes CPU usage, GPU use, device temperature, and RAM utilization. Actively grenade out enemies inside the perimeter now for roughly 3 minutes up to around 6 minutes. Mark We stay at around 60, dipping into the high 50s, then we start to dip into the 40s, and now the device starts to struggle to maintain a smooth constant 60.

FPS fire [__]] hard point is relocated to secure the target. So as before, we'll set the graphics to Mid with an uncapped frame rate. The device did cool slightly in the lobby, and now we're just waiting on the graphics to stream, which some people have been having issues with, which I'm not really a fan of, to be honest, so we're already on the back foot with temps of 42° and frame rates in the high 40s to low 50s located locking down.

warzone android

Perimeter inside the that could have stood en, here's a side-by-side comparison between the updates at the 1 minute Mark The old update on the left achieved 58 frames and a second 42° temperature. 8% GPU usage and the new update on the right free FPS lower for 55, the same temperature on the CPU, and the GPU is using an extra percentage.

Keep an eye on the RAM usage, because this is actually lower. Changing again, another comparison at the two-minute Mark The old one on the left, again maintaining 60 FPS temps, is hot at 404°C, and the GPU is maxed out. Again, the new update on the right is 10 frames a second lower at 50°C, which is slightly cooler, and the GPU is using less horsepower.

Again, the RAM usage is lower on the new standby, so now we're at the end of the games. The old update finishes at 52 frames per second, 43°C, and 98% GPU. The new update finishes 2 FPS higher at 54 and one degree hotter at 44. The only optimization that's happened in this update is RAM usage. To be honest, leave a cheeky like and a cheeky subscribe; they're both free, and you all have a good

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