News - Warzone Mobile Release Date. Free Rewards & Final Magor Update. Everything You Need To Know

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Let's go, and this is all official information coming to us from Call of Duty themselves in a brand new worldwide launch reveal trailer, which I am going to show you guys in just a moment, but yeah, the weight is almost over. With just under a month to go, it has been years, so I am definitely very excited.

Let's go so guys, over here is the trailer. Check it out and give me your thoughts. So yeah, there we go. The official War Zone Mobile is launching in just under a month, on March 21st. I have been waiting for over 3 years for this game. I made my first article back when the first leaks came out.

I believe it was in 2020, towards the end of the year, and now, almost four years later, three years later, we finally have the game in just under a month. Super, super exciting stuff; it's all official now. I do want to mention that if you look at War and mobile gameplay right now in the limited release, you might not be too impressed, but I have good news: they do have one last major optimization update planned before the game does come out on the 21st, and this aims to fix a lot of the optimization.


Issues and Bug related content as well and I expect the graphics will also be updated by a lot before the game does actually come out on the 21st of March now guys the final thing I do want to talk about in this very short article if you have not yet pre-registered, make sure to do so you can get some very nice rewards and now you have less than a month to do so and these rewards do include one of the coolest ghost skins in my opinion being ghost condemned so if you pre-register on the Play store or on the App Store you can get the following items including the vinyl fo Flame the emblem dark familiar, the X12 Prince of hell not bad a pretty cool M4 known as Arch Fiend, not bad, and the amazing G Ghost condem Skin is one of the most unique versions of Ghost in all the Call of Duty games; at least, in my opinion, it's a must-have, so yeah, if you haven't pre-registered, you lose nothing and gain quite a bit, so yeah, guys, with that being said, that is going to be all for this very short War Zone mobile article.

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Very exciting stuff, though, and I do want to say, definitely make sure to stay tuned to the channel because I'm going to be having a lot of War Zone mobile content leading up to the full worldwide release.

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