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When the game does release in just a few days on the 21st it is launching with three different free versions of ghost being a green and silver version a gold and black version and also a red version as well and you can get all of these skins for completely free as well as many others as well so definitely make sure to watch a full article to find out exactly how to get all of these skins for completely free when the game does release, okay so let's start off with the most known version of Ghost that is going to be free, and that is Ghost condemned.

The green and silver version of him, and to get this skin and many more, all you have to do is pre-register for the game before it does release, and at the time of recording this article, the game is coming out in 2 days, so yeah, if you haven't pre-registered, make sure to do so either on the Play store or on the app store.

For doing this, you are going to get the following: an emblem, a dog familiar, a vinyl foe flame, an X12 Prince of Hell, an M4 Arch Fend, and a ghost condemned, and you get these just for pre-registering. So if you haven't already, make sure to do so to get these very cool-looking skins. Now, the other two ghost skins, the black and gold and the red version, are earned through the Brand New Day Zero launch events.


So when Wars of Mobile do go live on the 21st, we are going to have a massive Operation Day Zero event, which includes two different sets of rewards: community (the black and gold skins) and individual, which includes the red set of rewards. Now, to earn these items, we have to earn EP, otherwise known as event points, which we can earn by doing certain tasks among the five contestants.

Mark locations on bans and one zone that covers the whole of Rebirth Island. Now, when the event does start, one zone is going to be active, and once it has been completed, the next is going to open up once the EP milestone has been reached by the community. Okay, now these are the tasks we have to do in these zones to earn EP.

Okay, so opening a supply drop or day zero supply drop is pretty much the same; however, the day zero version allows you to earn more EP and also awards you with better loot. We can also earn EP by eliminating enemies, completing contracts, using kill streaks, landing a head shot, and purchasing items from stations.

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Now to note, the event points earned by doing these tasks count towards individual rewards and will also be added to the total Community EP score to unlock the day zero zones. These zones are cleared once players have collectively accumulated their required community EP. In the game, pretty much individual rewards are earned by yourself by acquiring a certain amount of EP.

But community rewards are earned by clearing six different zones using everyone's combined event points, and once a certain milestone has been achieved, you are then rewarded with a skin, and then the next zone opens up, and so on and so forth until all six zones and all six rewards have been acquired.

So in conclusion, individual rewards are given based on the total number of event points that you specifically contribute to the events, and community rewards are earned based on everyone's combined EP and clearing at different zones. Okay, so here are the community rewards, which are the black and gold set, so we have the Gilded Devil King large decal at Zone 1.

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The Scorch Beginnings animated cooling card at Zone 2 the golden Blaze emblem at Zone 3 The Golden Flame X12 weapon blueprints at Zone 4, the heavy thunder M4 weapon blueprints at Zone 5, and then once clearing Zone 6, we do have the ghostly golden Phantom operator skin, which actually looks very cool; he's my favorite out of the three.

Then we do have the individual rewards, so we have the criteria and blame. Emblem The Nightmare Rift cooling card The Forsaken Past emblem, the tearing Meia pot sticker The Demon's Claw Combat Knife, the Lost W Chum, and the Hell Scraper LTV. The nightmare Inferno Lodge decal the Crimson Prince X12 weapon skin the vengeful devil King large decal the M4 raging Blaze and ghost bloody Reaper as well, which is the red version of Ghost, so okay guys, that is three different sets of rewards, which include a green version of Ghost for pre-registering, a red version of Ghost parts of the community, rewards in the Zero launch event, and a gold version of Ghost as well as being part of the community.


Rewards in the Zero Launch event include three versions of Ghost and three sets of different rewards as well, all available when Wars of Mobile does come out on the 21st. For this month, let's definitely go. Have a great day, and I'll catch you in the next

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