News - Top 10 Best Guns Season 3 Of Warzone Mobile (loadouts)


So Wars of Mobile season 3 is just released, and there's a bunch of different weapons in The Meta compared to last season, so today I'm going to rank the best 1 through 10 and give you a bunch of honorable mentions. Off the bat, at number 10, we've got the BP50. This thing is absolutely goofy. Look how fast this beams.

Now I first saw it in a War Zone PC player YouTube article, and then I decided to use it on mobile, and it still slapped. Especially if you build it out the correct way, recoil will go down drastically. This is absolutely something you need to try out. However, at number nine, we've got the MTZ, and it's not the 762; this time it's the 556.

a far faster shooting weapon and also similarly to the BP50, if you build it out the correct way. The recoil is more than manageable. When I say more than manageable, I mean it's great. The only problem I have with this thing is that it signs like a peashooter, which kind of threw me off the first time I used any kind of suppressor or silencer on it, but once I got past that and realized it was actually good.

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I enjoyed it. Ah, look at the MTZ 556. Is he a shooter? I've got two honorable menion snipers for you here because I'm assuming we both know that snipers are extremely hard to use inside of War Zone Mobile, which is why I put them here. The stalker is the better sniper, but if you want one shot, kill.

You're far better off going for the cat; it's slower, but you can play more methodically with it and hold longer ranges, kind of similar to the pully and Bru, which are your number one options, both being lmgs, these are your lmgs, of Choice by far the best in the game currently, to be honest either of them can move slightly up the list depending on if you're a slower P player but remember in this game when you get a gun out of the load out you're actually given two weapons and I would definitely recommend one of them being one of these and or the snipers, depending on your preference.

However, a gun that recently got buffed, which I believe to be one of the top three weapons in the entire game last season, is the Ram 7even. Not only that, it's Play 7; it's still a good option; in fact, it's still a great option, but it's just not as dominant as it once was, placing it just behind the ever-increasing Huler 556.


Now I absolutely love this assault rifle, almost as much as I'd love you downloading the game in the description. That's beside the point: extremely low recoil, good damage. In fact, its only problem is that I don't get to use it enough because it runs out of ammo slightly too fast, especially with only a 40 R mag on.

I can't even imagine if this thing had a 60-drum; it would be a wrap for every other assault rifle in the game, and maybe even the LMGs, God, turned on. Hello, jump, jump. Hello, Goodbye The second-to-last honorable mention however goes to the SVA, which again I actually picked off the PC boys when they recommended using it as a tap-fire assault rifle.

It turns it into no recoil. The only problem is that if you can't tap your screen really fast, this might not be for you, which is why it's in the honorable mention category and not actually a gun in the top 10. Unlike the striker, this thing deserves to be in here at the number five spot, as it is absolutely scrumptious.

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I'm specifically talking about Striker 9. By the way, when I first used this last season. I thought it was actually super mid, but throughout the season. I got more and more comfortable with it up until the point that I really enjoyed it, and going into the brand new season 3, it's. What are you doing?

Let's go, but don't let that distract you from an SMG; that's even better than it, in my opinion. Now I know what some of you guys are thinking: this is a slightly slow SMG. I get you. I do i understand that when you're using it, it feels like AR when you start shooting it; it performs ludicrously; it's one of the fastest times to kill SMGs in the entire game; and it even has a little bit of range to it.


Not only that, you can get a big, fat, heavy mag on it, and you know me. I love big, heavy mags on my guns, especially if I'm trying to squad wipe a gun that was recently not even on the list. However, the SOA I saw when I said this thing is absolutely, outstandingly insane—I mean, it's almost breathtakingly good—and if you haven't already used it, you need to put a load out on it right night.

In fact, try this one seriously. Try it out. You will not regret it. I wholeheartedly believe it is on top, almost similar to number two, which is the ram 9. I could tell you that using this gun is unbelievable. Almost the best SMG in the. Game; it looks like there's a guy down here.

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