News - Shocking Truths About Warzone Mobile New Update


Let's go through all the updates, and I'm going to tell you whether the update is good or bad and what changes you can expect. First off, let's talk about the graphics. They have made some adjustments to help your device steam assets more efficiently, so you can experience stunning visuals without lag.

What a joke! So now they have also fixed a bug where the streaming indicator was not appearing for a few devices, but right now you can see the streaming indicator. For those who don't know what exactly the streaming indicator is, if you download the game for the first time, it will just show you something like streaming the progress or streaming the graphics or assets.

Just wait a few minutes, that's all. So the next update is coming for iPhone users, so those who are using iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max players out there have optimized their default graphic settings to keep their phone cool during the intense matches only for the iPhones. I don't know what to say about this, so these are the few graphical improvements that you can see on the fix update right now.

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Now let's just talk about the gameplay improvements or game-play updates they have put into this. They have fixed a bug that caused SE kill streak explosions to clip through the objects, and they have also ensured that your favorite camos are displaying correctly on your season 3 legendary weapons.

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They have just adjusted a little bit, and they have also removed the survival BK from the NPC loadout so you don't have to worry about those spk. right now the next minor fixes was that the select game mode menu was not remembering your preferences, but that's not all they have also identified and fixed some crashes issue for Pixel 6 and Samsung Galaxy S21 users, and also they have made sure that the double kills are registering properly in multiplayer mode making those multi- kills even more satisfying, now they have also fine- tuned the weapon loot spawns and Realty tables and adjusted the availability of weapons in the gag to keep things fresh and EXC in last but not the least they have also improved the matchmaking timing that means they have added some kind of implemented a new adjustment rule on matching rule we don't know but it claims that we will be getting matchmaking faster, than the usually we used to receive from the previous update.

The next was a plus. The mode select menu now features images and a time limit for each mode, so now you can make an informed decision in Flash H. blah blah, they are just showing you images and time limits. What all-time limits are there in the select mode menu? not a big deal, that's all. So that's all that's in 3.4.2: hot fixes, back optimization buff fixes, and gameplay adjustments to make sure you get the best possible experience.

And we don't know the ground reality right now, so let's talk about the ground reality. So I just played this game, and I haven't opened the game right now. I haven't tested any of the matches. I just clicked on my wasn't mobile application, so as soon as I clicked on my evation, it just logged in.

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I just downloaded that, and I just waited for 5 to 4 minutes in the lobby, and, as you can expect, my device was heating like hell. I can just toast bread on it, just a satire for you; don't think this time, and you can see that the data used was so heavy, so I don't think this update will do anything for Android users, but yes.

I have also seen some kind of community update. On Twitter, people are saying that yeah, the game just got a little bit better, not the best, just a pinch of it, so that's the ground lity right now, so if you're thinking of giving it a try. I would suggest yes, you can go and give it a try, but on your own RIS if you have Android, but I would say.

The, so for that reason. I would say. Just don't try it right now. Let's just wait for them to fully optimize this game for Android, and do not invest in any kind of thing. And a small request to my subscribers: if you are watching this article right now, I just want your feedback according to my voice, my editing, whatever.

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