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I'm wondering how to get better. You're not going to hit a shot. You're not going to hit a shot at me. I'm looking for you to land, please. Well, I have nine mistakes that you need to correct in order to be a better player, but here's a bonus one. At number nine, we have the static player, someone who doesn't like to use movement at all and camps in corners or just buildings.

The reason why this is so bad and arguably one of the worst mistakes is because you don't learn how to get better while doing this; there's no muscle memory gained, there's no experience trained, and, to be honest, you're just being. Lim, are you all right, my guy? Oh no, you're not an actual mobile player.

If you really want to get better, you need to get out of the habit of being so one-dimensional and be aggressive, push, and get better. It's because you're overpenning, you're never behind cover, you never have an escape right, and you're also lacking in mobility for SL transport. I believe the best way to do this is to think of your surroundings while you're going around the map while almost planning tactical RS to get out of situations.

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Before you can even see anyone, it's almost as if you're predicting you're going to get shot at because you could get shot at any moment. It's a battle royale. The next mistake has to do with plats, as discussed in, and it instantly pulls them out so that it always fills them up to full capacity.

A little trick I use, though, is that if I midf fight and I just want one person, I click my gun. After that, PL goes in, and it instantly pulls it out so that I'm ready to fight quickly. I think you'll see a lot of your teammates forgetting to play it up and/or plating up fully while in a fight, which will ultimately get them killed both ways.

Don't do that; the next one is playing quads without teammates. If you're new to the game and you're playing quads without teammates using mics specifically, you're going to be held at a very big disadvantage as you're going to have no communication about the whereabouts of the people in your area, especially if you're planning to drop into Super Store TV station, military DME time, and any other places and cromin AD, and don't forget Boneyard.


There's no I in team, but there's definitely an I in win, and I want you to team up with people that you can communicate with in order to learn the game faster and get the callouts of where the enemies are so you're not frustrated every time you hop, contrary to popular belief. Spamming gun swaps is not going to help you win more gunfights and, in fact, may actually hinder your performance when in a tough situation, whether it's a 1 V2, 1 V1, 1 V3, or 1 V4.

This leads me to my next point: trying to be overly flashy will only end up getting you killed by too many zigzags. Sprint slide cancels and other movement mechanics just to get a clip will eliminate you instantly; however, if you're a YouTuber like me and just really want to get cool, bullets, all right, the G back in the lobby, then by all means go for it.

Maybe you even want to just impress your friends; just don't do it in front of them as you may get embarrassed on the main stage, at least not until you've practiced it, and by all means, have your fun over using tax. Sprint also falls under this category. You want to have it for special moments, so make sure it's always at Fil.

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A terrible mistake I see people make is not buying. Load ites as soon as you get enough money for a load out; you need it absolutely, detrimentally, to make it to the end game and not have a custom build with a big mag; you don't know who you're going to go against, and if you're using grind L only, you're going to get wiped.

It's as simple as that people are running around the 200 belt air. GS, so they can just spam through walls along with 50 Ry maggers, and you're going to kill him with the Icarus and G when there's four of them. Yeah, right buddy, bu the load out drop, and if for some reason you're actually playing with people that don't have mics and they're just randoms, just spam the Buy on the map, give them some information, that you want to buy something right now, and they'll probably catch on sooner than later that it's a load out drop.


I just pray that they drop their cash for you to practice in multiplayer before going into the Battle Royale. I am absolutely insane at this game. This game feels entirely different from any Cod on mobile I've ever played before, and to be honest, any FPS game I've played before does actually need to practice all the movement tips that you would have seen in this article before trying to go in and destroy your skin rebirth.

It will help you not rage. I promise, make sure to download the game using the top of the description; it would help me out and subscribe if mobile gamers are real

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