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If the answer is yes. Roy there's one mechanic slf function that is completely unique to war zone and that's quite simply the buy stations, if you die in war zone mobile you'll go to the goag however if you feel that and die again your teammate actually can have an option to buy you back using the Buy, not only does the buy have that it also gives you the option to buy armor plates and ammunition box which includes bullets tactical lethals a gas mask so you can stay outside in the gas while it closes in a mortar and precision strike and even a UAV, which allows you to see where everyone else is on the map giving you more information and allowing you to grab more kills, however there's one thing that you can get in the buy which is by far the most OP thing and it's not an armor box it's a.

By buying it from the store and throwing it on the grind, it drops into a big box and gives you two weapons. However, there is a small detail that you may not know: depending on the mode, the ladite will cost either less or more for duos; it's 12, 000 for trios, 16, 000. And if you're playing full-skill quads on Dan and Rebirth, it's 20, 000.

Keep that in mind while you're playing with your friends because you don't want to be caught off guard when you get 12K, and it actually costs you 20. You can actually also drop cash to your teammates, stack it all together, and purchase things that way, but before you even get to your buy station, you need to know where to land, so I've actually gone ahead and made a heat map, which I'll go through with you right now, discussing the safest, medium, and highest risk areas to land in Veret.

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You see, right there, that's damn, and if you land here, you can be damn sure that nobody else is going to be with you. This place is derelict, isolated, and kind of similar to lumber and farmland. All three of these are extremely sefe drop spots if you're just trying to survive; the next three are also sefe and still in that green zone but are slightly more risky, being Port prison and Hills.

It's like a 50/50 chance that people are going to be there simply because Hills is close to Prominade, which actually brings us into our orange, mid-risk It includes both Prominade East West train station along with Boneyard and storage time, and if you've caught a theme here, they're all on the same side of the map.

People like to go here, but because it's so spread out, you probably won't land right beside somebody, which in turn means you can get away from situations, even though it's still slightly risky. Military ABS, on the other hand, is at the top end of mid-risk. People don't normally land here unless.


You're playing Mobile Royale, and half the zone is cut off, leaving it as the only hot spot. It's the same with Quarry; it's too far out of the center of the map up at the top for people to really see that as their primary drop spot. Stadium, on the other hand, is usually used as a place for people to land when they get too scared of going Dy time, considering it's right beside it.

At this time, this is your high-risk zone; if you want a lot of fights and as much cash as possible, you land here along with the hospital; don't forget the airport. However, there are two spots that I have learned by playing the game every single day, both in public matches and custom games, that are above all else when it comes to players.

Landing there TV station being one and the most being super store This is the hottest drop in Veresk; rebirth, on the other hand, is easier to understand because prison is super hot, so's that headquarters, area, and everywhere around there is usually in the orange category because although the player one is so small, so is the map, so if you're not landing prisoner headquarters, you usually just funnel around the edges.

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I will say that if I were to pick the third highest-risk area in Rebirth, it would be the Command Center. Currently, in the game, you can't play as a solo in quads, trios, or duos, which means you have to have teammates, and of course if you have teammates, you're going to want them to have a mic, so the best way to do this is to simply find friends that use mics.

Of course, you can try and turn yours on in game, but if you're looking for actual good players, the best place to find them is usually on apps like Discord, because you'll find hardcore gamers in there that are just trying to grind. That's all we care about, and that's all you'll see on this channel for the next few months.

This is a really simple tip for people who don't come from Battle Royale games and won't understand it. It's a fact that you shouldn't be taking low- to high-range gunfights. And when I talk about low to high range, I'm saying that when you're on the low grind, you shouldn't be fighting people above you.


Not only is this a global tip for anything to do with games, but in war mobile specifically, trying to go up a hill to fight somebody who's slightly above you slows down your momentum, making your movement slower, therefore making you an easier target, which is just terrible. Also, more often than not, if you're finding uphill from a lower vantage point, they can see your entire body and you can only see the top side of their body, which means as you're trying to scope into the top half, you won't be able to get any free bottom half shots like they will get on your body, meaning you're more likely to die.

For our final tip, you guys know that SMGs are for rushing, so I'm going to show you a couple of the best SFGs. If you're a slow PS player, use an LMG. Here's a couple of the meta ones right now as well, along with the snipers and assault rifles, and there's really only one dominant shotgun.

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