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So War Zone Mobile just released, and that means we need to discuss the top 10 guns inside the game. With that being said, let's get into the number 10 spot, which is the bruan lmg. This may surprise some of you that came from previous Call of Duty on mobile, but lmgs are actually fairly efficient at eliminating enemies inside of War Zone Mobile, especially considering when people are fully packed up and have a lot of health.

This particular gun is super effective at longer ranges and also falls into the medium-range category. The one thing I will say, however, is that although you can kill people at extreme speeds, the recoil does have quite a horizontal kick. If you're not accurate, you might want to put a bigger mag size on it, like the 200 R bill.

Number nine might actually surprise some of the players that are on the PC console side of things coming over from those games to play this one, the MTZ 762. I've primarily put it here because of its recoil, which differs from that of the Bruin. This one is almost steady; if this is the cross, it only jitters.

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Kill me; give me that second. This gun also recently got nerfed, but it's still all right as a grind loot. For all the newbies out there, I want to say this right now: for assault rifles, you need to put mags on. There's basically no assault rifle that's so good in the game that you won't need a MAG attachment to extend it out when playing War Zone, so keep that in mind.

If you don't go with my builds, at least on your build, use that extra ammo. I'm just trying to help you out before you get to that frustrating point. Next, we have our first honorable mention being the xrk, stalker. Now if you play on a keyboard, mouse, or controller, this is a super viable option for you; in fact, it's outstanding.

However, I will say this, if you're on touch display sniping, is incredibly. Hard, you will not see any crazy sniper montages that you've seen in the past from different cards on mobile. It's almost like they've added another layer of skill that I can't quite pinpoint in terms of making them work, and I'm sure as you go around YouTube and watch everyone else, you'll start to notice exactly what I'm talking about, unless, like I said, they're on one of these two.


The way to tell that they're on a controller is that there's a little icon beside their buttons on screen, their joystick doesn't move, or there's three little dots on the bottom right of their map. Those are all signs that the person is using one of these Keep keyboard is a little bit more difficult, but basically you just need to watch the joystick, and if it moves in 45°, angles like WD do on a keyboard?

That's how you know next up we have the swarm. This was actually previously nerfed inside of the game, however, because of its great mag size and the mobility that it has with the fire rate. It's actually a solid option for those starting mobile, specifically those with no experience in the genre or people with low accuracy.

Speaking of accuracy, here's another honorable mention known as the SVA. It's a burst, and although it technically has the slowest time to kill because of its burst, the accuracy that you are able to have with it definitely trumps those feet. If you find yourself struggling with the recoil, as it's significantly higher than previous cods on the mobile test, it's you.

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That's not too dissimilar to number seven, which is the Pyon. It's the best LMG currently in the game. Just dethroning the T evolver, which was previously the best before War Zone Mobile globally launched, this thing does not kick. If you have a proper loadout like this one on it, you're going to do some damage in those mid-to-long ranges.

I'm insane there is an assault rifle that just recently got buffed to give improved damage, making it more viable, which is the hogar. The lower recoil makes it super easy to use, but the only real downside is that the Max magazine you can have on this is pretty low, in turn contributing to very small damage per mag, which is actually a super important feature when it comes to how good guns are inside of War Zone.


Just simply because people have armor—plates, really—he tried to hit me. Number five is a close-range killer wsp 9 low recoil insanely fast time to kill combined with a barrel for improved mobility, and this thing will pack a punch. You can also use the Reckless long barel if you want extended range; however, either one will work, and I might add right now that any weapon that is in this top five is extremely powerful; you will find success using any of them, but number four is the AR9, which actually has the fastest time to kill out of any SMG with good range, but unfortunately its sprint to fire time is somewhat lackluster, making it similar to an assault rifle as such, meaning if you're a movement player, this isn't the option for you, but to learn the game and to get better against tryhards with accuracy, for sure give it a run.

AR9 I love this thing; it's so good. Hey, don't steal my kills. How fast, like, have you seen him? Sorry, Buddy Number three is the Ram 7, which actually has the fastest time to kill up to 30 m of any assault rifle. However, it does fall off at longer ranges compared to LMGs, so if you're looking for a midrange assault rifle, it's the one to go for.


Once you stick on some attachments for recoil control, you'll be set. I didn't even see this, okay? Well, you're not very good. Hello, stop jump-shotting; it's not going to get you anywhere in this lobby. Hey, man, is that your teammate? nope I guess not two is the ram 9; it's got the second fastest time to kill of any SMG, especially good at Close Quarters.

If you complement it with decent recoil attachments, you'll be set up to have one of the most dominant subs of all time in war zone, not only war zone mobile. The guy in this horde has given up his position. Hello, look at the tracer on this. Amazing! I wanted to get him, gotcha, but there's something to bite about HRM 9 Man.

It hits the spot, has solid damage range, and overall performance across all bases when it comes to an SMG. However, it has the fastest time to kill when you consider sprint to fire time. That's when you stop sprinting, pull out your gun, and shoot, then get the kill. It's the fastest then, but if you're a slower player, some of the other ones will fit your play style a little; more, I'm dead, my jenzo.

I own you.

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