News - 100 Tips & Tricks For Warzone Mobile (global Launch)


Find good teammates. The better your teammates are, the faster you will learn. Always use Meta and adapt to it. Here are most of the meta guns right now, and here are the classes that I use. Always rush no, I'm not telling you to be brain dead. Rush everyone; just don't camp in a building 24/7.

Always stay behind cover or near cover, so if you ever get shot at in any moment, you will not get one clip. When someone is aiming a sniper at you, you will see a bright glare. Just make sure you get out of the way. Backpack space is limited, so do not pick up extra ammo that you know you won't use.

Learn about the map. If you know where everything is, you can pre-plan your strategies and think faster during fights. If you're playing with randoms, always try to bait them, because they're most likely pretty bad. Watch the best players and learn all the secret strategies they use. Warm up in multiplayer mode before playing.

If you're playing on mobile, use stom sleeves; they give you more accurate aim and movement. Always realize your mistakes when you die. If you think you never did something wrong, then you will never learn. Learn every single weapon. Each weapon has its own aiming patterns, so just learn them all just in case it ends up being your only gun.


Try out different scopes and learn which one you are best at aiming for. Not everyone is good at the same scope. If your entire team dies early, do not leave the game. Because you may come back from jailbreak, go after these markers early; they are the fastest way to get your custom loadouts and easy cash.

When you're playing, always try to get your custom loadouts as fast as possible. Having them is a game changer, and if you're playing with your friends, make sure to put all of your money together. Use the armor cars; they protect you the most and can kill enemies easily by destroying enemy cars just by running them over.

Make sure you always have five plates. The fewer plates you have in your inventory, the safer you need to play. Try to never have the exact same weapon type; you do not need two snipers, two SMGs, or two LMGs. At the same time, always try having different weapons; it helps in different situations.


Always prioritize your FPS over your graphics. Try to have either a consistent 60 or 120 FPS. Graphics do not help you play better frames per second. Does turning damage assist? Turn the auto-manual off and the parachute to auto-once or manual. This will help. Landing: first, turn off these four settings; they will all get you killed.

Use analog for the virtual stick. This way, you can slow down and give less sound to your enemies. Copy all of these settings because if these buttons allow rotation, it will mess up your aim-turn weapon. Mount the movement exit and make it short to give you faster movement and to not get stuck in the weapon.

Mount Turn the sprinting door Dashing on this will allow you to get through doors faster and outplay your enemies. Use aim assist because if you do not, you will be at a disadvantage. Because I can guarantee you that everyone you go against will be using it. Turn all of the outlines on; this will help you see everything better.


Make the hit marker small so it will not be in your face and distract you. Turn the fixed joystick off, and this game is a lot better if you just do not use it. If you're playing on a phone, try to use four fingers, and if you're playing on an iPad, try to use four or more; for example, I use seven fingers, and here's my HUD.

Use max fov; the higher your fov, the more you can see around you. Make sure performance optimization is for frame rate, not battery; it will make your game run a lot better. Learn movement, and the best way to improve movement is by playing multiplayer. And trying to do all the unnecessary movements until you learn them and you can slide and aim at the same time, so sliding around corners while aiming is super broken.

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When you're in medium- to semi-close range with no cover, it is best to just try to break your enemy's camera. It is super easy to just outplay your enemies by running to their side. Always keep a gas mask. Gas masks help you stay in the storm for long periods of time. They can help you get better placements in games or even give you that free third part of your enemies and target the team that is winning so you can get a free and easy Squads will stay on high ground, and if you're on high ground, you are uncontestable.

And have free shots on anyone flying in the air or running below dolphin dive before jumping off of buildings and pulling your parachute; it will make you cover more distance and faster. The map has a lot of different climbing spots, so learn them all so you will not be surprised when someone randomly comes through a window and learns to glide through.

It will surprise your enemies from behind with your perk packages. The warden is best; it will give you the fastest movement. Use comms with your teammates and have teammates where your entire team is talking to each other, which makes teamwork possible. Insane! Use helicopters to get anywhere on the map super fast with your entire team.

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Use dark and blackish skins; it will make you hard to save from your enemies. If you're close to enemies with just a pistol, just go ahead and punch them because it's insanely broken. 54 you can tell where your enemies are around the map when you can see the red vehicle icon on your mini map. 55 do not repeat the same area twice; switch it up and catch your enemies off guard.

Dead silence is the most broken perk in a war zone. Pressure on your guns hides you from your enemies. Mini Map: Always try to pre-aim and pre-fire enemies when you hear them. After your game ends, you can press play again to save time from going back to the lobby. When playing with a team, try to all land in the exact same spot; it gives free early game wins.

Use throwing knives; they are very good for finishing off enemies so they cannot self-revive, and you don't have to waste your ammo. When you have a trophy system, put it on your vehicle so it doesn't blow up. The best way to get Weapon X is by playing multiplayer. Or if you are doing contracts and getting as many kills as possible, it is also best to use a weapon XP boost card, for if a vehicle has a skin on it, it means it has been driven already by an enemy.

Try using bushes. Bushes are an amazing way to pick off free kills or hide from your enemies. You stun and flash grenades on mobile; they are basically broken. Finish your enemies when you knock them; just make sure they don't self-revive or get away. Be careful when flying helicopters; anything small will blow you and your entire team up.

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