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New settings

New settings

This is Wi, and welcome back to another article. We just got the big update for War Zone Mobile today. It's only 2 weeks before the global launch, but this was their big update. They added FPS, options, and graphics options. The lobby looks and feels even better. Just look at the character. Look how good the resolution is! If we just poke around the UI, look how fast I can move stuff now.

It doesn't lag or anything. We have a really fast lobby. You can even click and see the gun skins, which move pretty quickly. Everything just feels super polished as we're getting very close to the global launch. If we go into the graphics options, you'll notice we have visual-quality phones that can now run Min, Low, Mid, or Peak.

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I have an M2 iPad Pro, which is the strongest iPad available right now. In fact, I don't actually have access to the lower graphics. They said my device is really strong, so I only have high or peak for max frame rates. We can do 30, 45, 60, or uncapped, which is pretty much unlimited FPS. This device has a 120 Hz screen, so we can get up to 120 FPS when it's uncapped.

One thing I want to mention to you guys before we get into the game playay is that there's pretty much two different settings that I can show you on this iPad. High and Peak are obviously the graphics now when I go high uncapped. That can do up to 120; at FPS, we can do high 120. If I do Peak, which is the absolute highest graphical quality possible, even though it's uncapped, it really is capped; it's capped at about 40 FPS, so I can show you guys two things.

High 120, or Peak 40, doesn't really feel that good because 40 doesn't really feel that good because 40 FPS is a little bit low compared to 120, so I'll show you some Peak gameplay today, but for the most part of this article. I will be showing you High 120, which I think feels incredible. Obviously, with a YouTube article, you guys can only watch in 60 seconds, but I promise you it looks fluid; it's very smooth. And make sure you guys watch this article on 1440p as well, because that's going to be the highest possible resolution for you guys to really see how this game looks.

Screenshot comparison

Screenshot comparison

By the way, the biggest difference between high and peak is actually simply the resolution, so I'm going to show you guys some high versus peak screenshots and point out some areas where you can really see the difference.

The first one here is this water tower. Notice how, from high to high, you can really see the ladder a lot better and the railing a lot better. The brick wall in the back has just as much detail, even though the helicopter just gets a little bit more refined; it's obviously just higher resolution, and funny enough, even our teammates names also change size when you go to the peak.

High 120fps gameplay

Graphics So here is some gameplay on high-uncapped FPS, which is about 120, and just to let you guys know, there's no editing, no motion blur, and no fancy effects. This is literally just how I recorded my iPad and what I saw. Later on in the article, we will do a demonstration of the peak 40 FPS gameplay as well.

I hope you enjoy redeploying your teammates and earning points to return them

NEW MAXED GRAPHICS UPDATE 120 FPS! WARZONE MOBILE GAMEPLAY. Today we are testing out the new Warzone Mobile update with Peak and High graphics, as well as 120 fps.
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