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Warzone mobile best settings you need to be using!

Warzone mobile best settings you need to be using!

Ladies and gentlemen.

Warzone mobile best hud settings for controller/touchscreen


So when you first dive into war zone mobile of course in the top right you're going to have your settings tab and I figure as we go through this starting off first with the controls, it's easiest if I go through and just hide my face cam so that you guys don't have to see that blocking anything you can get some clear concise breakdowns of everything, the first setting or the first menu you're going to see here is your controls where you can actually fully customize, your HUD and this is one of the awesome Elements of War Zone mobile so obviously if you're playing with touchscreen controls you're going to have a ton of different things you can end up adjusting here positioning is going to be really preference-based, you know valuing the things that you are constantly doing whether it be reloading whether it be sprinting adsing whatever the case may be so you can obviously move these around as you want to fit wherever it's going to be the most convenient for you to touch this really is not, a situation where there's a best layout or a best setup for your HUD it's all about what is really comfortable for you now if you're playing touchcreen obviously.

Adjust this as needed, wherever you want your move stick to be. You know, put that where it's going to be comfortable for your thumbs to be able to hit or for your fingers to tap the ads button or the reload button or your streaks button, or whatever the case may be. That said, if you're playing on a controller, for the most part, you don't want all this jumble on your screen or personally.


I am a controller player, so what I've gone through is basically making my own custom HUD setup here, hiding as much as I possibly can right so I go through here and with this custom HUD everything that's red here is hidden so these buttons are not going to show up usually you'd have the big analog move stick here your ammo, option here so I've gone through and I've hidden all these by enabling, that obviously, and so they're not showing up on my screen.

What I do see is my weapon at the bottom here. I also see my ammo count and my weapons. At the bottom right, alongside my grenades and whatnot, I see my streaks and my field upgrades on the right side. I've also, if I go through and move this down, got my kill feed up here to the left. Obviously, my squad widget in the top left and my mini map in the top right are somewhat basic there, and that's really convenient for me.

On top of that, they also have a bunch of different presets that you can go through and use as well, which is really cool, so they've got different ones for default, they've got Pro loadouts, and then they even have some that are meant for controllers. As well, the default controller loadout gives you a much cleaner HUD that's obviously not nearly as cluttered and doesn't have as many options on it, so this is mostly preference-based.


I would recommend going through hiding things you don't necessarily need or lowering the visibility on them as well perhaps the size too but also going through finding some presets here then just adjusting the specific things that work well for your style of gameplay obviously this is going to be different depending on the size of the screen you're playing on personally I've got an iPad 12.9, in one, so it's a larger screen but if you're playing on a smaller phone you might need to adjust things, a little bit more there just to make sure that you actually are not you know hitting an incorrect, button or an incorrect input at a bad time in game so that's something I would recommend spending a decent amount of time on so that you got that perfected.

There are a couple of other settings on this first menu for weapon triggers. I would like to have this as a manual. I just like to be in full control of when my weapon's going to shoot, and when it's not, the auto-fire might lead to scenarios where you're just going to end up firing your weapon accidentally because someone walks into your crosshairs, and that's not maybe where you wanted to shoot or when you wanted to shoot, and I also have custom.

Warzone mobile best gameplay settings & controls

Warzone mobile best gameplay settings & controls

Automations , there as well we go into our gameplay settings here and there's a lot going on here so again I've got the custom setups, weapon Auto pickup I do have that on just makes it a tad bit easier to go through and loot things I also have the auto pickup starter handgun on there as well the weapon Auto equip I have off just because if I am picking something up I don't necessarily want that out right away, maybe I'm in a close-range, situation I already have an SMG in my hands I don't want to have this turned on and then it switches out for my SMG someone pushes me and I've got a sniper I've got an lmg out right so I do keep that on off there and then I leave everything else as is there turn to damage assist if you turn this one on here it's basically going to turn the recent source of incoming damage more precisely so it's going to turn.


Towards what's shooting you a little bit easier, it just depends on if you like that control being done automatically or if you like to manually do that personally. I prefer my aim to be all me. I don't really want the game to be adjusting things like that for me because it's going to throw you off unless you're super used to it, so I personally leave that off, but that's something you may want to look into and see how it affects you, especially if you are a touchscreen control player.

Loot auto-pickup again. I have that on auto-manual. I absolutely turn this on, or I turn it off; rather, that's the better way of saying that, because words are right, just to make things a lot simpler across the board. I don't want to be auto-managing over a wall when I'm in the middle of a fight that's going to cause me to stop shooting; it could put me in a bad spot.

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I want to be in full control of that as well as the parachute; this is another big one, manual. If you want to do this by yourself now, keep in mind that you might need to prep sometimes if you're playing something like Bluetooth on a controller where there is some input delay. You don't want to be crashing into the ground and dying from fall damage.

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