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Ladies and gentlemen. We made a long-overdue announcement. I would say something that a lot of players have been anticipating for some time, and it directly correlates with War Zone across the board on PC, on console, and now on mobile. It's an announcement, a long-term reveal; I'm going to drastically change War Zone as a whole, and so today we are going through the fullon reveal for War Zone Mobile, and while some of you might sit here and go okay, that's not really something I'm ever going to play; it actually has a much larger impact on the standard version of War Zone than you might initially realize.

Whether it's news updates, patch notes, or meta breakdowns, it's all right here, so feel free to hit that sub button and turn on those post notifications. But yes, today, war zone Z mobile was finally fully, globally, revealed. It's had this sort of staggered launch over the past couple of months; various different regions have been gaining access to it, but the global launch is coming on March 21st, and what we have here is the official reveal trailer for it, and it shows off some very important and promising things for the future of standard war zones as well.

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Yes, War Zone Z Mobile is going to be launching with Verdansk. As the main war zone map now, as far as what standard war zone is going to be playing on, it's still going to be Urzikstan, it's still going to be Von Del, you know, rebirth theik going forward here, but as we know, the Gulf War rumor is that when the go-four integration happens, it's going to be Verdansk for that big map as well, and that'll obviously tether in nicely with war zone mobile, but also rebirth is dropping with war zone mobile, as we just discussed the other day with the whole operation Day Zero event, but you can see Verdansk in all of its glory here in the background, like the reveal trailer here, and then March 21st is that worldwide release, so anyone will be able to go through and actually play this, and then, of course, at the very end, here they show Verdansk.

Calling, are you going to answer the call to jump back into the goated war zone map in the eyes of many, obviously, but cool little initial reveal trailer here? The actual details of what War Zone Mobile is doing, though, are what's so important to War Zone in general across PC and console alike, so the time has come.

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March 21st is the full release date available on iOS and Android, so we've got the pre-registration, news, and rewards at Codex. We shared that 45 million players had pre-registered, and for those that haven't yet, there are still various different rewards you can get by pre-registering, including this ghost-condemned operator skin, which I think looks absolutely phenomenal.

There's also some blueprints for the X12 and the M4, a new vinyl, and a new emblem as well, and you can do that by going to the War Zone mobile website. If you're interested in that, then this is one of the big things coming with this full global launch level up across console and PC. This is obviously the main lobby of Modern Warfare 3, but also the main lobby of War Zone Mobile, so you can bounce back and forth jumping on your PlayStation 5, playing some MW3, dropping into some, you know.

The resurgence is awesome. Jump up on your PC and run some errands. Awesome, head on over to your phone. War Zone Mobile supports shared progression with the console and PC versions of War Zone and Modern Warfare 3. Simply log in using your Activision ID, and most content acquired in MW3 and War Zone will be transferred now.

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There are some very specific things that are exclusive to MW3, exclusive to War Zone, or exclusive to Mobile that'll only be available in their respective games, but for the most part, all of your basic core content is going to be shared across these games, so if you really need to, you know, get a little bit more XP for a certain event or you want to go on and change a certain setup because you just saw a Tik Tok or something, you know, saying.

Hey, change this attachment if you don't want to remember it later. You can just jump on your phone and quickly adjust it, and it'll be there going forward. Shared features across platforms, including your player level, so if you need to reach your max player level and you're just barely going to make it, you can jump on your phone and get some quick XP.


To clutch out the maximum rank for a season would be nice and ideal, so that'll be shared across the board. Weapon level Leveling up weapons to earn new camos and attachments is a core part of the Call of Duty experience. With shared weapon level progression, you can keep grinding away at weapon XP, both at home and on the ghost.

That's obviously huge if you're just trying to be efficient in certain ways. battle pass progression as well. This is another big one, so if you're really trying to finish out your battle pass before the end of a season or something like that, you can jump on your phone and do this even when you're away from your console and PC and still make sure you secure that, which is just clutch.

War Zone Mobile offers shared battle pass progress with MW3 and War Zone on both consoles and PCs. This allows you to maximize your play time, move through the tiers in more ways and with more efficiency than ever before, and access your unlocked battle pass rewards across platforms, including operator blueprints, calling cards, and so on and so forth.

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Content from the Black Sale Battle Pass offering will also be available within the War Zone Mobile Store bundles that you purchase and own already in War Zone and MW3. Aside from a small number of exclusive bundles, they will also be available for use in War Zone Mobile. Just look for the connected tag on bundles in the War Zone Mobile in-game store, and then you can confirm that in the game itself, all the content you've been buying and spending real money on is also going to transfer.

to this as well, take your friends with you; it's even easier than ever to stay connected with your squad thanks to shared friend lists, chat channels, and more. War Zone Mobile also includes in-match social features. Listening to nearby enemy conversations using proximity chat and hearing their last words via death chat Keep in mind that there is no crossplay.

While we have all this cross-progression and everything, this is a big one. You're not going to be playing War Zone Mobile and run into players on PC or on console, which is obviously significant. It's unfair if that's the case, plus War Zone Mobile is obviously going to be playing on Verdansk, and we don't have that yet on the main game, so that wouldn't be possible regardless.

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