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Surprise 1.35 update in warzone and modern warfare 3 explained

Surprise 1.35 update in warzone and modern warfare 3 explained

We actually got a surprise title update in Modern Warfare 3 in War Zone, the 1.35 update. It wasn't too crazy; it was like 5 to 10 gigs depending on your platform and what exactly you have installed, but seeing a title update go live the day after a new season in the launch of War went live definitely was not on the bingo card right, and with it, we did actually end up getting some new patch notes later on in the evening, and then today, also sort of coinciding with this update, we are seeing the first Resurgence, update go live within war zone as well, so a good bit of info to cover.

Modern warfare 3 multiplayer 1.35 patch notes

I get you covered with all the things going on in COD news updates. Patch notes and meta-breakdowns It is all right here, so feel free to hit that sub button and turn on those post notifications, but we're starting here. First, on the multiplayer and zombie side of things. War Zone also has its own separate patch note page, and of course we've got the Thursday.

1.35 update

December 7th update with some pretty significant updates here and there. Initially, Global, with the UI and ux, addressed a data mismatch issue that caused an error in some customization, causing resets to occur. With the launch of season 1, players should no longer encounter that error message, and the root of the cause has been addressed to prevent any further resets to customization.

This is referencing that issue where when you go to boot up the game, it says. Hey, your data is corrupted, do you want to reset so you can continue, and you have to click yes if you want to play, and while it doesn't reset like your level or your like camo challenges or anything like that, it does go through and delete all your custom loadouts and like your calling card, your emblem, and some of your settings.

1.35 update modern warfare 3

It was really annoying to run into, and it kept popping up over and over, but it should be fully fixed now, and you shouldn't run into that issue any longer, which is definitely good news for weapons and attachments. The XRK stalker Our brand new sniper was season 1. Barrel attachments can now be equipped at the expected weapon level.

I will say I was in the game after this update went live. I still couldn't equip barrels, so maybe I'm doing something wrong there. I've got it. Max leveled, but mine personally was not working; attachments added a missing unlock requirement for the compensated Flash hider muzzle as well, so you'll be able to unlock that with a specific requirement there for customization.

They resolved an issue that prevented the Bantam operator from being available to equip. Sledgehammer was doing like a whole missing person's ad for it because there was a bug that removed him from the game, so Bantum is now back. The Smoke Baker blueprint from the battle pass can now be equipped, and certain weapon charms will no longer obscure the players's visibility while proned or aimed down for multiplayer progression.

modern warfare 3

The daily challenge: get three operator kills without dying four times now tracks correctly I imagine now it actually has to do with your one-life streaks; there you have to get it all in one life rather than just continuing to expand that streak over multiple lives because the challenge tracking has always been kind of forgiving in that sense and definitely not as intended.

For maps on meat, they increase the spawn favor towards owned. Flags of Domination I feel like the spawn traps were already pretty crazy in Dom but might be even more crazy there now that Rust adjustments have been made to reduce the chance of being unfavorable. Spawn. Conditions, for modes in gunfight players no longer experience a broken animation upon aiming down sights with the preset KV inhibitor, in hardcore kill cams are no longer playing although the final and round inning kill cams are going to be remaining active, so just now you won't be able to see your instant death kill cam in hardcore since that's not intended, and then in private matches there's now the correct CDL rule set.

Nothing crazy there.

Modern warfare 3 zombies new update patch notes

Modern warfare 3 zombies new update patch notes

Zombies did see a couple of new updates here for Wonder Weapons on the vr11; they addressed an issue that prevented it from zombifying shielded soldiers; and for gameplay with the dark ether Rifts, they addressed an issue with the rift pedestal interaction. Not appearing for certain players, then they also fix an issue where players could see the rift pedestal offerings from other squads.

For xill, all X fills will increase the number of zombies spawned, with the final xill receiving a significant boost. That's awesome to see X fills are going to be a bit more chaotic now that they're already great with things like the special spawns, there's a lot of manglers, and whatnot, so really good for those camo challenges, and just spicing things up in general is definitely worth spamming here and there.

If you're looking for some easy kills for contracts, they increased enemy spawning for Outlast and raid weapon stash. Even though they just nerfed it with season 1. General fixed a crash that could occur with the gry alarm, and then they also fixed an issue where certain items would not carry over into the act for Mission and Dark Eternal Rifts, and lastly, here for UI X, they addressed an issue that prevented some battle pass skins from displaying, and they addressed an issue that had an incorrect mission title with Act 4.

Warzone 1.35 update patch notes revealed

Warzone 1.35 update patch notes revealed

We also, as mentioned, have separate war zone patch notes. This is the gift that keeps on giving. not to be confused with the jelly of the month club. Although that's pretty solid as well, gamer advantage is where it's at. And code immortal stacks on top of that for 35%. Off discount for all of December, so quite literally the perfect time to pick up a pair, whether it be for yourself, some friends, or some family for the holidays.

With the December 7th update, they do sort of go over some of the global things yet again with the reset error message and then the xrk, sniper. Getting its barrel attachments and the compensator, we also have some new customization stuff that was listed in the global with the Bantam operator smoke maker, so on and so forth, and then we get the war zone-specific patch notes.

modern warfare 3 1.35 patch notes

Here for Battle Royale, the occupation scan and restock may now occur during the sixth circle instead. For vehicles, the Coyote armored patrol boat and cargo truck have been disabled in solos, so you won't be able to use those anymore. They also increased the number of UTVs that spawn in solos, and in my opinion, that's probably the best vehicle.

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