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Today's article is a look down memory lane and also an update on how War Zone is currently performing. Let's quickly talk about War Zone Almaza, specifically the time before they actually patched out all of the FPS issues. So before season 5 reloaded, a lot of stuff went down. Season 4 absolutely broke the FPS.

The same was true for season 4 reloaded, and then they did a sort of patch to remedy it where they made it slightly more playable, but then in season 5 reloading, they fully fixed the FPS well in quotation fully fixed, and as you can see before season 5 reloaded in almaza. We simply did not have good 1% lows.

No matter what you were doing, you were getting horrible 1% lows. You basically screwed up. This is on a 7950 x 3D and 7900 XTX, which, mind you, at the time, performed very similarly to a 490. And as you can see, the performance was absolutely atrocious in the 1% lows. Now, after season 5 was reloaded, it was remedied, and the 1% lows were yet again good on the exact same PC.


Nothing else changed in the settings; the same averages were the same, and the 1% lows were yet again playable within Almaza. Now, mind you, this was on a 79 or XX, so let's quickly take a look at a 4090. After the season 5 reloaded update with an Al Mazra, and as you can see when I was testing the resizable bar, it basically did a bit more FPS than my 7900.

XTX, with the same 1% lows, so these gpus were neck and neck, but the 49 Drew had way less power, so the Al Mazra had a decent performance. It was not insane, but it was very okay. It was just passable after the season 5 reloaded update. Now, where do we stand today with performance? That's really, really important.

On day one of the Urzikstan release, I decided to compare the two maps, and it's very important that I do so because the day one performance is not the same as it is today. Within the ö stand, you may notice that the FPS is about 300 average on a 49t and 7800 on a 3d. We are yet again CPU-bound in this situation, and you'll notice that the 1% lows are not particularly spectacular.


So overall, the performance is good, but it was not better than Almaza. It was in fact a little bit worse, but what happened is that in the meantime, they patched out the game, and if you take a look at the right side, that's a 7800 x 3D performance. Not only is the average FPS about 40 higher, but so are the 1% lows, and this is beautiful to see; they've basically been doing updates constantly, helping the performance.

And because they optimize the game so well and it just doesn't depend on the 7800 x3ds or 7950 x3ds 3D cache to run well, it now scales well with frequency too, which means Intel can perform, and not only that, if you have a 49.00 K and DDR 58000 plus, you can get the Lovely 1% lows better than the 7800 x3d or 7950 x3d.

With some exceptions, of course, there will be better bins than mine that can actually do better 1% lows, but you know what I'm saying: you're not locked to a CPU platform; you have choices. This is much better than it used to be during the al-Mazra days. Let's take a look at The benchmark performance of day one versus today is yet again proof that they have been working hard at optimizing the game, day one, which, by the way, you can see the dates in the bottom right, so you see.

bad fps

I'm not lying my ass off, this is the same system with a 490 and 7800x 3D. On the right-hand side, we get a 575 average on the CPU, or 374. Low first. Solid results are better than the Modern Warfare 2 benchmark, but check this out if we go over to the next tab; this is my latest benchmark, which, as you can see by the date over here, is 673, average FPS with 4–1% lows on the 7800 x3d at the same 1440p, native settings, and not only that, but the GPU is now better too.

All around the board, there's a gain for the benchmark, and there's a gain for Urzikstan, Vond, and the Shika. I had an entire separate article I did on Asika and Vondo, specifically to brag about how nice the FPS is, but hey, while I was showing off how good my FPS is. Bondo was especially bad. Ashika always ran well, but Fondle always had issues, and the only way I could ever fix the issues was by disabling the resizable bar.


Basically, the results you're seeing right here are for the 7800 x 3D and the 490 getting about 240, average FPS, looking inwards of the map, which is yes, where Vondal had most of its issues. Now let's fast-forward in this article a little bit and check this out: The War Zone Modern Warfare 3 integration for Vondal.

So this is right on the release of the integration; it's not even when the FPS was improved, because yes, today it is actually better than it is in this article, but just at the integration. Looking at a dead center map in the same exact area on the same exact PC with a resizable bar off the FPS was insanely better, like stuff out of my wet dreams type of thing.

90 FPS gains are just not something you would get any day. The 1% lows are 20 times higher than they used to be. All I have to say is that Call of Duty developers do deserve some credit. They're not perfect; they're still humans, but they've clearly been getting out of their way to make the game run better, and I highly appreciate it.


It does kind of steal a bit of my content because I used to make a lot of articles covering the drama behind what they're destroying in terms of performance, but as a gamer, as somebody who plays this game every single damn day. I love it, and I hope they keep going so in terms of performance. What is the war zone's current situation?

To sum it up, we're looking at a roughly 20 to 40 FPS increase, then release, and roughly. It depends how you look at it; it depends on a part of the map, but 60 more FPS than Al Mazra for ERS x0 performance, so right here you can even see looking at the same spot as we were looking before, the 7800 x3d is getting roughly 20 more FPS than it was on release, which is just amazing gains to get compared to release, and not only that, if you take a look at Shika, the performance is absolutely insane.


You can go with either rig with a resizable bar off or on and have absolutely bonkers performance. Basically, you can fully utilize an Asus IPS 360 HZ Monitor, and you can fully utilize the upcoming 360 HZ OLEDs in 1440p, which is lovely; that's very good to see, but overall, it just puts War Zone in an area where it just performs outright better than it did on release, and it performs better than Alaza ever did.

Hello all! Today we are taking a look at how warzone urzikstan FPS compares to day 1 release and final days of Al Mazrah! Full System Specs Overclock Details. AMD Main PC.
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