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Then next up since you know we always need the extra ammo in war zone we are going to be running the 40 round mag that's kind of a given on every single class I'm going to be giving you for the r grip we are going to use the sck and ZX grip which is going to give us the fire nameing stability and then gun kick control, that is what's going to make the weapon super easy to use if you're ever making your own build and you want that recoil control I add a lot of gun kit control and fireing even stability the horizontal and vertical is still important but the other stuff carries a little bit more and then just to increase the mobility even more we got the no stock on there if you do want more recoil control then I would add the priority stock, this one is good but I already noticed that there really wasn't any recoil in the gun to begin with so we don't really need to add more recoil control we can take advantage of that mobility, and then use our primary to get in the enemy's face a little bit quicker which a primary I really like is going to be the MTZ.

762 you guys probably already have a good build, but I can rest assured that this build is going to be a little bit better. You guys can see that the ad speed is pretty good; it doesn't need to be super fast for, you know, the long-range weapon recoil control. There's a little bit of recoil, but you're not going to make a build with less recoil, so for the muszle, we got the casse break L.

This is going to remove all the horizontal recoil. I was going to add something like the compens flash hider or something else that just adds overall recoil control rather than just horizontal, but I noticed this gun was just a complete beam. When you have a lot of horizontal, then we also get the fire and stability, which is going to help for that vertical as well, and then increase that damage range, we get the MTZ.

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Precision block throw and bar, it's going to increase that bow velocity and the range, making your weapon feel more responsive and improving fire stability, so we get that recoil control. Even though it doesn't say we get it we are going to be getting that we are going to be losing a little bit of our Mobility but since this is the primary it's not going to really matter and then we get the aiming Idol stability again making it easy to hit that first shot so now we got the recoil control and we got the range, but we do need a little bit more range since you know you're going to be using this at range so we are going to be adding the high grain rounds, this is going to hurt The Recoil control decent amount so if you are going to take off anything on the build I would take off the high green rounds and then you can add like an optic or a rear grip or an under Barrel you know just for your liking.


The reason I really like the high-grain rounds is because this gun really has no damage range; if we don't run them, we only have 23.8. M which is really bad but that kind of shows you how strong this gun is and keep in mind the fire rate's not that fast so you do need to hit your shots whenever you do miss a shot the time to kill is drastically going to go up then for the magazine the biggest one that we can add is the 30 round mag I wish we could get like a 40 or something on there and then lastly just to maximize that recoil control we are going to be using the Close Quarters, gives us that gun kick control and The Recoil control, if you guys do want to screenshot of the best MTZ 762, there you guys go not sure if I gave you guys a screenshot of the striker 9 love this thing so for the next build that we are going to be going over this is going to be the tack evolver.


I love this thing. This is a very underrated message. I wasn't going to add it to the list because not that many people run it, but then I was like, That's a great reason to add it to the list. You guys can see pretty good ads—actually very atrocious ads—but so much recoil control. This thing is insane at taking out squads you don't really need if you only play solos and things, but if you're playing squads, this thing absolutely shreds through people since we got the spirit fire to keep us off the radar, so then they don't really know where we're at, and we get a lot of damage range, plus we get that recoil control.

Yes, we are losing, but usually the spirit fire takes down about 20%. But it's only bringing it down by 12%, which is awesome, so that is a must on this gun. Again, for the barrel to increase that range, we got the lrf, rightous long barrel; it's going to increase the velocity as well. We also got the aiming aido stability aim walking speed, which always strafes in your gunfights, even at long range.


That's kind of like how you have to aim in this game: always aim while you're strafing. Like, I mean, strafe to aim. You don't really want to use the right stick to aim; you want to use this to, like, control recoil, but then you use the left stick to kind of aim, and that makes it a lot easier. Again, we get that gun kick control.

I kind of run like an attach and like a stock that gives me gun kick control on all my primary, since that really makes the gun not shake whatsoever. Then we can just keep ourselves off the radar with the muzzle and just increase that range. Yes, we are losing a lot of herob ability, but again, it's a long-range weapon that's not going to really matter too much, and the same reasons go for the XRK response grip, which can increase the aim and auto stability, which is very helpful when you're running a scope since you can notice that sway a little bit more, and also if you don't hit the first shot, you typically want to stop firing and then start firing again.

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Since you know it's just going to be a little bit hard to land the rest of the shots we also get that recoil control and gun kick control, also because you know when you hit the first shot you're going to have aim assist help you control the recoil in the weapon making it easier to hit the rest of these shots and yeah is kind of crucial for this HRM 9 build the HRM 9 if you're up close it's going to fry medium range, not the best gun especially since it just got nerfed but it is a close range weapon and this is definitely the best close- range weapon in the game right now going absolutely fry there's just a little bit of recoil so you need to hit that first shot which the comp flash harder is going to help you do so, and it's also going to show with the radar ping if you want you can run a suppressor but I notice myself being a little bit more consistent when I ran the compensate flash hider and it's kind of like a half suppressor.

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