News - Cod Warzone 2 Zombies Tombstone Duplication Glitch Before Its Patched

call of duty mw3 zombies tombstone glitch

All right guys, so season 3 hits in just a couple days, and even though we're not supposed to get any new content for zombies until later in the season. Let's i know you guys are going to get this article to over 100 likes. I'm telling you one other tip or trick that you can use that will definitely increase your success when doing the tombstone duplication glitch, so let's get started, man, because I really believe they are going to patch the hell out of this glitch once season 3 hits in a couple days.

The first thing is to tap to interact. I did that article a couple days ago. I'll put the link up here in case you missed it, but it gives you another second or two while doing this glitch, which is all the time in the world. Guys, also, this one perk right here, the stamina up, is going to give you another second or two.

I'm going to show you guys exactly what I mean as we continue in the article, just how much more time you will have, but as we make our way to the bad signal portal area. I'll let you guys know, dam. Com, they will definitely unlock schematics and zombies and unlock your camos and all that stuff, and they're offering my viewers up to $100.

cod mw3 zombies season 2 glitches

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All right guys, and we are here, but real quick. I might be wrong. And I can already tell that I am running fast. You can tell you're running quicker with that perk enabled, guys, but you're really not going to notice the difference until we actually activate the portal. Now don't forget to use those decco grenades guys all right, so boom there, here's where tap to interact comes into play.

Make sure you guys check that article out; it makes it a lot easier. That's a whole other second, maybe another two seconds, just by tapping to interact, and now we are all. We still have 15 seconds at this point. 15 seconds is plenty of time, guys. Now here's where it counts, right here. Once you hit that portal, I want you guys to look at the time.

cod mw3 zombies tips

We still have a little over 7 seconds. Keep a look at the time, guys, and then you want to wait till the very last minute to give you the most time, and you should be hitting the edge at about 7 to 6 seconds. That's optimal; that's what you want. You should be hitting that edge right there for about 7 to 6 seconds, guys, and it's going to work for you.

I do it all the time you want to see eliminated, and then wait till you see on the right it'll say waiting. Right there, that's when I hit alt-four and alt-f4 for console. Close out the game, all right, guys. So when you come back to a new game, you will have your items on your rug. The same item; these are the original items.

Patch this glitch, guys. It's the easiest one that I've ever done. The easiest way to duplicate guys is to keep your three plates and your large rook, like I said, so when you come into the game, you will definitely go to your tombstone; you'll be there, and then these are the duplicated items. As you guys can see, they're right here—the same items.

These are the originals at the bottom of the stash and the duplicated items in the large Plain and simple, guys, there you go.

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