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Today we're talking zip lines, from how to use them to how to abuse them. We're going in depth as to what makes them such a vital part of the war zone experience. Sit back, relax, and enjoy. We're going to start off today by cutting this article into two parts. First, we have our zipline basic section with these three different units.

Lastly, we'll end with our zipline advance section with these four different units. Feel free to skip throughout the article depending on your skill level, and if you're unsure where to skip, it's probably better to watch all the way through. All right, we are getting straight into the zipline.

Basic tips

Master Class, also.


I do want to say this is the first article in the last couple articles where you've seen my face, so hello, how it goes everyone, but let's get straight into it, so this is tip number one. Essentially, we're just going to be talking about the different types of zips in our Basics category. So right here in front of me, you can see the horizontal zip line, which works just like any other zip line you grapple with, and it takes you to the other side.

There's not much that you could do with the horizontal zip lines, but there's really not many horizontal zip lines around, so it's not something that you have to worry about. Second, you have your balloons, which are the same as vertical zip lines, but obviously at the top it launches you away, so we'll go ahead and take this real quick, and then we'll go take it to a vertical zip line, so you take that balloon launch, which is really, really self-explanatory, with the balloons.

warzone 3

However, vertical zip lines are where people have the most challenges. Especially talking about some of the cool stuff you could do with these vertical zip lines, most notably the number one tip I have for people with zip lines. If you know nothing is when you get on a zip line you walk up to it and you mantle it has that really long starting animation it's like a full half a second of you mantling that zipline but if you run and you visibly jump, at that zip and mantelon you'll skip that full animation so keep in mind this is what the initial animation looks like you go up you grab it and then it you know takes a little bit and you get on it but if you run and jump and then grab it boom you've skipped that initial and you're already going to the top that saves you a ton of time so that's tip one and two for the zipline basics, okay moving on to the third one this one's very self-explanatory.

As well, when you get on a zip line you have the ability to Grapple off now when you get on the zip line you can see I'm running it all the way to the top here and at the top you do that little animation again you get off, however obviously if you were to go up a zip line and there's someone up here they're going to shoot you once you get to the top there's a lot of different movements you could do however that if there was someone on the other side they would not be able to kill you or at the very least you would get a couple shots in them before you went down giving your team made some time to get up that zip line as well, let's talk about how you grapple on and off of the zip though because you can, hit a zip line Midway through, you don't have to get on at the bottom or go down for the top.

Keyon can go down as well, but it's not really that useful. If you're using your parachute, you can fly at the zip and then get it halfway through, and you can click space. To jump off, while on the zip line Now, if you see what I just did there, this is actually an advanced tip, so we'll be talking about this further in the article, but you can use the zip line and jump over the top, land on top, and shoot while someone's on the other side, but we'll talk about that a little bit.

This one is basically just talking about getting on halfway through and jumping off halfway through if you need to. A tip for this would be that if you need to make a rotation and the gas is on you very soon, you can go up the zip line a little bit and then jump off and get a glide, and maybe even make it to this bridge, for example, in a small amount of time using those vertical zip lines to your advantage.

Kind of like a balloon, exactly how you use it like a balloon, and that's kind of like all the basics that you could do with these balloons.

Advanced tips

Advanced tips

Let's get into the advanced portion , which will take a little bit more time, and now that you know these, we'll make a little bit more sense, all right? So back to this zip line, I just flew over here real quick. We'll get into the advanced category. Now some people may have skipped directly to this portion of the article, as we talked about in the intro, and if you did, you haven't really missed much other than basically how to use a zip line properly and how to get in with that fast animation where you jump, grab it, and you can jump off instantly.

And that's basically all you've missed so far, so heading straight into the first advance is basically being able to glide off and jump over the top of the zipline, so we'll go check how to do that real quick, so once you make it to the top If you time your mantle off correctly, which is just jumping, you will jump over the zip line.

Now keep in mind that if you do jump while going at the zip line, you jump off, and it shoots you backwards, like you end up flying backwards instead of forwards. That means that you've done it too late. You need to jump off earlier, so if you jump off and it shoots you backwards, you're jumping off too late, and it's a timing issue.

It's not that the zip line is bugged. I hear a lot of people talk to me about this. It's a timing issue. You want to make sure that you're jumping off at the right time. Wherever you jump, you shoot up and over the top, and you could land on top if you're moving forward. You can also use the zip line, depending on how tall it is.

Jump all the way over and look at what I did. I messed up the timing; it shot me backwards. You could jump all the way up over the top, so that was a good example of messing up the timing by shooting you backwards. It's just a timing issue; the more you do it, the better you get, and of course you just saw me fail it.

Anyone can fail at it, so you're not going to get it 100% of the time, but you will get it a majority of the time, especially if you're practicing. And you were able to jump over the top. The usefulness of this, as you saw in the intro, is that if somebody were up here, you could use this, jump over the top mantle, shoot them, and you're shooting them while they're coming off, as opposed to using the zip line correctly.

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