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All right So this is my normal FPS in war zone rank play. You can see that it's hovering right around the low 200s. My normal FPS on this map is usually anywhere from 180 to 220. Now watch what happens when I leave all the graphic settings exactly the same but enable one single setting in the in-game options.

My FPS goes from the low 200s all the way up to the mid- to high 300s, with pretty much no change in graphics quality whatsoever. Now that I stumbled upon this setting last night by accident while shooting B in a private match. I got a pretty significant drop in frames on shipment ever since they changed it to ship Miss with all the snow, most likely because of the extra detail they added to the map so late last night when I was shooting bots in there.

I looked up at my FPS and decided to start messing with the upscaling options. I ended up switching it from DLSS to AMG FSR 3.0. Now I've tried this before, and I've never seen much of a difference, but now when you hit Show More, there's actually a setting in there that wasn't there before, and it's called AMD frame generation.

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I'm guessing they added it with the midseason update. Well, when I turned this setting on and then went back into the game, my FPS jumped from the high 100s to low 200s all the way up to the high 300s to low 400s. I was literally blowing away now, but unfortunately I didn't get to record it in the 400s because once I started recording, it actually lowered my frames a little, but it literally doubled my FPS.

I actually started getting frame tearing because my alien wear 280 0 HZ monitor couldn't handle all the extra FPS, and too many frames is something I've never had a problem with when it comes to Call of Duty. The next day, when I told my friend to try it in war zone ranking, he said it took him from the low 200s immediately up to the high 400s.

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Now granted, he does have a super high-end system with a 490, but 400 FPS in war zone running at 1440p. Is just insane, now I'm on a 3090 with a risen 9 so I can get away with keeping the preset on performance but if you guys on a little bit of a lower-end card try balance quality or native with frame generation turned on and see how much of an increase you can get you guys can see that when I switch to the other presets the FPS drops a little with each one but my frames are still a lot higher than with frame generation turned off now native gives me the best image quality because I'm getting the full 1440p, resolution, but it's also giving me the lowest frame increase out of the five presets, because of that better image quality but in all reality I'm still getting a significant FPS gas boost in Native with the best image quality available and I'm still way better off than I was before now you can see that I'm getting the highest FPS increased when I switch it to ultra performance, even hitting over slightly 400 frames per second while recording on the same PC now I wouldn't recommend using Ultra performance unless you're on something like a 4090.

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Even then, there's really no need for it now. I loaded into Resurgence on my streaming PC, and it has a 2060 Super with an old i7, and you can see that on the map. Vondal, which is still the most taxing when it comes to frames per second once I switch AMD frame generation on my FPS, goes from the low 100s up to the high 100s, even hitting over 200 at times now.

That's what a lower-end graphics card with a terrible CPU is. Now with it set to Quality, the image is actually pretty good, and the FPS is still way over 150, which is considered the sweet spot for competitive gaming. Native does have a slightly better image quality, but on my lower NPC, I'm not getting as much of an FPS boost as I did with my 3090.

I'm still getting about 15 to 30 more frames than I normally would, but if I were using this as my main PC, I would definitely still go with quality or balance. Surprisingly, performance doesn't have that bad of a picture quality for such a lower-end system, and it's actually putting me over 200 FPS consistently.

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I even went down to the more graphically intense parts of the map, and my frames were still really high for this PC. You can even see that when I switch it from performance to quality, my frames are still pretty high for the middle of the map. Like I said before, if you're on a lower-end system, I'd go with quality or balance, but if you're on a higher-end PC, go with performance because the FPS increase is insane.

The key is just to make sure AMD frame generation is turned on while you're running AMD FSR 3.0. There's literally no reason to use anything else, guys. I'm going to have a article out next on how to dramatically improve network performance and lower your ping and warzone. I've been having nothing but problems with my internet and ping until I finally found a bunch of fixes that helped me out tremendously.

I was actually in the middle of working on that article when I discovered the FPS increase, but since it was such a major increase, I decided to put this article out first. The network optimizations are going to be a little bit longer than a article, but make sure you check them out because you could end up seeing a massive improvement.

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It should be out very soon. Just make sure you're subscribed with notifications turned on so you get the actual notification. I have a bunch of FPS and system performance articles planned that should help you guys out a lot with War Zone. If you found this article helpful and it actually worked, do me a favor and drop me a like.

I'll catch you next time, and if not, kick rocks. Peace, kick

Showing you a setting that I stumbled onto by accident that massively increases FPS while keeping graphics quality pretty much the same. Works for all PCs.
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