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dark aether rift guide

Ladies and gentlemen Season 2 reloaded added a new Easter egg within zombies, and today I'm going to show you how to do that Easter egg solo. Now, it's not the easiest thing in the world, but it is definitely doable, and of course, this is how you unlock all of the Season 2 reloaded schematics as well, so we'll talk about that at the end of the article, but I'm going to show you step by step the easiest way to do this solo, walk you right through it, and have some live gameplay to go along with it as well, so let's start out with where you need to start.

So step one is to get to the rift. This is the easiest of the steps, but you have to be a little bit careful because you are going to be going into the Tier 3 Zone and going to get off. Here, use this, and then vote. Yes, so then you just have to wait 10 seconds. I'm going to armor up while we wait now.

Once you're inside the rift, there are three locations that you're going to need to go to, as well as completing the main objective and beating the boss. You don't have to do all three in one run, as I did in this one, so it is definitely doable solo, and that's what I'm going to show you how to do.

These are the locations that you're seeing here, but I'm also going to show you how to get to them. But what we're going to do first is ignore the objective, and we're going to climb over here, and we need to get on top of the boat. The easiest way to do this, and hopefully I can do it on my first shot, is to go over here and jump up here.

dark aether rift mw3

TR, climb onto here, and then up onto the boat. The first one, by far the easiest one, is this one. We're going to pull out our fists. As you can see, there's a fist on the seal, and when it does, it is going to drop an instant kill. That's because we need to get melee kills here now. Don't grab it right away.

Wait for zombies to start spawning. There we go, and then just punch yourself to victory, and just every zombie that pops up, punch it. You have the instant kill, and just like that, we have the gloves. So from here, the next place that we want to go is to the soccer field. The soccer field is here.

You want to go to this little intersection over there, and now this next sigil, this one's easy; it's just get a head shot. There's only one of the sigils that's actually at all difficult, so just activate this right away and then again stay in the circle. Time, get a head shot, and boom, just like that, we've completed this one.


This one is going to give us the target perforated target, and then from here, this is actually going to be the furthest one that we are going to go to, and we aren't actually going to do it right away because there's going to be some other things that we need to complete, and it's going to bring us closer to the objective, so you might as well, at this point, go ahead and do the actual objective that we are supposed to do.

All right, we got up. Here, NOP, now we're good. We are at the apple cider vinegar plant now. If you can climb on top of this thing, this one doesn't take damage, so you don't have to worry about zombies hitting it, so this is the easiest way to complete this part. Just get on top of it and shoot what you can.

I'm out of armor. All right, when we get up to these light PS here, that is when we are going to hit our first objective, and that little glowing electricity over there is our first objective; it is going to be a mimic. You have to kill it, so as soon as we go and interact, boom, a mimic spawns, and he's going to hurt you.

mw3 zombies dark aether

I have no armor, so we're just going to run. Your job is to get back to the ACV, so it's when we get to this point that the vehicle stalls here anyway, and you have to wait for a little cut scene. This is when we're going to go do the next signature. I might have gone too; far, it's somewhere around here, so right here on the map, so once we activate, these are going to spawn, and, immediately, I'm just going to throw a monkey bomb right away.

The monkey bomb is going to give me time to activate these seals. The first one we need is napom bur, so we're going to use that, but essentially, I'm just getting these to drop onto the ground, and I just screwed up because I picked them up dead. Again, as I mentioned, this one is by far the most annoying.

mw3 zombies dark aether easter egg guide

Give me a napon burst okay now we can kill zombies in this okay apparently I have brain rot now no zombies are spawning and you'll see it when the outside circle changes so they changes to cryoe which I happen to have on the ground here so we can pick that one up immediately, but as you can see this is by far the longest one so it just switched to dead wire you can see the electricity around the outside now tricky part is actually getting it brain rot is the last, one and I'm just going to get it to drop.

Here, so once we get all four done, then it pops and we get our next riff reward, which is the pristine Mir. So now, as you can see, I only have 16 minutes left, which is not a lot of time, so we need to finish the objectives very quickly. We get back to the ACV; we don't have to wait for the little cut scene anymore, but this is the longest part of the main mission, and it's inside of that building there, so when we go in, here, you need to take these out, so this is where the death perception comes in because it is going to help you see these little nodes, and there's 15 of them, so it's not a small amount.

mw3 zombies dark aether guide

I recommend starting on the second floor, and generally speaking, they are found at intersections, but this one, kind of, isn't basically whenever you see a stairwell, you want to check the stairwell, so there's one more here, so we're missing one, and I think I see it right in front of us. Okay, there we go, infested stronghold complete.

When you're doing that, death perception is your best friend, so now we need to get back to here, and sometimes this takes a while to say wait for Fletcher at the ACV, and for some reason sometimes he just takes a long time, so come on there we go. So as soon as those soldiers appear, we are on the move, so again, just get on the ACV.

This is the final movement section before we hit the final boss. Okay, so once you get to here, you're going to do this like an outlast. There it is. So in this final rift, the last thing that you are going to get here is a drum. As you can see, this drum is yellow as a PS to purple. So, when we have that, you have all four items that you need, and just like that, you have all four items.

This is the newest Season 2 Reloaded easter egg rift in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. In this video I show you the easy guide for solo players to unlock the new schematics in MW3 Zombies. I hope you enjoy.
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