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How to get the brand new schematics inside of Modern Warfare 3 zombies for the VR1 The blood-burning bicycle. As well as Mags of Holding, three awesome schematics I think this has been a pretty solid update, and this is to reenter the dark ether within the second Rift that has opened up that takes you to Asaed.

Market from Al Mazra First of all, you obviously need to complete the brand new story mission that has been added to Act 4, released in Season 2 Reloaded, called Counter Measures. This is a very easy mission, even on my own. It's a lot easier to do than the last one, and once you've managed to successfully complete this first story mission, you get access to the drum that is already upgraded, and that is one of the items already.

Then there are more items you need to obtain as well as upgrades that you can do in any particular order. The next one are boxing gloves; now, unlike season 1 W, to reenter the dark ether, all of these items are instead inside the dark ether itself. So you will need to keep coming back, and you can't just find them on the regular ö map.


The first item is gloves, and you need to head over to the boat, which is located at E5 on the TAC map. There is a statue over here that you can interact with that was spawned in an instant kill, and then you are able to simply melee zombies. After which, the item will drop, which you can pick up.

Now you can get all of these items in one run in the dark ether, or if you fill and exit, you will just keep them in your inventory and store them. Nevertheless, you need to come back into the game to get back onto Oan in order to upgrade the gloves, and in order to do so, you need to head to the boxing gym that is found right at the bottom of Zara Van City.

Simply go to the middle of the boxing ring, offer up the gloves, and then there are three different punching bags that you will need to punch, and you just need to keep spam punching them until all three eventually set a light. After that, a zombie will spawn, and once again, you will need to fist to death.

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And then it will drop the item, which you can pick up again. These can be stored in your inventory; don't get rid of them; you need to keep them until you place them on the pedestal. Now you are able to place these items on the pedestal as soon as you have upgraded them, so by all means, just place them there straight away; it would probably be a wiser choice than getting all of the items before you place them, as it increases the risk of you dying and losing those items.

The other item you can get is the target. Again, in the dark ether, And you need to head behind the stadium, which is located at E4. On the TAC map, all you need to do is simply interact. With this statue here, you need to just get head shots. After you've gotten enough, it'll drop the item, and you can pick it up.

In order to upgrade it again, you need to be back on the Ukrainian map, and you need to head over to H3 on the TAC map, where there is this firing range in the Shannon manner. If you interact with the target, then the targets will be purple and all red, and you can shoot each target until they are all red and shoot the spawn zombie in the head.

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They drop the item and pick it up. The fourth and final item is once again that you need to get this in the dark ether, and there is a statue you need to interact with, which is located at L8 on the TAC map, and it is found within the fog. Venture through the fog, good old Transit days, then you need to kill zombies with an alternative ammo type AKA and ammo mod such as dead wire, brain rot, etc., and you'll see that the elements will constantly change around this obelisk, which will correspond with which ammo mod type you need to use, and the zombies will have that ammo mod effect on them, so you just need to kill those zombies that correspond with which alternative ammo type you use, but they will have these aat powers once you've cycled through them all.

After you've managed to kill enough again, the item drops, which you can then pick up, and to upgrade this item on ö down, you need to go to the top right of the map where there is a graveyard, and if you interact with this distinct gravestone, offer The unattuned will relic to it, and it will spawn.

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There are two zombies that have different alternative ammo mod effects on them, so I guess it's similar to the one we had before, and basically you will need to kill them with the respective ammo mod. You can then come up the tower, and there are different ammo mods you can pick up, so you can attach them to your weapon with whichever.

You need to kill, so for example, blue is of course electric dead wire, so just kill the two zombies with the respective ammor mod, and after killing both, it will drop the pristine mirror. Once you are done, like I said, I would recommend doing this as you collect the items and then need to place them on this pedestal.

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And this can be found right at the top of the Tier 3 Zone, the high threat zone, where there is a new tornado, similar to the one before, but you need to place them on the pedestals in the right place, so of course you need to place the mirror. Whether's the mirror icon or the drum icon, the gloves where there's a gloves icon, and a Target where there's a Target icon After you do this with this new D, the rift will appear, and there will be an EMP mimic that you'll just need to quickly defeat, and this will spawn in a reward rift with one sigil.

You can then use this sigil or get an elder sigil on the new dark ether Rift, and then you can go up to the ether Rift and place the sigil, and you can go back in the dark ether. Here, you can complete three different contracts where there are bunnies in the background. I'll be showing the locations of where these bunnies are so you can activate these contracts, claim your rewards, and get some other loot as well; however, if you grind these contracts, you are able to obviously get an elder signature, which you want to keep on to because that's how you get the new schematics.

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And if you do exit the dark ether and you want to enter it again, you just need to get a sigil again, which you can obtain by completing Tier 3 contracts in the Red Zone. Anyway, once you've got an elder sigil, you will then be able to go back to this ether Rift, and you'll be able to go to the other side of this time to then enter the elder dark ether, which is a much harder version of the dark ether, a Tier 4 Zone instead of Tier 2, and you can then just grind the contracts once again.

MW3 Zombies Easter Egg Guide Season 2 Reloaded How to re-enter The Dark Aether Unlock New Schematics Mags of Holding, V-R11, Blood Burner Keys! Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Elder Sigil Dark Aether Rift.
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