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And welcome to a brand new MWZ article. For those of you who don't know. In this one, I'll be showing you guys an in-depth guide on how to obtain the MMA gloves, the perforated target, the pristine mirror, and the drum in order to unlock the new dark Ether Portal. Before we get into all that, I just want to take a moment to thank you.

U4gm is a safe, trusted, and reliable Call of Duty service provider, and they'll help you unlock all the rare schematics and zombies in all the camos. They also offer a lot of other services. So the first step is to activate the new act, Four Story Mission countermeasures. I'd strongly recommend completing a few contracts in the Tier 3 Zone just to get one or two self-revivals of a pack two weapon or higher.

A three-plate vest and a durable mask would come in handy as well, once you're all set up and you're ready to obtain all four items. Make your way over to the countermeasures mission, which is located by this Ether Portal in Tier 3 Zone. Interact with the portal, open your map, and hold y on Xbox or triangle on Playstation to accept the teleport request.

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Once you arrive in the dark ether, you'll notice this large boat to your left. Make your way up this boat either by jumping on this truck and climbing up or by making your way to the billboard, climbing all the way to the top, jumping over to the truck, and mantling from there. Once you're on the boat, make your way to the center, and you'll find an obelisk that you can interact with.

To fill the Obelisk with zombie souls, you'll have to melee all the zombies. The rowing and ether blades will not work for this; however, you'll be given a free instakill, so go ahead and start beating up all the zombies. Once you've killed enough zombies, the Obelisk will be filled, and you'll receive the MMA gloves.

So now we have one out of the four items required. After receiving the MMA gloves, jump down and make your way to E4 on the map; it's basically the crossroads found at the northernmost part of the map. Once you get here, interact with the Obelisk for this challenge. All you'll have to do is get headshot kills with your weapon of choice until the obelisk is filled.


Once you've completed the challenge, you'll receive the perforated target, so now we have two out of the four items required. Go ahead and run back to your spawn point and continue with Mission as normal. Once the ACV arrives at this strange red object, it'll stop driving, so just hop off and make your way over to I8 on the map.

If you want, you could interact with this little radio tower here, which will spawn a mimic and kill it now, or you could do so after obtaining the next item. Once again, make your way to I8 on the map. This area will be filled with fog, so it'll be kind of hard to find the Obelisk, so just keep exploring until you find it.

Once you find it, go ahead and interact with it. For this challenge, you'll have to kill zombies based on the elemental ring that appears around you. If there's a fire ring, then use a napon to burst an ice ring, then use cryofreeze, electricity, and dead wire, and if you barely see the ring, then go ahead and use the brain.

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Rod, you'll find all the ammo mods you need by interacting with the corresponding tombstone that'll float around the obelisk. Once you fill up the obelisk, you'll have the pristine mirror, and we now have three out of the four required items. After that, make your way back to the ACV, and it'll eventually stop in front of you.

For this part, I'd strongly recommend having death perception equipped, as it'll allow you to find the 15 spores a lot easier. However, even with death perception, it took us a while. There are ammo cachets within the mall, so be sure to interact with those just to refill your gas mask from time to time once you've destroyed all 15 spores.

Make your way back to the ACV and hang around there until Fletcher finally decides to show up so you can continue with the mission. Eventually, the ACV is going to arrive at the stadium, and you'll have to interact with a PN and complete the Outlast Mission. This part is pretty straight-forward; once you've completed the Outlast Mission, you'll have to fight a boss called Craw.

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It's a mangler, and to be honest, he's super easy to take out, so you shouldn't have any problems here. After killing Crair, open up the reward rift to obtain the golden drum. We now have all the items required for the next step, so go ahead xfill to complete the mission and enjoy the cut scene. For the second step, you'll want to equip all four items in pack two or pack three.

Bring along whichever weapon you feel most comfortable with, and once you have everything, go ahead and load into Ekhan. Once you're in Ekhan, make your way over to F8 on the map. This building will have a little room that has a boxing ring in the center. Just climb into the ring, and it'll give you a prompt to use your MMA gloves.

Go ahead and do that, then jump out of the boxing ring and punch all three punching bags in the corner of the room. This will cause a zombie to spawn in the middle of the boxing ring, so just go in there and KO the guy using melee hits. After killing the zombie with melee attacks, he'll receive the golden MMA glub.

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So we now have two out of the four items required since a drum is already gold from completing the mission in step one for the second item. Make your way over to H8. On the map in this area, you'll find a firing range. Walk up to the target that's in the center, and you'll receive an interact prompt to use your perforated target.

Once you do that, you'll begin the challenge. You'll have a couple floating blue targets in the area, and once you shoot them, they'll turn red. You can kill them in any order, so if you want, you can follow the route I took; if not, just skip ahead a few seconds and continue with it. Once you shoot the final target, a glowing red zombie will spawn, and you'll have to kill it however you please.

As soon as you kill the zombie, the challenge will be completed, and you'll receive the golden perforated target. Now we have just one item left to obtain the final item. Make your way to the border of I3; it's where the church and graveyard are located. Once you're up here, find this tomb, and you'll receive an inter-R prompt to use your pristine mirror.

mw3 zombies easter egg guide

Go ahead and do that, and then an elemental zombie will spawn. Just run over to this place here, and you'll find all the ammo mods you need, kind of like we did during step one to initially obtain the pristine mirror. Use the correct ammo mod on the elemental zombie that spawns, and congratulations! You've now obtained all four items required.

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