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dark aether rift guide

In today's article, we're going to be going over the best way to grind out the new dark AA Zone to get the schematics. I've now done three runs of this, and I believe I've only come out with the vr11, Schematic as of so far, but I've got a fair few acquisitions. I've got mags of holding acquisitions, and at one point I got a couple of blood burner key acquisitions so I can spawn into my next game with those so you can get some very nice loot from them, and of course, if you guys have been playing the recent Dark Ather Zone, you know you've been grinding that trying to get the best acquisitions and stuff out of that as well.

Just use a similar loadout to what you've been using; it's exactly the same sort of difficulty. There's no harder zone; it's not any harder than the previous one, so if you guys were doing the last one and you felt pretty comfortable, do exactly what you were doing for that other one and go into the new one, and you're going to feel just exactly the same in that sort of situation.

So as you can see up on screen right now, here is where all three of the contracts do spawn. You're going to have a bounty contract, which will be taken down by a mega-abomination. You're then going to get an Outlast contract, and you are then going to get an extractor contract. So just like the previous dark AA, we've got an Outlast contract and an Ather extract contract, but instead of an escort contract, we have got a bounty contract this time round, so it's a little bit different in that aspect, but the other two players are exactly the same and have the same strategies.

dark aether rift mw3

The outlast one is pretty easy, especially if you've got quite a big team doing this. You have to hold down the room; the zombies are going to spawn from either side of you to the left or right. I've not noticed too many coming from the back, so I don't know if they do come from behind, but you probably just want to focus on the left and right-hand sides.

You know, for the extract, you can use your decoy grenade. You can use your decoy grenade; you can use your field upgrades to actually try and take out the zombies while you know you're overloading. The extractor or whatever it might be, do it exactly the same way as you were doing the last one; it's going to work in exactly the same way.

mw3 zombies

Take out all three contracts that are completed for the Outlast; of course, you want to get up to 100%. And that is going to finish the contract that way around; they're really not too difficult to do; I really didn't struggle. As you can see in the game play. I think there's about five or six of us on the team, so it made it very nice to do, and then for the Bounty contract guys, it is going to be against a mega Abomination.

The one thing I will say for this is that you are going to be going into a low-visibility zone, so just keep that in mind because it's not going to be the clearest. You might want to take things like Sentry turrets in and things like that as a score streak so you can place them down and make it a little bit easier to take down the Mega Abomination, but again, as with any Mega Abomination in the Tier 3 Zone, it's very simple to do.

Just wait for those mouths to open up and pop them when they're shooting their lasers. You know, do it that way. As you can see in the game playay behind me, it doesn't take us long to take down this Mega Abomination. Okay, it's a bounty target. Okay, we're in the dark ather zone, so it's got a little bit extra health, but overall, it just doesn't really take too long to take it down again.

mw3 zombies dark aether

You're going to get a nice reward, Rift, for this. You can get yourself some decent loot. You could potentially have some acquisitions or schematics. Drop out of this again for the last one; like I said, you just want to hold it down again. You could go for something like a score streak if you wanted to put a Sentry turret down in that little room because it is a little bit more difficult than the last zone, because as you guys know, in the last zone you could just run up the balcony, jump off the end, jump up the stairs, run around again, and you could basically do the Outlast contract without even shooting at one zombie at all, whereas this one's a little bit more difficult because you are ground level, there's nothing to jump up on, and there's no.

Of running around the zombies, of course you've got to stay in the zone to tick it up, but again, it's not too difficult to do. You can sort of sit in the room like you can see me and the rest of the team spraying out of those windows to the left and right-hand sides where the zombies are going to be spawning, taking them out nice and quickly.

mw3 zombies dark aether easter egg guide

You could probably do this as a solo run. I don't really recommend it. Of course, if you've got a squad to do it with, why wouldn't you? It's going to make it a lot easier; you're still going to get the same loot and the same rewards, but you can definitely do it solo. It's just going to be a little bit more difficult, and I think this Outlast contract might make it a little bit more difficult than the previous one if you guys are planning on doing this solo.

mw3 zombies dark aether guide

And then, like I said, for the extractor contract, you are just going to have to go and get it, start the contract up, go, and then overrun all three extractors. Like I said before, though, use your decoy grenades, your Kaiser grenades, whatever it might be that's going to take those zombies away from you, take their attention away from you, or you can put something on the ground like one of your fi upgrades, pop one of those down, it's then I make the zombies not be able to see you, or you know you got the field mine you can put down, which is just going to take out a load of zombies for free burst, allowing you to get those kills nice and easy, and then you can overload the reactor very easily without being attacked by too many zombies.

So overall, it's not too difficult to do. There you've got the extractor one, which is again going to be on top of that building, and then the Outlast one, which I believe is on top of the one in E7. But as you can see, they've got all the coordinates as well, so you've got C5, where the Bounty is literally right next to where you spawn.

mw3 zombies dark aether rift

Just spawn in and run backwards. Grab that one. Go and Kill the Mega Abomination, you can then Loop Round into the Outlast one, start that that's going to start up next to the extractor one, so then once you finish the Outlast, you can go straight to the EXT, extract the contract, pick that one up, then go and complete that, and then you are able to xill, and then, as you can see, you have got the xfill zone up there in the top corner, so that's where you're going to go an xfill once you've completed all three contracts.

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