News - How To Unlock The New Dark Aether Rift Easter Egg Warzone 2

dark aether rift location mw3

So in this article, I'll be going through a full step-by-step walkthrough on how to unlock the new dark Aether Rift. First, you want to enter the countermeasures, Story Mission. There will be three purple items that you need to collect in that story. Mission, and if this is your first time doing the countermeasure, you could get this all done at once so you don't have to go another time.

All right, let's get started. So first step: you want to spawn, and then immediately turn around and go to the boat up here. When you first spawn, once you get to the boat, you want to activate the seal, but you don't get the instant kill right away. You want to wait a little bit to let zombies spawn, because you need to fist all these zombies, pause, and kill them, and then once you do that, the gloves will come.

dark aether rift mw3

Fem, next one, this one's a little, but there's more to it on this seal. You want to interact with these floating things that will drop AMOM mods. The first one will be Napom Amod. Kyo freeze am ammo mod, then dead wire ammo mod, and then finally brain rot ammo mod. Once you do all that, it will drop the place, and if this is your first time obviously, at the end of doing the store mission there'll be a final boss and it'll drop the golden drum, and you want to make sure to get that because that'll be a part to open the rift now to upgrade the purple items that you just got to gold.

First, you want to go to the cemetery here, interact with this tombstone with the mirror, and three different zombies will come after you, and you want to go to this middle part up here that drops the dead wire. Cy freeze or naom, depending on what zombie you spawned, you need to kill him with the right ammo mod, and of course freeze is like the icy-looking guy, anom is the fire guy, and dead wire is the electric guy, so make sure to kill him with the right ammo mod.

Once you kill all the zombies, it will drop the golden. Mirror, next you want to go to the fire range, and of course I'll be showing on the map here you want to interact with this middle Target and a bunch of targets will spawn, and you want to make sure to shoot them. There's one target behind the shooting range and then one behind you, so make sure to go find those and shoot them, and then once you shoot all the targets, a red zombie will spawn.

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You want to kill that, and it'll drop the golden. Target, the final one to upgrade to Gold will be to give SE gloves. You want to go here, as you can see, and go to the middle of the ring and interact with it, and then hit these three punching bags, and then you want to fight the zombie that spawns into the ring.

Only melee him, though, and then he'll drop the golden. Gloves now you want to go to the Aether Rift that's near the counter measures, extract it; it'll be near it, and then you just want to put in the items on the right pedestal, and the pedestals will show exactly which one you need to put in. Then a mimic boss will spawn, and you kill that, and then you get your sigil to open the Darth Ather.

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