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With the new Actx Mission, we now have three new schematics and another Aether Portal, so let me give you the rundown on how to unlock the portal and the new schematics. First, you have to complete the second mission in Act 4. You can do this by going to the xfill portal in Tier 3. In the mission, the zombies will only be of Tier 2 difficulty, so this can be done with a Pack 2 weapon and the best Aether tool that you have.

I went in with the Haymaker using this build, bringing in death perception, and a gas mask is also recommended. Once the mission starts, you can clear it pretty easily by just following the objectives on screen, but there's going to be some parts outside of the mission that you need to pick up. The first one is on the boat next to where you spawn.

You can make it up there by running around the back of it and climbing up these rocks. There will be an obisk up there, and after activating it, an instakill will spawn, and all you have to do is melee zombies within the circle around it. If the instakill runs out before the challenge is complete, just kill a few zombies with your weapon, and either it will end or spawn another instakill.

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Once you complete it, grab the purple-tattered MMA gloves from the rift, and you can head over to the next item. Make your way over to E3. On the map in the Ois, it will be at the intersection of these dirt roads. After activating it, you'll need to get a head shot within the circle, and once you're done, pick up the purple-perforated target from the rift.

There's still one more item to get, but for now you can head back to Rabinov, go up the stairs of the building, rescue the dudes in the room, then head back to the Rover and escort it until you get near the fair. Once you get there, don't interact with this computer; it just makes it easier to grab the next item if you don't head down over the ledge to I8 on the map, and there will be the last obis.

After starting it, you'll have to get kills within the circle with four different ammo mods, and if you didn't bring any, don't worry; there'll be a few tombstones floating around it where you can get the required ammo mod. To know what ammo mod to use, just look at the circle around you for me. It started with a flame, so go ahead and grab the Napal burst, but pay close attention when you grab it because after interacting with the tombstone, it will drop the ammo mod on the ground.


Now just take out the zombies in the circle with it until it changes to the next element. My next circle was Frost, so I went and grabbed cryofreeze and took zombies out with it. Now you just need to rinse and repeat this until the Obelisk is complete, but this is what the electric circle looked like, which you need dead wire for, and this is what the gas circle looked like, which you need brain work for.

Once all these are done, grab the purple, pristine mirror from the rift. Now that you have these items, you can complete the mission like normal. Head back to the computer and interact with it; this will transform into an electric mimic, so take that out and head back to the ACV. It'll move a little bit until it gets to this red ball, and once it stops, follow Rabinov into this little room just to make this part go by a bit faster, then follow it again to the mall, and once it stops in front of it, head on in, and you'll have to clear out all the spores in the stronghold.

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If you have death perception, it makes the step a lot easier. There'll be 15 spores throughout the mall on both floors, so make sure you get them all, and if at any point your gas mask starts to get low, you can find an ammo cache down the main hall to the left. Once you get these cleared, I recommend going over to this door down this hallway near these stairs to escort him out of the mall; otherwise, it'll take him forever to get his dumbass out.

Now follow the ACV, again to the final spot by this stage, and start up the p and d. You just have to wait until it's done. Once it's complete, an electric mangler will spawn. This boss fight isn't too bad, but just be careful when it empties. Because you won't be able to reload or use your field upgrade, once you beat his ass with a gift, Rift will spawn with a golden drum in it.

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Make sure you pick that up. Now that that's done, we've got to upgrade all these purple items to gold, so you can go ahead and open up the new portal on top of the mountain in Tier 3 to do this hop-in game with your weapon of choice. I'm still personally using the Haymaker from before, and make sure you have all your purple items in your drum with you to upgrade the mirror head over to the graveyard in I3.

On the map, there will be a gravestone near the cliffside, so interact with that, and three zombies will spawn. You'll have to kill them with the ammo mod that matches the color glowing on them to get the ammo mods. head on over to this little castle-looking thing nearby, and at the top will be ammo mods that you can grab the same way you did at the obelis; for the purple zombie, you'll need to kill it with dead wire; for the white Frost zombie, you'll need cry freeze; and for the fire one, you'll need napom.

Burst when they're all dead; make sure you pick up your upgraded golden mirror; and just ahead, heads up, if you mess up any of these at any point, it'll drop your purple item back, and you can restart it next to upgrade the target. Head on over to Highway 8, and near the end of the road there'll be a firing ring.

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Place it on the closest target, and it'll spawn some floating blue targets that'll turn red once you hit them. Most of them are pretty obvious spots in front of you, but there will be one that spawns behind the crates across the road from the firing range, and there will be one behind the wall behind the firing range.

Once all the targets have been hit, a glowing red zombie will spawn out of the last one. Take it out and collect your golden target. Lastly, to upgrade the gloves, head on over to the boxing gym in F8. Stand in the boxing ring and interact with it to start. Next, go over to the red punching bags and punch them quickly from left to right.

This will spawn a zombie that can only be damaged in the ring with melee attacks. You can either beat his ass with your fist or use a knife to take it out quickly, but just make sure you pick up the Golden Gloves when you're done. Now that you have all the items, you're ready to start up the new Aether Portal.

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I recommend having your weapon at least Pack-a-Punch 3 first because, after putting all four items on their pedestals,. You'll have to fight a boss mimic that comes out of the portal. Once you defeat it, you won't have to go and grab these items again, and you'll always have access to this portal.

How to unlock all the new schematics, Mag of Holding, Blood Burner Key VR-11 and the new Dark Aether Rift in the Season 2 Reloaded Update for Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.
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