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Intro / updates

Intro / updates

The season 2 reloaded update is finally here, and with that, in the Modern Warfare Zombies mode, we have a new mission in Act 4, leading us down a new portal where we're following Renov and Fletcher into the new ether. If you are looking for the guide on how to unlock the Easter egg and unlock the new Rift which is located on the hill in tier 3 you have found yourself at the Right article today we are going to be going over where to discover these new relics and how to unlock the rift itself whether you're solo or with the squad which comes hand inand in the new Mission portal that you have to enter into for this new season 2 reloaded update now the Modern Warfare Zombies Community has waited a long time for some sort of New Missions, and has been quite stale in terms of what we can and cannot do while we've just been sitting around waiting for this type of update so I am very hopeful in the future for season 3 that they do have a revamped.

dark aether rift guide

Version of this game mode like they did with DMZ, because I think there's a lot of potential here. Yes, we love those traditional round-based zombies, but there is something here that they can build on; they just have to put more focus into this game mode and in giving it to the community. That is what they want, and I think they have something really special here now.

To get things started, there will be a new mission that everyone can do and has available to them, and this new mission portal is going to be located at the border of F4 or F3. On your actual map, once you make your way there, it's fairly easy to find; it is going to be marked in plain view and also on your map for you to be able to go to the second you drop into the game, but then you're going to make your way there, activate the portal, a 10-second countdown will begin, and then you're going to enter that new dark ether Rift.

Now you can absolutely do this solo if you would like to; it's fairly easy to do. I would say to have at least a Pap 2 crystal on whatever weapon you have and a rare or legendary item because the zombies in here are just tier 2 zombies. Now, to make this even quicker, you can go in with a scorcher. But it is not needed.

Finding each relic

Finding each relic

It at all the second you enter the dark ether, you're going to turn left, and there's going to be this huge cargo, ship that is right next to you you're going to want to turn around and head towards the back end of that cargo ship in order to get on the ship itself in the open area where you're going to see the first seal, now this first seal is containing the MMA, fighter glove Relic and I want to say this is more than just the blueprints that you're getting because you need to convert these relics into more of that legendary.

Version of The Relic in order to. Actually, open that dark ether Rift, but let's not get ahead of ourselves, so to start things off, you're going to activate that seal. As soon as it's activated, there is going to be a circle that's around, and with these seals, they always need to collect zombie souls, so right when you activate it, an instant kill will be available.

dark aether rift mw3

Once you use that insta kill, you're going to want to fight the zombies with just your fists, and once you kill a zombie with your fist, that's going to activate the seal to collect the souls. And once it collects enough souls, it will drop those MMA fighter gloves for you to be able to St, and that's just going to be the first relic that we can go ahead and claim in the reward Rift, so your next seal is actually going to be behind that cargo ship and behind the stadium, and on the map, if you look when you're in game, it's going to be between E4 and F4.

And it's going to be at the point where there's a dirt road, and it's where four streets, or four roads, meet in the middle of the crossroad, and the seal is going to be right in that middle, so as soon as you activate it, another circle is going to pop up, and this is to get the target relic in order to complete it.

mw3 zombies

In this portion, what you're going to need to do is kill zombies within that circle by just getting a critical head shot. Only once you've completed this seal is it going to open up a new rift for you to be able to collect that target and relic for you to be able to stow and take out of the game when you exit the rift.

Now the final relic here is going to be in between the I8 and the I9. If you open up your map right on that line, it's going to be directly in the middle there, and this is where we're going to find the pristine mirror relic. Now for this relic, there are four different types of ammo mods that you need to use.

You don't need to bring them into the game because it will provide you with those ammo mods by breaking the mirrors that circle around the seal. Now this is going to require a little bit of attention to detail here, so when the circle opens up, there's going to be fire, and I'm pretty sure the same order stays the same regardless, but you're going to need to use the fire ammo mod for the first seal.

mw3 zombies dark aether

Mission now: once it collects enough souls, it's going to change colors, and this time you're going to need to use the Creo ammo mod and get however many kills are needed in order to fulfill the sols required within that portion, and then afterwards, it's going to be dead wire, and after that, we'll be the final one with brain rot.

Now, in order to unlock these ammo mods again, you just have to go to those mirrors, press X to break it for that mod, and then use it on your weapon when it comes time to activate and kill the zombies using that actual ammo mod, but once you complete that, another Rift will open up and you will be able to collect the pristine.

Mirror and stow it away so when you exit you will have that for the next main game Lobby, to unlock the reward Rift, and then once you have that you're going to want to go ahead and fill once you get all three so you can secure them and keep them in your rucksack because we're going to need it for the next round to get these from purple to gold, to actually place on the pedestals to unlock that final dark ether Rift.

Well, now you're probably thinking okay, Mayhem. I have these relics, but how do I turn them into gold? Well, this is where you're going to need to hop.

Converting relics to gold

Converting relics to gold

into another game on the main map and bring in all of these relics, including the drum, in order to unlock this final rift. Now each relic has a hint or a verbiage that's listed with each relic, and that is your main hint of where to go on the big map for the pristine mirror.

MW3 Zombies NEW Season 2 Reloaded GUIDE Dark Aether Rift Unlock for Schematics and Easter Eggs.
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