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My name's Hypnos, and welcome to a brand new MWZ. In this article, I'll be showing you all how you can easily unlock the dark Aether Rift as a solo player. Before we begin, I quickly want to thank 4GM for sponsoring this article. 4GM is a professional Call of Duty boosting service, and they'll help you unlock all the rare schematics, including the new classified schematics.

They'll even help you unlock the Borealis, Camo, and so much more. Hip for 5%, All right, guys. So in order to open up the dark Aether Rift, you'll need to have four items. One of these items is the locked diary, and you'll have to complete the Act Four Story Mission Bad Signal to obtain it. If you guys need help with that, then check out my previous article where I show you guys exactly how to take out the giant worm boss easily as a solo player.

Once you've obtained the lock diary, we'll need three more items: The pill bottle the dog. Coller, and the surveillance camera Don't worry, you don't have to do all of this in one game, as you can just xill after getting the item and keep it in your stash. So let's begin with the pill bottle. In order to receive the pill bottle, you'll need to have the brain rod ammo mod on your weapon.

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If you don't have one of them in your stash and you don't have the schematics for it, then I'd recommend farming some Tier 1 contracts until you find one. Once you've got the brain route ammo mod on your weapon, it's time to make our way over to an ather nest. Get inside of it and shoot at one of these cysts, as shown on screen.

Just make sure your weapon isn't too powerful, or you might end up destroying it. Once you've shot at it and Brain Rod has done its job, you'll notice that you'll have an interact prompt on screen, allowing you to open up the toxic cyst. Inside the cyst, you'll find a purple pill bottle. Now just go ahead and complete the ather nest as you normally would.

Now it's time to locate another tier. You can find these all over the map, so just keep an eye out for them, and it shouldn't take you too long to find one. Once you find one, go ahead and walk into it. As soon as it shoots you up into the sky, it'll make you face in the direction of a green Aether tear.

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Just go ahead and open up your parachute and fly right into it. This green tear will take you right over to a purple HVT, and you'll want to go ahead and accept that. Your target will be in the low-threat zone, so there's not too much to worry about. Just make your way over to the HVT and take him out, and that's going to give you the golden pill bottle.

Now, if you want, you can go ahead and fill the pill bottle in your stash or just stay in there and get the surveillance camera. To get the surveillance camera, you'll need to have the dead wire AMOM mod equipped on your weapon drive around the map until you locate one of these Harvester orbs. Once you find one, just keep shooting at it until you finally destroy it, which might take a minute or two.

After destroying the Harvester orb, it'll drop a purple surveillance camera. Go ahead and pick that up. Just like with the pill bottle, it's time to locate another tier, Run into the ather tier, and once it shoots you up into the sky, it'll make you face in the direction of a yellow ather tier. Just open your parachute and fly right into it.

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This will teleport you into the medium-threat zone, and once again, it will ping a purple HVT contract near you. Go ahead and pick up the contract. Now this HVT will be in the medium threat zone, so you may want to have your weapon at Pack-a-Punch Tier 1 or 2 just to make things a bit quicker and easier.

After killing the marked HVT, it should drop a golden surveillance camera at this point. I definitely recommend X filling, as we'll be going into the Tier 3 zone for the next item. The final item we'll need is the dog collar. In order to obtain the dog collar, you'll need to have Molotov equipped, and you're going to need to find a chunk of meat.

Your best bet would be to start an escort contract race and just let the tank run over the zombies. You should find the chunk of meat pretty quickly that way. Once you've obtained a chunk of meat and you have your Molotov equipped, it's time to locate a doghouse. You can easily spot these from a distance because they'll have some black smoke coming off them, or you can use a map on the screen that shows some of the doghouse locations.

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As soon as you find a doghouse, walk up to it and place a chunk of meat and a Molotov inside. This is going to spawn a hellhound, which you'll have to kill, and that's going to give you a purple dog collar, so now that you have the dog collar in your backpack, it's time to locate an ather tear. Walk up to it, and as soon as it shoots you in the air, it'll make you face in the direction of a red tear.

Open your parachute and fly into it, and that'll bring you into the Tier 3 Zone. Once again, a purple Bounty contract will be pink, so go ahead and accept it and make your way over to the Bounty, Target. Now I used a crossbow for this, which was all right. It's definitely not what it was prior to the update, so I'd recommend using the Snake Shot Kimbo Tii just to make this as easy as possible.

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Don't be afraid to use decoys in the aether shroud. If there's too many zombies running up on you after killing the target, it'll drop a golden dog collar, which is the fourth and final item. Now make your way over to an XVL, and it's time for the final part of this guide. For the final part. I'd strongly recommend bringing the akimbo snake shot tier revolvers along with an Aether tool and a few perks because we'll have to take out a mega Abomination along with a bunch of zombies.

Decoy grenades will help with this as well, and you'll definitely need a self-revive. Make sure you bring the dog collar pill bottle surveillance camera and the lock diary along with you, as we'll be needing those to open up the dark Aether Portal. Once you've got everything equipped, it's time to make our way back to Ekhan.

So if you don't have an armor tool and you don't have any ethereum crystals, just spend some time during this match to gear up properly and make sure you have a pack-a-punch tier 3 weapon for the Mega Abomination fight. I'd recommend having a three-plate vest with two or three self-revivals, and if you want, you could go ahead and buy a sentry gun.

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Once you're fully geared, let's make our way over to the dark Aether Portal, which is located near the Act 4 mission, where you'll see this tornado. Run into the center, and you'll find these four pedestals. Each pedestal has a different ammo mod symbol, and now it's time to place our items on each pedestal.

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