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Now I do want to get this out of the way. Right at the beginning, these schematics are not going to be a guaranteed drop. Cals, but let's go ahead and take a moment and talk about today's sponsor. If you guys are looking to unlock the new MW3 camos, such as Interstellar Borealis, hard-unlocked, or even play in bot lobbies where you can level up your guns and unlock camos rapidly, or even the instant delivery pre-made accounts, be sure to check out Mitch {609}.

They include tons of legitimate services for Playstation, Xbox, and PC and have over 10,000 Trustpilot page reviews. Be sure to use code EER for 5% off. Don't forget to act. Fast, okay now you guys have completed the first mission you got the cut scene you got the drum little icon as you can see we are on back into the same Mission once again but this time instead of starting the mission we went to the boat you can see kind of where I was at the beginning right there that is going to be the jump up at the farthest part if you go straight, from where you spawn in then from here you're going to see there is a seal or a totem right here this totem is going to allow you to start the first secret mission or the Easter egg to unlocking, these items is going to be the boat right here on the map for you but let's go ahead and jump into when we start doing this so I can show you guys how to unlock your first.

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As you can see right there on screen, we just started the totem. Now the boat totem is going to be the easiest one for you; it's going to drop an instant kill off of rip as soon as you start it, and I have a melee weapon on me. The reason for that is because you need to get melee kills inside of this boundary right here.

You can see it going around in a kind of circle, and I am just spamming the living heck out of the RT. Button, all you need to do is use your melee weapon, and you will get kills. It will complete super fast, and you're going to see on screen right here in a couple seconds that we get our first item.


Our item is going to be the MMA boxing gloves. I forget what the specific name for them is, but you're going to get gloves just like that, so let's go ahead and pick them up and stow them in our stash. Now we are on part. Two, part two is going to be super easy it's going to be on the left side of the map you're going to go ahead and activate this one next all you need to do for this one is get headshot kills once you get all the headshot kills you will get your second item so as you can see we're just running around in circles same thing get kills inside of the boundary for head shot this time once you get enough head shot you will get your second item, as you can see right here we are farming up super fast I think this takes an entirety of a minute maybe Max to get this but somebody went down go ahead and use that healing Aura then from here we are about to get it unlocked as you can see right there we just got it so we're going to go ahead and Stow our second, item, now third.

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Item so for the third item this is going to be the most trickiest part you can see I pulled it up on my map for a couple seconds right there but we're basically going to go to the bottom left corner towards the fog once you guys are into the fog you're going to notice a, kind of seal sitting right here this is going to be the most complicated one so first things first you can see on screen right here there's four different ammo mods we need you guys can either bring in all four if you wish if you're playing Solo or this will actually drop you, the ammo mods for free so there's no need to bring it in if you don't want to but if you're not going to use them make sure you stal them as you can see we are running around constantly trying to kill these zombies and get this to activate you need to kill the specific zombies in the aura.

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When it wants you to so what I mean by that is if you guys are in the aura and it is blue you need to use Cairo if it is red you need to use fire dead wire for purple, and then if there's kind of a brain rot or smoke coming around it will be brain rot and there is going to be our last item, now moving into our second game we actually didn't have enough time to XEL and I came in super clutch, and had all of our items that we obtained from in there in a tombstone for when we died you guys can either complete the mission to keep your items for next game or pop a tombstone while you are in the new portal, and make your way over to the church area for next game so that's going to be a different article you can actually set up tombstone in the new portal so stay tuned.

Now all I'm doing right here is grabbing all of my items out of my tombstone, and I'm going to start the next one. This is going to be an H3 zone. You're going to see a little flower pot you can put your item in. This is going to be your mirror item. Once you do that, you're going to go up top where the church area is, and it's going to be the same thing again.

The reason we're doing this is that we are upgrading our items. You need to kill one of each of these zombies using each of these mods: fire for fire, purple for dead wire, etc., and then you will get the upgraded perk, which you can see right there. This is going to be the spot for the boxing gloves, and you can see on the map right there that it is going to be in Tier 1 at the boxing gym.

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One of the most iconic places that everybody knows to go, whether we're playing War Zone or zombies, this one's super easy. Put your gloves down just like so in the middle of the boxing arena. Once done correctly, you are going to go and melee three punching bags. It doesn't matter how fast you do it; you just want to do it from left to right, so one, two, and then three, and then from here there's going to be a zombie to spawn.

Now, I wasn't the brightest pee in the pod, but it turns out that with gloves, it would only make sense to melee the zombie. I ended up not knowing what to do for the longest time, and all I needed to do was melee the zombie. It doesn't matter where you are; you just have to melee it to kill it, and it's going to drop you the new item.

So I'm sitting here waiting for people to come and help me because I'm thinking we need to use fire in order to kill him, but they're going to come over here, and all we start doing is just melee. And boom, we are going to get the new item on screen. This is your upgraded glove that you got while we were in the dark.

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Now that we're moving on to the third one, this is going to be over by the military base, and all I need to do is put the target in there. Once you have the target in there, you're going to have to shoot all of these little orbs that are going to be purple. Now these are going to be guaranteed spawns, so kind of follow closely.

NEW How to Unlock All NEW Schematics in MW3 Zombies FULL WALK-THROUGH.
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