News - New Warzone 2 Zombies Easter Egg Guide: Dark Aether Rift Unlock & All Items Walkthrough. Season 2

dark aether rift guide

Here's how to complete the new season 2 dark EA Easter egg by unlocking the new dark EA Rift portal so you can travel to the dark EA now, just like with season 1. This is a multi-step Easter egg involving getting multiple items, including the drum and the pristine mirror. MMA gloves, and perforated Target, and I'll show you how to get them all in this article once you've completed this Easter egg once you can go into this new dark EA rift at any point by using sigils or Elder sigils and jumping into things, unlike the season 1 Easter egg all these items in the brand new act for Mission Counter Measure, so before you go into the game, make sure you have this active, and once you're in the game, you of course want to set yourself up with a bunch of perks.

Get the Rarities and Pack-a-Punch ready before you go in, and I highly recommend that you use a bullet weapon so there are no launches like a crossbow or anything like that. Once you're ready to start, make your way into the Tier 3 Zone, go to the new Rift area that has been spawned and activated, and vote.

dark aether rift mw3

Yes, along with everyone else in your party voting yes, so you all get poured into the mission. The mission itself is fairly straightforward. But throughout the mission is where you're going to get three of the four items needed for this Easter egg fourth is given to you right when you finish the mission the first item you can go for is immediately following where you spawn as to your left there's going to be a massive boat now if you have a scorcher, you can literally just Scorch it onto the boat and you can start the process for this first item straight away but if you don't have a scorcher then you want to run behind where you've spawned and parkour, up like you're seeing my teammate do here as that's the normal way to get onto the boat but on the boat is going to be a pedestal that if you interact with it give you the prompt to activate a seal and this will start a little lockdown, process where you'll pick up the instakill.

And you'll need to get melee-only kills. During this process, you can only kill zombies within the ring that you're seeing, and they have to be killed with a melee. It doesn't matter if you use your fist or not, and once that's completed, you'll get a reward that will give you tattered MMA gloves, so be sure to pick those up now, as you can see I'm scoring.

mw3 zombies

Up past the football field, and it's just behind here on this track where there's the four different paths that meet, and there's another seal, and if we activate that, this is going to give us a headshot challenge where we have to kill zombies inside this ring, but we can only kill zombies. With a head shot, it's very important to be sure you're hitting those critical kills if you have Deadshot daquiri; that's obviously going to make this a lot easier, and again, this is where having a bullet weapon is so crucial because if you have any other type of weapon, you won't be able to really get a head shot, but as you can see, the souls are going to be flowing onto the top of that seal, and in no time at all you'll have completed it and you'll be given the perforated.

Target, out of the reward Rift above that pillar, we can now move on to getting the third item needed for this Easter egg, and for this, you are going to be going to the bottom right of the map. Again, you do not need the scorcher in order to get there, but obviously, it makes traversing a lot quicker and easier, and at the same time, it is very important that if there are other players in your game, they are going ahead and progressing with the mission CU.

mw3 zombies dark aether

You only have 30 minutes total to be able to do all of these items as well as complete the main mission itself, so just be wary of that. But as you can see, right in the middle of all of this mist is going to be another pedestal that we can activate, and this is an interesting challenge because there is going to be a ring around that's going to Cor at a specific alternate ammo type and in the middle of the pedestal.

On each of the sides are going to be different prompts that allow you to generate one of those alternate ammo types, so you need to match the outer ring with the alternate ammo type that it's showing. The first one that I got here was a napon burst, so I'm going to go ahead and find the sign that has a napon burst, pick it up, and get all the kills.

Once I've managed that. I can see that it's now turned into a cryofreeze. Fire, so I'm going to go ahead and get myself the cryofreeze rounds and then continue to get zombie k, which matches with what that ring is relating to, and again, this is another one where having bullet weapons is incredibly crucial because if you don't, you are just never going to get the alternate ammo type to really activate.

mw3 zombies dark aether easter egg guide

And then you won't be able to progress through this, but as of now, we switched over to dead wire because we can see there's now electricity. Going around the circle, so I'm going to look around to the side. I'm going to try and find where the dead wire is, and it's incredibly finicky as well. There's a lot of ammo drops here; you're going to need to just really be patient so you can get that prompt to appear, but then there's the dead wire.

I'm going to acquire it, and then I'm going to go ahead and get kills, and then it's going to transform one more time into a green sort of circle, which is going to correlate to brain raw, and once you've completed and done all of that, the rift is going to reward you with the final part, which is going to be the mirror.

mw3 zombies dark aether guide

At this point, you just need to go ahead and advance through the rest of the mission, so you'll take down the mangler, boss, and make sure you go to the reward rift and pick up the drum item that is going to be in there. If you weren't able to do the pedestals that were shown previously, you're going to have to go on this mission.

Again, to do those, there's a CH that might not activate until you've gotten the drum and xfill, but assuming you got all three items from those pedestals and you've now got the drum, you just need to xfill, and you're going to go ahead and xfill, and you're going to take all of those items out with you, so you should now see, what you can see on the screen, the drum, which is going to be gold, you're going to have the MMA gloves, the Target, and the mirror.

Just like with the Act One Easter egg, you initially get these items in purple, but we need to upgrade them into gold, so let's move on to that. Let's first start with how to upgrade the MMA gloves. Of course, you want to bring all these items into the game so you can upgrade them within the game, but we're going to be going to the zarvan, suburbs, here to the bottom right of the map, and inside of here is going to be a boxing gym with the MMA gloves in your inventory.

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