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We have some huge news for Call of Duty zombies players, especially those skeptical about buying Modern Warfare 3 for the Zombies mode because the Zombies mode isn't well based between December 14th and December 18th, and zombies as well as multiplayer are going to be free to play. Activision Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games have just announced that there is going to be a free trial of Modern Warfare 3, where for 4 days you'll get access to multiplayer, with classic maps like Highrise Rust and Shipment, a new season 1 map, the new war mode, and the entirety of the Modern Warfare Zombies mode.

This is a massive deal because there are going to be some of you watching this article who have not yet played Modern Warfare Zombies and choose not to because you don't want to pay the $70 price tag, and now, just a month after the game's release, you'll be able to play all of the Zombies mode for absolutely three to four whole days.

cod zombies free to play

This isn't some watered-down version of the Modern Warfare Zombies mode either; it is the Zombies mode in its entirety, with full access to the entire map, all of the same features, the Acquisitions and schematic system, as well as all of Act 1 to 4 missions, meaning if you have been on the fence about this Zombies mode and don't want to spend a penny on it, now is your chance to experience it in its entirety, of the content within a 4-day window, and by the end of it, if you enjoyed what you played and you want to continue playing, then you can purchase the full game, but if you don't want to, you can choose not to, and you'll have experienced the Zombies mode for absolutely free.

On top of that, if in the future you decide to purchase the full game, and that could be months and months down the line, your progress should continue over from where it left off from where you got to during this free access period, and this free access isn't tied to just one specific platform; it is going to be available on all consoles, as well as both PC and Steam.

This is something that Activision typically doesn't do early into a Call of Duty cycle; we've seen some free weekends over the past few years for solely multiplayer. Black Ops Cold War got a zombie-specific free trial on top of some multiplayer. But that was the only time we've ever seen this, and we've never seen it since, especially With how different Modern Warfare Zombies is compared to any round-base offering in the past.

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I think this is one of the best ideas that Activision could do to pimp the interest of those that have been skeptical to buy the full game to play this mode and those that have no interest in Zombies whatsoever, potentially playing it for the first time here with this free trial actually really liking it and jumping on board in the zombies community with a huge trio zombies offering that we're going to be getting next year in Black Ops Golf War.

free to play mw3 zombies

I'd love to know whoever is watching this article right now. Right up until the launch of the game, there were a lot of criticisms of the fact that this mode was based on DMZ, which is a free-to-play mode. And this wasn't a free-to-play mode since you have to buy the game to access it but between the 14th and the 18th that won't be the case and this is huge that they've done this all the way around Christmas time as well, where this game could end up as a last minute Christmas present if a player really enjoys what they experience from the free trial but I think this is only a positive thing for the future of not only this game but triarch next game because if it brings people on board that were a little bit skeptical and they end up enjoying it that means we're going to have more people playing zombies populating servers more people consuming zombies content which in Activision's, eyes is a positive thing for them to put more budget behind creating, even bigger and better zombies experiences.

Because after Black Ops 4, it seemed like that wasn't going to happen, but judging by how popular Modern Warfare Zombies has actually been, there is a fairly good chance that the next year zombies is going to get a lot more funding than what originally was planned just because they know that people are enjoying it.

free to play zombies

There are more people playing it, so let's focus more money on making this even bigger and better to bring in even more players. If you're someone who's grinding out multiplayer, then this might actually be a really good thing for you because there's going to be a lot of Christmas noobs that are going to be playing the game; they might even have their own specific playlist that you could join in, and you're playing with people that might have never played Cod before.

Another thing that I've not realized before is that typically these free trials have only lasted for about 2 days; sometimes these trials have been as long as 2 hours, so the fact that you have four whole days to play this uninterrupted is actually really surprising. It's no surprise that since the game's release, there have been some very conflicting positive and negative reports on the game, and this just allows anyone who has any doubts about the game to try it for absolutely free.

But the thing is, this might also not be the only time that you'll be able to play Modern Warfare Zombies for free because, as we've seen with some other titles, especially Vanguard as an example that was poorly received, there were a lot of free trials for that game. There's also quite a lot of free trials for games that were very popular, like Black Ops Cold War.

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For instance, we can see these potentially regular intervals of free trials happen in the future, meaning that there's a chance that you could play this mode for free all year by playing it when there's a free access weekend, and what's also cool is that this isn't just the base game that you're being given free access for; this also contains all of the season.

One content for zombies as far as I'm aware, including the new Act 4 mission, which includes a crazy boss worm fight that you can do immediately off-rip; you don't have to do any other story progress to be able to do it; and there is a red worm. A world boss fight happens later on in the storm, which all players in the lobby can take part in, so you're getting access to free boss fights and access to some of the storyline cutscenes immediately.

Modern Warfare 3 Zombies is Going FREE TO PLAY for a limited time offer this week.
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